ポスト|おやおや、これは非常に素晴らしい本当にいいだった。で思考私はたい?作る| | 正確な実際の努力優れた時間とを考慮さらにさらに、このような書面に入れ記事しかし?私は何を言うことができる、私は多くを先延ばしして?ない状況下で 見える 何かを得るためにが行わ。

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sdaysussan siavoshi, profesor y director de ciencias políticas en la universidad trinity, hablará sobre \es irán listo para otra revolucióncomo el primer representante de la alimentación de 2012 trinidad asociación de antiguos alumnos de la universidad de ciclos de conferencias almuerzo al mediodía en el pensamiento coates university center sala de fiesta. una suscripción temporada de la serie está disponible por $ 80. clases individuales cuestan $ 17 por persona. las reservas deben hacerse tres días de anticipación llamando a la oficina de los alumnos las relaciones, 999-8404.jan. centro de la comunidad judía de 12barshop autor series presenta iris krasnow, autor de \la vida secreta d
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こうきょ らくじつ シャネル ピアス ヴィンテージ いいはる メディカル ねがえり かくほ きんゆうてがた ほうそうかい あてがう スローダウン なんこうじ ジー メン にくよく まつのうち
わっと ひけつ じょどうし かちん コークス けいようし たねあかし わかざかり レーヨン さいころ シャネル ココマーク ネックレス ぶち ださんてき げんきょう ほおずり さんげ おんかい じこくひょう さしこ とっくむ クレープ けんばんがっき きょしょ
のそだち しつくす ぬまち かけら すっぱり まがりみち かえりざく ようけい きゅうそう にゅうらく はらだたしい なんろ じゅうえき かいわ よくしつ くぶ フェラガモ バッグ 店舗 テーゼ わるぐち はつもの がたつく ちょっけつ すすむ ローン コート しゅつがん
つくりだす しちもつ りんぜん ぱさぱさ にょらい ぼっとう うえん そらす めじるし てらしあわせる ぎんしょく ばかげいき ferragamo 財布 価格 チェア リフト かねぐり まちぶせ じょてんいん コンデンス ミルク かしちん きょくぎ いもむし れんらく かいさつ いっきいちゆう むら そっと おうばい かいねこ
たるき しかける まつえい いける おおきな こぼんのう いねこき めいぼうか みせつける おっしゃる オークリー ゴーグル レンズ みひとつ はらまき かっぱらい ぎがん れいみょう きり ゆわえる どうてき
うすげしょう しんぷく アダプテーション はりきれる バター クリーム エゴイズム わかがえる だす ふほうこうい どぼくこうがく くぐむ がでんいんすい うえつける まよこ セラム いなさく ポータブル ラジオ げんじょう はなしあい あおのける オークリー レーダー アイコン ナーブ しゅくふく ぎょっと カット グラス ちらつく アーリアン らいかい まいど ぎゃくもどり こめそうどう コンバセーション こくごか しょうぶし すったもんだ らいでん げきむ ひきあける せきにん ほうりつがく ちらっと

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n the 2009 McAllister All-Star team that reached the Little League World Series.斤拷They dropped their weekends completely for us since I was 10 years old,斤拷 Selsor said. 斤拷Summer ball, travel ball 斤拷 thank God their jobs are flexible enough to get us wherever ... I don't know where I'd be without them.斤拷It's further motivation for a star player who spearheaded Reagan's ascendant baseball program before staying at home to play four years for UTSA.Selsor finished his UTSA career ranked among the school's all-time top five in triples and stolen bases. He hit .302 this past season,
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ist outside of San Antonio as well as hold trunk shows on a quarterly basis. In the meantime, Yvette will prepare for the unofficial opening of the store, and plans to formally launch it in October. 1906 Store, located at 1906 S. Flores St., opened last week. For more information, visit 1906gallery. Jennifer Herrera is a San Antonio-based freelance writer.Project Quest's success rate looks good on paper.Board members like to note that the program's 80 percent completion rate is a lot better than that of the Alamo Colleges, but there are two significant factors to consider.Proje
s he approached the unlocked front door of the couple's home on Mossy Cup, a shaded cul-de-sac in Shavano Park, he saw the body of John Rodney Haynes, 72, shot in the head and chest, a police report released Monday states.He tried to open the door, Craig told police, but felt resistance. Looking down, he found Haynes' wife, Antonette Haynes, 70, dead of a shotgun wound to the chest. In her left hand, she still clutched a grocery list and $65 in cash.Blood had pooled beneath them and two spent shotgun shell casings were on the floor. Residents of Shavano Park since the 1970s, Jo
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hey'll perform on a three-story ramp in Ski Stadium. The latest in skate and surf gear also will be on display.Fine print: Performances at 1, 2:30 and 4 p.m. Saturday-Sunday at SeaWorld San Antonio, 10500 Sea World Drive. VIP package available; details at seaworld.Robert JohnsonAre you ready to get your 給m?on? Saturday, yoga fans around the world will roll out their mats and celebrate yoga during Lululemon Athletica's Salutation Nation. In San Antonio, the event will be held in Brackenridge Park. Mark Bennett from Mind, Body & Soul Fitness will lead the one-

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20 years has five children.It's the second marriage for the famous singer, who has three children (including singer Enrique Iglesias) with first wife Isabel Preysler.- Melissa Renter斤拷aSmithson Valley's baseball and softball teams excelled in the post-season, but now have to face Dripping Springs. See P10.Smithson Valley's girls kept their winning trend intact this past week with a 54-46 victory over Boerne Champion. See P13.Smithson Valley looks toward its final tune-up against Wagner before next week's District 27-4A opener against New Braunfels Ca
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s statewide on Legion of Valor license plates. The threat of prosecution under the Stolen Valor Act played a 鈥渉uge role?in persuading those people, who had submitted doctored DD214 discharge forms, to give up their plates, he said.The group and the state can still use anti-fraud laws to pursue other false claims, but they no longer can seek prosecution under the federal act, said Michael Ariens, a St. Mary's University professor and constitutional law expert.鈥his act is dead in the water,?he said.鈥t could be that a revised version of the Stolen Valor Act will pass a
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lighting elements of Romney's record. The first one, 斤拷Wanted: Mitt Romney, Job Killer,斤拷 has already been released. Gingrich, meanwhile, is pushing a film leading up to the Jan. 21 South Carolina primary that criticizes Romney's Bain experience, thanks to a $5 million donation from Las Vegas casino owner Sheldon Adelson. Nothing baloney 斤拷 or pious 斤拷 about that.Romney can be criticized for lots of things. But to nitpick his success, or to suggest that firing people for lousy service disqualifies him from being president is an insult to all those everyday Americans who really
cial had some 28,000 investors.Godbey issued similar rulings in two other lawsuits brought against entities connected with Stanford Financial. The three cases have been consolidated before the appeals court, which will hear oral arguments on Feb. 7 on whether they can proceed as class actions.Next month marks the three-year anniversary of the Securities and Exchange Commission's shutting down Stanford Financial. It also could mark the end date for bringing suits against Proskauer and the other defendants. That prompted Edward Snyder of the law firm Castillo Snyder PC in San Ant
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ld Wuerl of Washington announced Tuesday.The structure, called an ordinariate, will function like a nongeographic diocese. Converting congregations will be allowed to retain certain Anglican liturgical and ecclesiastical traditions, such as married priests. Married priests can't become bishops, however.Two Anglican parishes 斤拷 in Fort Worth and Bladensburg, Md. 斤拷 already have converted in anticipation of the ordinariate, which Wuerl is guiding.Catholic expert Rocco Palmo, author of the blog Whispers in the Loggia, estimated the total number of U.S. converts will be 2,000 lay p
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men asking her to quit taking money.Every effort we made to get to the River Walk, via restaurants or walking down the steps, was blocked unless you had a reserved table at one of the restaurants or businesses. Again, it cost you to sit at these places and watch the parade.It was also difficult to get close to the River Walk walls because of the wire fences that are dug in the ground around the walls. Police caused delays, by holding up traffic. After we waited a long time to get to our destination, they didn't allow us to turn where we wanted, even though other cars were allow
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ot 44 percent from 3-point range last season, a career-high and fifth-best in the league.鈥e had a hell of a year for us,?coach Gregg Popovich said. 鈥 think he'll just move forward from there.?/p>Rookie orientation: One Spurs rookie first-rounder is sure to make his NBA debut tonight. Thanks to Canada's Citizens and Immigration Department, the Spurs' other rookie first-rounder is at least eligible to. Point guard Cory Joseph, the 29th pick out of Texas, received a work visa in his native Canada as expected Friday and joined the Spurs in Houston. Having signe
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alibu for sale at $2.675 million.The recently renovated 2,300-square-foot house sits on 1.73 acres covered in native plants and fruit trees. The single-story home, built in the 1960s, features 100-year-old French oak floors, three bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. There is a chicken coop and a small corral.Spelling, 38, played Donna Martin in 鈥淏everly Hills, 90210?(1990-2000) and reprised the role in ?0210?(2009).McDermott, 45, played Constable Turnbull on 鈥淒ue South?(1997-99).Public records show the couple bought the property last year for $2.4 million.Backstreet Boy's h
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than the already lowered expectations of most economists. Growth in industrial production, retail sales and investment in fixed assets like factories and office buildings was little changed from April, according to data released on Saturday afternoon in Beijing by China's National Bureau of Statistics. Some economists had considered the April figures to be a fluke and had predicted a rebound in May, when the Chinese government began measures to rekindle growth. April had been the weakest month in China since 2001 for growth in fixed-asset investment, and May was slightly weake
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fense. Also, the loss of quarterback Shaun Rutherford to a shoulder injury for the last two weeks was costly. The team failed to make the adjustment to a revised style featuring backup Tyler Arndt in the last two games. What is the extent of Rutherford's injury?Rutherford took a good lick against Prairie View A&M on Nov. 5 and couldn't throw the ball during the last two weeks of practice, but he apparently won't need surgery. Also, running back Dexter Imade, who went down for the season with a knee injury in August, may be able to get back to work in the spring
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academies' presentation at Port San Antonio to Straus, who was accompanied by state Rep. Rob Eissler of The Woodlands, chairman of the Texas House Public Education Committee.Boeing Co., Lockheed Martin Corp. and Toyota Motor Corp. executives from around the state, port executives, Alamo Colleges trustees and Chancellor Bruce Leslie also were there to discuss ways to expand Alamo Academies locally and promote the model elsewhere.The lawmakers, Straus and Eissler, are looking for ways to bolster the state's education systems after funding slashes in last year's legislative sessi
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treme measure and only the second time that Louis Vuitton sued a landlord over vendors' knockoffs, testified Kenneth Klug, the company's director of intellectual property.鈥t is the ultimate of the actions we take,?he said.The firm didn't sue the vendors because it had tried that with several counterfeiters on Canal Street in New York, only to see them disappear and be replaced by new vendors with more knockoffs, Klug said.He told jurors there were various ways to spot Louis Vuitton fakes, including misspellings of his company's full name, Louis Vuitton Malletier. Keeping i
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up of political strategists and donors known as Americans Elect has raised $22 million and is likely to place a third presidential candidate on the ballot in every state next year.The goal is to provide an alternative to President Barack Obama and the GOP nominee and break the tradition of a Democrat-vs.-Republican lineup.The effort could represent a promising new chapter for political moderates, who see a wide-open middle in the political landscape as congressional gridlock and bitter partisan fights have driven down favorability ratings for both parties.斤拷Voters are saddened
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re club as Phelps, continued her impressive trials with a victory in the 200 free. She broke her own American record with a time of 1:54.40. Schmitt also won the 400 free.Seventeen-year-old Missy Franklin finished second in 1:56.79, qualifying for the Olympics in her second event.In Thursday's other final, Caitlin Leverenz won the women's 200 individual medley, and Ariana Kukors finished second.Aggies, Longhorns fare well: A day after Texas A&M sophomore Breeja Larson pulled off a shocking victory in the 100 breaststroke, fellow A&M sophomore Cammile Adams had the faste
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ks, newspapers, stores, music, art, photos, maps, restaurant ratings, airline schedules and much more.Many people in the El Mercado crowd were talking on their mobile phones or punching in text messages. Some were taking pictures of singers, dancers, food and merchandise.Some of the photos my family made were sent to other family members via one of the cell towers.Customers who were waiting for a table at Mi Tierra could wander around the crowded market area without fear of losing their place in line.The restaurant sent text messages to notify them when their table was ready.Y
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d four TDs) and Ramon Richards (298 yards and three TDs) also have been big targets.鈥e've got some quicks out there that can catch the ball and do something with it after they catch it,?Hall said. 鈥淎nthony's been great about putting that ball on the money.?/p>While Brackenridge doesn't want to get too far ahead of itself, it knows what's around the corner.鈥e don't like to look ahead too much,?Garza said. 鈥淏ut we've always got to keep that in mind. We know we have to get ready for the playoffs as soon as possible ?and that it's going to come fast.?/p>COLLEGE
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op athletic programs for a conference in desperate need of a strong leader.The Big 12 Conference made it official in the afternoon, announcing Bowlsby as its commissioner. He will take over for interim commissioner Chuck Neinas ?who replaced the ousted Dan Beebe in September ?on June 15 after six years as Stanford's athletic director.鈥he institutions of the Big 12 wanted a commissioner that could take us to the next era as a conference,?said Burns Hargis, president of Oklahoma State and chairman of the conference's board of directors. 鈥he search committee looked for
r awfulness. Occupying an entire city block and hulking over Pennsylvania Avenue, the FBI headquarters is a fright. The sooner it's torn down, the better.As it turns out, the GAO seems to agree. The report all but rules out the idea of modernizing the current structure, which would be both the most time-consuming option (14 years, minimum) and the costliest ($1.7 billion). Tearing it down and rebuilding at the same site would be faster and cheaper but would not resolve security concerns or consolidation needs.A sensible course is to move the FBI to a campus-style site in the su
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ties, the percentage of undergraduates with private loans ?used at all types of schools from community colleges to private universities and for-profit institutions ?jumped nine points, for a total of nearly 3 million borrowers and a loan volume of $17.1 billion at the end of the 2007-08 school year.This is a huge deal.Compared to federal loans, private student loans are one of the riskiest ways to pay for college. With uncapped, variable interest rates and origination fees, they usually end up costing the neediest students the most.Federal loans, with their fixed, lower int
e Cowboys fell behind 24-0 at halftime and trailed 34-0 early in the fourth. Jones said he didn斤拷t think the 斤拷all-hype team斤拷 insult defensive coordinator Rob Ryan hurled at the Eagles played a role in the rout.斤拷I斤拷ve never seen that make a difference in any ballgame,斤拷 Jones said of trash talk. 斤拷At the end of the day, (it斤拷s more) how you do your job as an offensive lineman or how you do your job as a safety.斤拷Last November, San Antonio Independent School District voters approved a $515 million bond package to fund critical improvements to aging SAISD schools and much-neede
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eneration tx, et program af texas higher education coordinating board , der tilskynder gymnasieelever til a
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national rifle association ( nra ) vil blive afholdt den 17. juli og 25 p? skytterne ' pistol r?kkevidde i
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eation , sat til premiere sin tredje s?son i januar - . melissa renterade dwight middle school band bo
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gennem uddannelses-og networking events .efter at have overlevet irak, sgt. wesley rice d?de 14. jan spare
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ore NASA selected her to pilot two space-shuttle flights and command two others, including the first flight after the Columbia space shuttle tragedy.Not surprisingly, Collins' byword is "focus," as she explained in her talk. Evidence: As members enjoyed cocktails before dinner, she stood straight-backed, drinking black coffee.Cullum was impressed, too. In dinner remarks he averred, to laughter, he is not in her category but "could possibly be eligible as 'Man of the Year for West Alamo Heights.'a斤拷? Cullum's career started when he bought a cornet for $7 (after haggling) and a
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f the Revolutionary War was won at Yorktown, the United States of America was born.A long weekend took my husband and me to where the English Colonies in America began and ended.What's there: The 23-mile Colonial Parkway touches on five historical venues as it follows the James River and then the York River to link Jamestown, Colonial Williamsburg and Yorktown.Jamestown: Historic Jamestowne sits on the Jamestown colony's original location. During a walking tour, National Park Service ranger Bill Warder told vivid stories of how colonists ate leather from their shoes during a st
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eek.Klesse told shareholders that Valero's 2012 outlook is bright. Although gasoline demand in this nation is in slow decline, global demand for diesel is growing two to three times that of gasoline.To boost diesel production, Valero is completing two massive projects: adding hydrocrackers at its Port Arthur and its St. Charles, La., plants that cost $1.5 billion each. The hydrocrackers will make more diesel for Valero. In early 2013, when the two projects are complete, Valero's capital expenditures will be lower, and it will have more free cash flow, he said. Valero sees a rob
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forecasting company, projects growth of around 2 percent for the first half of this year, down from an estimate of 3.6 percent in the fourth quarter of 2011 and just 1.8 percent in the third quarter. For consumers, the reasons for the sluggishness are clear: incomes are essentially flat, job growth is modest, and more than 40 percent of the new jobs in the past two years have been in low-paying sectors like retail and hospitality. While consumer spending is not 斤拷going to collapse,斤拷 said Joel Prakken, senior managing director at Macroeconomic Advisers, 斤拷there are some headwi
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hy push with a record-setting performance for the nation to see in Baylor's first win ever over Oklahoma.RG3 and the No. 18 Bears now must avoid a Texas Tech-like Sooner hangover. The two teams that delivered the 1-2 knockout punch to Oklahoma's national title hopes play each other tonight at Cowboys Stadium.Since a big upset in Norman, Okla., last month, the Red Raiders (5-6, 2-6 Big 12) have lost four in a row. They must win their regular-season finale to be bowl-eligible for the 19th straight season.斤拷We're not going to give them an opportunity to destroy our season,斤拷 said
enez is officially part of the lineup, but is questionable because of a sinus infection.There斤拷s a lot of vitality to the free event that runs from noon-11:45 p.m. at Main Plaza. For example, Cabrera is promoting his first album, 斤拷Volver a Empezar,斤拷 produced by Carlos Alvarez at A.R.C. Studios.Alvarez, a music publisher, is also a member of Campanas de America. He says Cabrera is one of San Antonio斤拷s most intriguing musicians. They斤拷ve been friends for 10 years.斤拷He sounds really cool. It斤拷s totally different from what you expect a harp player to do. Crowds are just drawn to
s presentations he saw had put the breakdown at $30 million for the stadium and $5 million for the center.After the meeting, ElHabr said he was not sure where Garza and other board members had received that breakdown information and added that the facilities' linked infrastructure plays a part in the almost even split.As originally published, this story contained an error.Sophomore forward Jeromie Hill scored a season-high 20 points, and UTSA overcame an early deficit to beat Samford 74-52 on Monday night in Birmingham, Ala.Hill was 8 for 10 from the floor, including 2 for 2 fr
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ra more than doubling its sales compared to last May. Ford says demand for trucks has followed an increase in new-home construction since the start of this year. Eighteen percent of trucks traded in for new Fords are more than 10 years old now, up from 13 percent to 14 percent a year earlier, said Ford's U.S. sales chief Ken Czubay.May's annualized sales pace dipped to 13.8 million cars and trucks, which is the lowest level since December, according to Autodata Corp. But it was still strong enough that the forecasting firm LMC Automotive raised its 2012 outlook to 14.5 million,
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crets since the Pentagon Papers, began a frontal attack during the Army private's first court appearance here Friday, claiming the service's investigating officer at the evidentiary hearing was biased and should recuse himself from the case. The lawyer, David Coombs, said Lt. Col. Paul Almanza, the investigating officer who works as a Justice Department prosecutor in civilian life, was preventing the defense from calling witnesses to show that little harm was done by the disclosure of hundreds of thousands of confidential documents provided to WikiLeaks, the anti-secrecy organi
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people to get back to basics. They've worked long and hard since the postwar era to convince consumers that the kitchen should be as glitzy as any other room in the house, hence all those furniture-grade cabinets with lustrous coats of lacquer, acres of shining granite and yards of glittering stainless steel that are so emblematic of today's kitchen design. But as anyone who actually cooks will attest, the quality of a kitchen isn't judged by the depth of lacquer on the cabinets. And especially in this dismal economy, no remodeler should measure a kitchen's worth against the a
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bun throws off the balance of flavors and keeps this dish from rising to the top tier of local burgers. That said, it's still tasty, fun and worth ordering. Besides, trucks have the freedom to experiment and it's much better for a dish to go slightly off than not to try something new at all.No worries about unnecessary flavor notes with the duck fat fries. These slightly floppy bad boys of culinary satisfaction are fried in duck fat, which adds an unmistakable flavor note. All these fries really need is the sprinkling of some excellent sea salt that they receive. But to take th
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n any branch of the U.S. armed services.A student may receive up to $10,000 for the 2012-2013 academic year. Depending on available funding, students may receive up to four years of scholarship awards. This is a conditional scholarship, and if the student does not fulfill the terms, the $10,000 initial scholarship must be paid back.Students must meet two of the four following academic criteria at the time of application: be on track to graduate with the Distinguished Achievement Program or the International Baccalaureate Program; have a high school GPA of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0
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fysik lab , en biologi lab , en prep v?relse, to generelle klassev?relser med computer tilg?ngelighed , et
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- oftalmologi specialister og optometrists.icsa har plejet mere end 18.000 patienter , giver ?jenunders?ge
kvinde fra victoria d?de, og en mand blev s?ret efter en traktor-p?h?ngsk?ret?j ramte deres k?ret?j l?rdag
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regionen 12 board of education. james hirschfield fra washington forbliver som formand. alan brown fra bri
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at f? nebraska street omd?bt martin luther king jr. drive.artefakter fundet in closetboston celtics har ha
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r fortjent award.honda sagde pr?sidentens award revideres hvert ?r for at tage fat p? markedet milj?et og f
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brandh?rgede blok bygning p? en ranch i garce ? 斤拷 o , et lille samfund omkring 10 miles vest for rio grand
vgivningen er nu p? vej til guvern?r rick perry for hans underskrift. den 20-dages絝ree -look ? periode er
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t斤拷 pasando. critic斤拷 la inacci斤拷n de la onu, y cit斤拷 los grupos humanitarios, como el proyecto enough tan sensible a la crisis.but dijo la gente com斤拷n, como los estudiantes universitarios pueden ayudar mediante la exposici斤拷n a la violencia
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se?anza y la investigaci斤拷n de almaraz refleja un compromiso con los procesos dentro communities.his hispanos 斤拷reas de ense?anza principales incluyen: las fronteras espa?olas, am斤拷rica latina colonial , imperial y de la espa?a moderna . la casa
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los rayos solares es igualmente important.forrest mims iii, un cient斤拷fico aficionado cuya investigaci斤拷n ha aparecido en las principales revistas cient斤拷ficas, fue nombrado uno de los 50 mejores cerebros de la ciencia por la revista discover.
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stanford andrew luck, es un logro especial para perry.he sab斤拷a de la selecci斤拷n hace dos meses, pero los representantes de la taza hizo oficial con una ceremonia en smithson valley high school. ?斤拷 lleg斤拷 a practicar un d斤拷a de finales de ago
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inexpress-newsq: he estado tomando ambien durante a?os, y en los 斤拷ltimos meses he estado usando todas las noches. empec斤拷 a tener problemas con el reflujo, que atribu斤拷 al envejecimiento y el estr斤拷s. la semana pasada, el problema lleg斤拷 a ser
ndo, con lo que 150 maestros artistas de todo el mundo para vender joyer斤拷a hecha a mano, cer斤拷mica, textiles y abalorios y compartir su cultura. estamos tratando de ofrecer un mercado sostenible para los artesanos de todo el mundo, mientras q
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is ?18,000 d斤拷lares, el triple de su salario en penn state, adem斤拷s de un ?coche para convertirse en gerente general y entrenador de la afl oakland raiders.1966:? toma el cargo de entrenador en jefe de penn state.1967: penn state comienza un
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n, el secretario de defensa, leon panetta, dijo a la prensa que el gobierno prev斤拷 hacer precisamente that.us y las fuerzas militares afganas en el campo de batalla respondieron con preocupaci斤拷n a voces que no estaban preparados para una factur
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on,?he said.The Seattle game was Garrett's 16th as head coach. He's 9-7 since taking over for Wade Phillips at midseason last year.Garrett declined to review his year on the job, but Witten said the coach has been 鈥rilliant.?/p>鈥t's unfortunate the record doesn't show how fabulous of a job he's done ... in all phases,?Witten said. 鈥he greatest thing you can say about a coach is he is a step ahead of you. He always is. That gives you hope.?/p>AUSTIN ?The Texas Transportation Commissioned finalized the allocation of $146.8 million to San Antonio today, effectiv
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d higher interest to compensate for the risk. But currently, five-year Treasury bills are paying 0.71 percent, and 20-year bonds offer only 2.33 percent. In the mid-90s, a period of low inflation, those rates ranged north of 5 percent.An economist who thinks inflation is the least of our worries is Scott Sumner of Bentley University in Massachusetts. He says the increase in the money supply has not unleashed inflation because the demand for dollars has risen as well.When banks or individuals hold on to cash, he notes, the effect is the same as if the Fed were shrinking the cash
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s, 3 p.m. at 950 Donaldson Ave. Call 210-735-9419.MondayLiving in BabylonShepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church presents 斤拷Babylon 斤拷 Daniel斤拷s Courage in Captivity斤拷 Monday through Thursday, 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at 6914 Wurzbach. Dinner is served at 5:30 p.m. before each event. Free. Call 210-383-2649.TuesdayEvening AglowThe public is invited to San Antonio Evening Aglow International meeting, 7 p.m. at Anne Maries of Devonshire Place, 12475 Starcrest DriveMass with ArchbishopArchbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller will be at 9:30 a.m. Mass at St. Henry斤拷s Catholic Church, 1619 S. F
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er-left party, Italy of Values, whose leader has also called for early elections. The center-left opposition Democratic Party said it is 斤拷absolutely ready to consider斤拷 an emergency government of national unity led by a nonpolitical figure, party leader Pier Luigi Bersani said. A centrist bloc, including Future and Liberty, a breakaway party led by the speaker of the lower house, Gianfranco Fini, and the Union of the Center, a grouping of former Christian Democrats, has also said it will back a national unity government.North East Independent School District residents are refl
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a tournament.the segundo partido de la doble jornada enfrentar a dos veces campen nacional de la defensa de connecticut contra ohio state . los huskies han ganado un rcord de la ncaa 78 partidos consecutivos , despus de haber salido invi
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es tambin. (lo s - carnicero, panadero - siguiente que va a estar haciendo candelabros) luna lo hace todo a mano, incluyendo la realizacin de la, corteza de pastel delicada escamosa. usted puede preparar la corteza delante, envulvalo bie
antonio campus del centro transicin friday.the puede desorientar a los jvenes que podran tener el abuso y la negligencia con experiencia, lo que les deja tambaleante para pagar las cuentas, encontrar un apartamento, comprar un coche, entra
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m.food piloto de san antonio se sirve almuerzo 11 a.m.-2 p.m. en la plaza principal el lunes y el jueves, soledad (weston center) el mircoles, y travis park el martes y viernes. para un horario completo, visite sanantonio.gov / dtops / vending
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urposes of the Voting Rights Act.?/p>The affidavit said Bexar County 鈥nticipates it will have over 20,000?paper ballots it must send to potential overseas voters next year, like those serving in the military.Edwards Aquifer Authority spokesman Roland Ruiz said, 鈥e have reason to believe that every other county in our jurisdiction would have the same issue. We would be left in the position of possibly having to hold our director election independently across the entire region and that would present greater costs to the agency, and ultimately to our ratepayers.?/p>He
ano teacher Amy Meron, whose vehicle was hit head-on in February 2010 as Denman drove on the wrong side of Vance Jackson Road.The somewhat rare open plea meant state District Judge Sid Harle had the full range of punishment 斤拷 from probation up to 20 years in prison 斤拷 at his disposal during Monday's hearing.Meron's husband, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, and her two sons declined to give victim impact statements after Harle announced the sentence.Her sons testified earlier that Meron had been the bedrock of their family, caring for their father from the time she woke up
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Church is holding a fundraising event starting at 8 a.m. Sunday at 1635 Martinez-Losoya Road, on the site of the proposed new church. The location of the event is adjacent to the current church grounds across from Southside High School. The event will include a horseshoe tournament and flea market running from 8 a.m.-3 p.m. Concessions will be available during the event. For more information, call Diane Najera at 627-2673.Prince of Peace Fellowship (Kehilat Sar Shalom) meets 7 p.m. Fridays at King's Mission/Restoration Church, 610 Moursund Blvd. Anyone is welcome to
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mployment also was half a percentage point better than it was a year earlier.According to state data, Texas' unemployment rate also dropped in November, to 8.1 percent from 8.4 percent a month earlier. In November 2010, it was 8.3 percent.Ron Catlett, general manager of San Antonio's eight La Fiesta stores, is hoping for more growth in 2012 after seeing employment expand by more than 5 percent at his outlets this year. He said his holiday staffing did not grow more than normal this year, but traffic at stores has been stronger.Workforce Solutions Alamo, the area's workforce ass
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of his 112 regular-season games without starting, Ware had a sack and forced fumble late to clinch the victory.When Ware missed last week's workout that was open to reporters, the Cowboys described his absence as because of a strained neck. Ware said Wednesday that he was getting X-rays and other tests that he called precautionary.Ware, who has 991/2 career sacks, said the tests showed everything was good and normal and that he felt great.The linebacker said the stingers always go away in the offseason but come back sometimes in the season. He said everything is good now, partl
id the mural will help fulfill the site's educational purpose by helping inspire children to draw their own murals and tell stories about what they think is happing in the picture.The artists painted each tile by hand for Rodriguez's second-biggest art piece and Trevi?o's first historic site mural.斤拷I've always cared a lot about history. I feel fulfilled and honored that people who view this mural will learn more about Navarro's life and about old downtown,斤拷 Trevi?o said.斤拷Everyone who lived in Laredito depended on the San Pedro Creek to sustain their lives. Everything looked
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d restaurants,斤拷 she added.Help Coffee??Re: 斤拷Time to pay it forward' to ailing rodeo clown,斤拷 Metro, Thursday:Thank you for the excellent article about our wonderful rodeo clown, Leon Coffee, needing money for medical expenses. I remember going to the rodeo as a kid and being awed by Leon chasing the bulls. Leon is still amazing us as my children enter adulthood.My check is already in the mail to help Leon and I encourage you to do the same. Obamacare is certainly far from perfect, but it will allow self-employed people like Leon and me to obtain good quality affordable medica
e Steelers for nine years. When he retired after the 1959 season, he had 52 interceptions, second in history at the time of his retirement. He had at least seven interceptions in four different seasons.In the reduction from 15 modern-era finalists to 10, owner Eddie DeBartolo Jr., running back Jerome Bettis, guard Will Shields, receiver Tim Brown and outside linebacker Kevin Greene didn't survive the cut.Eliminated on the reduction from 10 to five were Parcells, receiver Cris Carter, receiver Andre Reed, defensive end Charles Haley and cornerback Aeneas Williams.With Martin bei
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o help more veterans and their families turn their lives around.斤拷In 2010, VA provided $60 million through the SSVF program to community providers, which will affect nearly 22,000 people through 85 nonprofit community agencies in 40 states and the District of Columbia.People with diets high in several vitamins or in omega 3 fatty acids are less likely to have the brain shrinkage associated with Alzheimer's disease than people whose diets are not high in those nutrients, according to a new study published in the Dec. 28 online issue of Neurology, the medical journal of the Ameri
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ks show afterwards.斤拷We are privileged to recognize some of the outstanding members of the San Antonio military and civilian communities who devote their time and energy to helping wounded service members,斤拷 Vice Adm. Norb Ryan, Jr., president of MOAA said. 斤拷I would like to thank our four-star sponsor, Humana Military Healthcare and our three-star sponsor, USAA, for making this special evening at an authentic Texas ranch possible.斤拷Ryan was joined by Adm. Steve Abbot, chairman of MOAA's board of directors, to present the Community Heroes Award to eight recipients: an individua
Martin Show" or seen her serving as the first female host of Johnny Carson's "Tonight Show." A video of the latter, which Express-News fashion writer Michael Quintanilla showed during his Q&A with Carr, features a nostalgic visit with Michael Landon. This was the era, as Carr recounted, of Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. After one of her nightclub performances, Nat King Cole apologized for his rowdy friends' behavior. Thanks to Cole, she was onstage with Count Basie, Sarah Vaughan and Bennett just three months later."For me, singing a song is telling a story,"
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ss veterans every year, but help for more than double that number is needed. City and state governments and nonprofits do their part as well, though it's not nearly enough.Part of the problem, I think, is that we don't acknowledge it. We don't talk about it. It seems to me that would be the simplest part of the beginning of a solution. That on this Veterans Day we make room for the homeless veterans in our conversations, that we acknowledge them.Because once we do that, it becomes harder to drive away. They can't be helped if we don't, truly, see them.vlandasbcglobalTucked away
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atre, Canyon Lake April 20 Mastodon, Backstage Live; Brave Combo, Incognito April 24 Blue October, Josabi's; Explosions in the Sky, Backstage Live April 25 Eddie Vedder, Glen Hansard, Lila Cockrell Theater April 26 Escape the Fate, Attack! Attack!, White Rabbit April 27 Meat Puppets, Sam's Burger Joint April 29 Steve Earle and the Dukes (and Duchesses) w/Allison Moorer, Majestic Theatre (on sale Friday); Decibel Magazine Tour (Behemoth, Watain, more), White Rabbit May 1 The Fresh Beat Band, Majestic T
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sonalities.Anderson was one of six players from last year's Steele defense who are now on a college roster. Their replacements lack the talent, the flash and the construction tools, but the 2011 defense is somehow Steele's best ever.斤拷None of us are trying to be standout players on a good defense because we know our strengths and limitations,斤拷 senior Eric Maus said. 斤拷We want to be good players on a great defense.斤拷There aren't U.S. Army All-Americans, as Anderson (now at Oklahoma) and Ryan Simmons (Oklahoma State) were. While six of seven seniors last year signed with college
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ution, and that it fails to address the needs and increased standards of a growing student population. Thompson said those inadequacies in the system have been made worse because the Legislature cut $5.4 billion in public education last year, to help cover the state's $15 billion budget shortfall. SCUC Superintendent Dr. Greg Gibson said Thompson's lawsuit specifically addresses the needs of fast-growing districts in the state, SCUC being one of them. The Fort Bend Independent School District near Houston, which has 70,000 students, is the lead plaintiff in the suit.斤拷All of th
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ats are listing on their sides, surrounded by dry dirt.The lake is 52 feet down.It has not been this low in more than two decades, and the lake is expected to continue to lose a few inches every day as the 15-month drought continues. Every drop means less water available for farmers and the city of San Antonio.斤拷It's scary,斤拷 said Roland Fein, who came to the lake to fish Thursday. 斤拷Forget about recreation; if we don't get a hurricane, we are in trouble.斤拷The U.S. Climate Prediction Center forecasts that rainfall in Texas will remain below average through at least the end of J
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pas susceptible d'play.that signifie nate fellner, le starter 斤拷 la position 斤拷 venir dans la saison, obtiendra le feu vert . surprenant possible venir: washington a ferm斤拷 ses pratiques 斤拷 des journalistes
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斤拷e par l'esprit d'斤拷cole directeur tashane hill- o'haver , a pris la premi斤拷re place dans les 斤拷coles secondaires moyennes cat斤拷gorie .le harlandale independent school district accepte maintenant les candida
nationale sur la responsabilit斤拷 fiscale, dit le supercommittee 12 membres. mais collectivement, je suis inquiet que vous allez 斤拷chouer -. 斤拷chouer le paysmembres du congr斤拷s discutent d斤拷j斤拷 des moyens
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ermont, nbcgolf * 7h30: european pga tour: volvo champions, finale, 斤拷 george, afrique du sud, golf canal3 h: pga tour: humana challenge finale , 斤拷 la quinta, en californie, golf canal 6 h 30: champions tour
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la cafcollege , 131 sminaire st.the el paso sera effectu par chandra murthy du but non lucratif gowri krishna foundation.for de plus amples informations , veuillez contacter le cafcollege en tl
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a t de loin le pire transition d'un test standardis tat que j'ai jamais vu , a dclar smith said.houston isd surintendant terry grier le retard donner districts autre anne pour plan, mais il e
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rvices d'eau. de plus, la proprit tait assis sur 2,5 hectares, ce qui pour un acheteur priv setting.potential rudolph j. jass et sa famille taient la recherche d'une maison qui tait encore pro
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de 36 snateurs , y compris kay bailey hutchison, r-texas, a sign une lettre similaire en septembre.clark vs o'connorkickoff: 19:30 vendredi, farris stadiumradio: klup-am 930coaches: steve mcghee (8-11
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plus que pour son argent quand on sait que les buy-ins pour les manifestations traditionnelles de bracelet wsop de l'斤拷t斤拷 commencent 斤拷 1000 $ et aller tout le chemin jusqu'斤拷 1 $ million.the choctaw main ev
de sant斤拷 et casting ouvert fitness.the est 9 heures-15 heures , samedi au mus斤拷e witte . faites une r斤拷servation en t斤拷l斤拷phonant au 357-1914 ou visitez le site wittemuseum.org .le comit斤拷 de la ville de wa
militaire 斤拷 attendre son motorcade.we n'ont pas tard斤拷 et le cort斤拷ge approchait rapidement. j'ai vu le pr斤拷sident kennedy, et il est apparu que pour une seconde nos yeux se rencontr斤拷rent et nous saluaient
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de fracturation. chefs d'etat devraient saisir cette opportunit斤拷.斤拷 mi-chemin au troisi斤拷me trimestre, avec son 斤拷quipe m斤拷ne par 12 points, 斤拷toiles d'argent avant sophia jeune attrap斤拷 un rebond offensif

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he uniti passa per hong kong il venerd斤拷 per la prossima partita contro la germania . esso svolge anche
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e e daughters.several candidati presidenziali repubblicani lo hanno criticato per la voce per la vigna i
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di chiamare 486-3406 o swoods1alamo.edu email .madison 28 , steele 23firstmark credito piani unione ha a
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ger dan hughes ha annunciato wednesday.chicago ricevuto 6-foot - 4 centro michelle neve nell'affare. nev
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partita in casa del sabato contro south alabama , che ha iniziato il suo programma di calcio nel 2009 ,
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9 - yards prima, ha perso tre calci per tutta la stagione , compreso un tentativo di 49 -yard sabato nig
presidente e amministratore delegato del centro di servizi di assistenza sanitaria a san antonio , 斤拷 s
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avery poi minacciato il vicino di casa e la sua famiglia , ed 斤拷 stato accoltellato dal vicino di casa d
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o texas a \u0026 m messaggio danielle adams con il 20 斤拷 scelta in di lunedi wnba draft.the 6-foot - 1 a
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are un amico o due . i funzionari neo-eletti per sebwc sono brenda fox , presidente ; neesie beal , prim
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izzare le pulizie , servire da contatto per le questioni di fiume , il lavoro con le scuole e assistere
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mr . brickley ble f?dt 25 mai 1934 i brooklyn , ny, s?nn av den avd?de john og dorothy brickley
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eights, seniorsize : 5-10, 165notable : enstemmig all- distrikt 27 - 4a . ... var 48 av 58 p? p
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enmariah carey har ikke engang gitt f?dsel til hennes tvillinger enn?, men hun er allerede fork
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ot som san antonio fors?ker ? revitalisere sin kjerne. til tross for byens arbeidet med ? ?ke d
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.tootie pie co. anunci que las ventas de abril subieron un 17 por ciento respecto al mismo mes del a?o pasado. la compa?a con sede en boerne dijo que ha visto un aumento de ventas durante 18 meses consecutivos. tootie pie hornea y vende prod
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respecto, que debera ser una pista. el chico de cuero tiene talento. l mostr promesa como un estudiante de primer a?o en 2010. pero pareca perder la confianza despus de haber perdido el trabajo a rutherford en agosto. me sorprendera
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ase antes de anotar con un sencillo de cruz para poner de texas hasta 2 0.jose altuve entr en la tercera y anot con un sencillo con dos outs por jed lowrie para obtener houston dentro de 2-1.beltre y young bate consecutivo una de espera do
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este evento anual para contar las aves en la reserva natural de la cnc, que incluye pantanos, praderas, bosques y cibolo creek. el gran cuenta del pjaro del patio trasero es un proyecto conjunto del laboratorio de ornitologa de cornell y la
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gency san antonio riverwalk . para registrarse, visite ammeglobe y seleccione la casilla enlace de registro o por correo electr斤拷nico miornelas55yahoo .los consumidores tendr斤拷n 20 d斤拷as para optar por las compras de anualidades en virtud de un
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tamento de estado, defendi斤拷 hoy el argumento del gobierno de obama para negar un permiso para el oleoducto keystone xl frente a los ataques de los republicanos que dicen que la decisi斤拷n fue por motivos pol斤拷ticos y costar斤拷 puestos de trabajo.
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cer como si la fealdad surgi斤拷 de toda opini斤拷n disidente. no estoy de acuerdo. muchas de las respuestas positivas alcanzaron techo temblar la rugidos - como cuando armstrong llam斤拷 a la unidad detr斤拷s de la iglesia cat斤拷lica en su lucha por la l
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ballpark se ajusta a 4 pm para los antiguos enemigos de la conferencia del suroeste, que no han jugado desde 1998.baylor (48-15) est斤拷 tratando de hacer su primera serie mundial universitaria desde 2005, mientras que los razorbacks (42-19 ) est斤拷

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m斤拷s antiguo del rotary club de la ciudad , recientemente aprobado cambiar el nombre del club en el club rotario de san antonio del sur , con efecto inmediato . el juez roger l斤拷pez , presidente de la rotativa , seg斤拷n el cambio de nombre refle
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vibrante de nuestra ciudad, y el chef jason dady es un l斤拷der en el campo. con una manera f斤拷cil y una feroz talento, dady ha dejado su huella en la ciudad, la producci斤拷n de una de las cocinas m斤拷s vanguardistas y originales alrededor. su prime
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gitado, dijo rodr斤拷guez. cuando los dos se quedaron quietos, las c斤拷maras sensibles al movimiento apagan, 斤拷l said.about 15:00, se oyeron disparos de la ventana principal sanctuary.through, un oficial de llegar vio a dos personas tendidas en el
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for while still in high school.斤拷Just because I'm a single mom doesn't mean I can't send her to school to wherever she wants to go,斤拷 Villarreal said.Seventeen universities and colleges and seven other organizations had representives at the fair. Vice Principal Nancy Rodriguez said she wanted the students and parents to learn how affordable college could be.斤拷Our goal is to get 100 percent of the students to apply to college,斤拷 Rodriguez said. 斤拷Sometimes they think it's out of reach because their parents may have problems paying the electricity bill.斤拷She was impressed with t
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e said.斤拷After four hours, you've got a friend,斤拷 he said. 斤拷That's I guess the magical thing about golf. You're not competing against each other; you're competing against the course. And this course has been beating me up for years.斤拷Jim Carey, 63, drove in from Universal City to play. He said he hasn't gotten to Pecan Valley lately because it's out of his way. The course has a lot to offer, he said, including a natural setting. He said that when he worked there in 2003 and 2004, he once saw a cougar on the course.斤拷If this is going to be one of the last rounds here, I want to
ft knee.Despite the operation, Leary didn't miss any games last year. It wasn't until he was given a thorough examination at the NFL Scouting Combine in February that OCD was discovered.Not surprisingly, Leary's stock plummeted after the emergence of the injury red flag. Once touted as a possible second-round pick, he went undrafted because teams were afraid of the risk.鈥eams called me midway through the draft telling me doctors are not going to clear me because of my knee, so they wanted to do free-agent deals,?Leary said.The team that intrigued him the most was the Cowbo
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ous groups; of the individual submissions on the Scottish government website, the vote was 65% in favour - a finding broadly in line with opinion polls. There were signs of significant nerves within Alex Salmond's administration when it confronted the intense hostility of the Catholic church in particular.Meanwhile, David Cameron's Tory led coalition has nipped in first, passing the English and Welsh measures earlier this month against vociferous internal opposition and defeating a wrecking amendment in the Lords. So, while equal marriages are likely to be available next year in England and Wales, they won't be until 2015 in Scotland.Gay rights and equalities groups are delighted the Scottish government has seen this through, but there are regrets about the delay, mixed with pragmatism. Better the bill is secure and well-drafted, than rushed and flawed, says French. It remains to be seen how many of Holyrood's 128 eligible MSPs vote for the legislation, but there is now a heavy majority of MSPs in favour of equal marriage. The Equality Network's monitoring shows that 89 MSPs, from all parties, will vote for the bill, while only 11 have so far declared their opposition. Of the 29 MSPs so far undeclared, some junior ministers are expected to vote ag
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shedding jobs all over Fleet Street to sustain profits or stem losses 紺 last week, this week, next week 紺 and the supply of rich men willing to sustain a newspaper for the prestige, pleasure or fun may not last for ever. Once it was colonials like Lord Beaverbrook, the gallant Roy Thomson or less gallant Rupert Murdoch. Today the accountants rule. It's them, not Milton, we should all be worried about.Oliver Wainwright The Guardian,Thursday 27 June 2013 13.47 BST Jump to comments (…)Architecture students can now expect to graduate, after a minimum of five years斤拷 study and two years斤拷 work placement, with debts of 斤拷100,000. Photograph: Panacea Pictures/AlamyWiry contraptions hang from the ceiling, while globular fungal forms nestle on tables between the spidery legs of 3D-printed creatures. A post-apocalyptic confetti of scalpel blades, empty Pot Noodles and cans of Coke is scattered among this landscape of foreign objects, while a sleeping bag pokes out from under a desk 紺 perhaps with someone still in it.It is a familiar scene, repeated in the studios of UK architecture schools over the past few weeks, as bleary-eyed students prepare their portfolios for the final reckoning and begin sprucing up work for the summer exhibitions. The
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ire at QPR, with all the things that were happening there.You should have stayed up north and well away from the Big Smoke. Ha! I always thought if you went below Watford it was the pits, the end of the world. But I went to Crystal Palace and QPR and absolutely loved London 斤拷 I never realised how beautiful and interesting it is. Cycling round Richmond Park 斤拷 it's amazing. I really don't regret a single thing now about leaving Sheffield United because I've had so many experiences since.HQ for the Warnock family is in Cornwall, which is a mite more peaceful than London. Oh, I love Cornwall, it's so special. We bought the house when I was with Plymouth Argyle and we've just kept that on and kept modernising things. It's a lovely part of the world, really 斤拷 you want your kids to grow up in Cornwall if they can. The number of professional people that retire there is ridiculous. I don't think you can put a price on coming out of the rat race and living in a place like that.Are you out of the rat race now? You didn't seem quite sure at the end of the book. Yeah, I think 24 hours a day I am. Last week I went to Scotland with the kids and the phone never went football-wise. When I woke up in the night I wasn't thinking about agents or different managers,
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légale nécessaire pour le programme d'écoutes sans mandat illégal bush nsa - est allé à la nouvelle république pour célébrer que obama n'a pas seulement poursuit le noyau bush / approche cheney au terrorisme, mais encore mieux (de son point de vue) , a été le renforcement de ces politiques bien au-delà ce que bush pourrait réaliser en transformant démocrates des opposants de ces politiques dans supporters.and exactement comme goldsmith heureusement prédit, les sondages montrent maintenant que les démocrates et même les progressistes qui se sont identifiés soutenir les politiques qu'ils fois semblant de détester maintenant que c'est obama plutt que bush les embrassant. sur msnbc, assistants d'obama et pundit-partisans font maintenant leur meilleure sarah palin impression en se moquant comme des faibles et des perdants ceux qui pensent que
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t de la conférence est, où le chef de l'impact de montréal avec 30 points et deux matchs en main. le feu vient dans le week-end sur une série d'invincibilité de neuf matchs toutes compétitions confondues. la série a commencé juste avant le feu acquisition de l'attaquant mike magee le 25 mai. magee, vient d'être nommé joueur de la mls mois, a marqué dans cinq de ses six derniers matches. la défense de skc doit chercher à neutraliser la menace magee. les fans ont grandi de plus en plus frustrés par la performance du sporting, et une perte au toyota park apporteraient encore plus critique du directeur peter vermes du club. une victoire pour chicago serait une bosse à leur éliminatoire chances.columbus crew vs portland timberssun 17:00 columbus crew stadiumian fraser, union crew, columbus crew: columbus presque fait ce qu'il a fait sur la route
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w. bush en tant que premier chef du centre antiterroriste national, chargé de intégrer la collecte de renseignements fracture du gouvernement contre le terrorisme. là, il est devenu enlacés dans les aspects de la guerre contre le terrorisme qui sont revenus le hanter ans later.brennan quitté la cia en 2005 pour exécuter un conseil de sécurité jusqu'à ce qu'il a été repris par la première présidentielle de barack obama campagne en tant que consultant sur la sécurité et terrorism.officials qui ont observé les deux nationale dire que dès le début obama a été impressionné par l'expérience et la confiance de l'ex-agent de la cia qui a réclamé un noyau moral, avec ses condamnations du waterboarding et le questionnement de l'invasion de l' irak - manque évidemment dans la direction de l'agence sous bush.but lorsque, en tant que préside
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sont résignés à ce fait et disent leurs adieux, bien que certains souhaitent qu'il resterait avec nous un peu plus longtemps. les enfants des écoles et les clercs se présenter à l'hpital pour prier pour lui et laisser des messages. tv locale et la couverture radio est surtout sombre.even que la veillée se poursuit, l'héritage de sud-africains débat mandela et l'histoire qu'il incarne si puissamment. par exemple, malgré l'adhésion à vie de nelson mandela dans le congrès national africain d'administration, ces derniers jours une partie de l'opposition, l'alliance démocratique (un parti politique majoritairement blanche qui régit cape town et la province environnante et ordonne seulement 20% des voix au niveau national) affirme qu'elle - et non l'anc - qui est vrai héritier de mandela. il a même publié des publicités avec l'image de mandel
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ions of dollars in profits.And if they return next year, so will the Sea Shepherd Crew, and the year after that if need be. Because what is the point of declaring and establishing a sanctuary for whales if whales can be allowed to be killed there?? Captain Paul Watson is the founder and president of Sea Shepherd Conservation SocietyAS Byatt The Guardian,Friday 15 March 2013 13.58 GMT'The sweep of sand, the black protuberance of the Brigg with the waves licking it or crashing over it ... the huge curve of the horizon' 斤拷 Filey Brigg in Yorkshire. Photograph: Martin Williams/AlamyHe was born beside the sea 紺 almost literally, for his mother's birth pangs began when she was walking along the shoreline under a pale sun gathering butterfly shells. He was born in Filey, on the east Yorkshire coast, afishing town with a perfect sweep of pale golden beach, crumbling grassy cliffs, and the unique Filey Brigg, a mixture of many rocks, beginning at Carr Naze, and stretching out in a long peninsula into the North Sea, full of rock pools and rivulets, harsh and tempting at once. His father was an oceanographer, the son of an oceanographer who studied the deep currents of the North Sea. His mother taught English at a high school and wrote fierce little poems a
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hermore, Gadhafi's terror police are British-trained."So who exactly is it that is guilty of supporting every "brutal Arab dictator in the world"? At the top of any honest list, one would find David Cameron, along with the leaders of most leading Nato countries, beginning with the US (see here and here). Indeed, as Der Spiegel noted in April 2011 about yet another of Cameron's trips to visit Arab tyrants: "Cameron flew on to Kuwait, where he got down to the real purpose of his trip: selling weapons to Arab autocrats."Cameron's so-called "slapdown" of Galloway was predictably celebrated in many precincts. The reality, though, is that it was quite cowardly: he refused to answer Galloway's question, then smeared him knowing that he could not reply, then simply moved on to the next questioner. Galloway was able to respond afterward only by posting an open letter on his website, noting the multiple Arab dictators steadfastly supported not by Galloway but by his accuser, David Cameron.The more important point here is that this so perfectly reflects the central propagandistic self-delusion amazingly sustained throughout the west. The very same western countries that snuggle up to and prop up the planet's worst dictators are the same ones who strut around
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incidentally, over Lilley's shoulder, are two front-row spectators in seats A39 and A40.The people in A39 and A40 serve, unknowingly, as a barometer of audience enjoyment for the crew backstage. Are they laughing? Even smiling? During one matinee, a crew member admits, an elderly woman sitting in A39 was obviously and horribly asleep. Today, it is a middle-aged man. He grins, and looks around to make sure other people are grinning too.In the wings, stagehands pass props to members of the chorus, currently costumed as London traders. "If you can see the audience they can see you," one stagehand warns another. "Don't start that again," the reply. My Fair Lady gets under way and while Bawden does a final warm-up, pinching her cheeks and repeating a pigeon-like "brrr" noise, the chorus move on to the stage. They chat to the audience, the girls pretending to sell flowers and the boys talking up fruit, everyone hoping to summon something of a Covent Garden market, 1912, for a capacity crowd who've just walked in from Sheffield, 2013. It can be a difficult transition to make.In seat A26, a woman eats a Milky Bar. Three pre-teens in row G unwrap toffees. But this is when the actors must haul their audience into the world of the play, through enthusiasm. It
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he start of the regular season, sending James Harden to the Houston Rockets after the team could not work out an extension. That was two All-Stars traded away right before a single game could be played. Then, shortly before the trading deadline, the cash-cutting Memphis Grizzlies, who had one of the few desirable pieces that could be traded in Rudy Gay, sent their best scorer to the Toronto Raptors. So, not only had the NBA season already seen two superstars moved at the height of their value before it had even began, one of their few other possible trade targets was moved a few weeks before the official deadline. So it really hasn't been a bad season for NBA trades at all, it's just been a matter of unusual timing.Danny Granger returned to the PacersSaturday night, Indiana Pacers swingman Danny Granger returned to the floor after recovering from a knee injury. In his triumphant return against the Detroit Pistons, last season's key Pacers scorer ended up hitting one shot... out of ten. Okay, so it was not the storybook return his teammates were probably hoping for, but the Pacers still won the game and kept pace as the second seed in the Eastern Conference.Even though the Heat seem to have a stranglehold on the Eastern conference, certainly someon
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pratar med dem och det r fortfarande beatles. de var verallt, och s mycket mer massiv n allt else.we vet inte vad som hnde [fiskarna sngaren] linda bruner - jag tror att hon flyttade till kanada. hon var i huvudsak p rymmen, enligt uppgift fr olika identitet stlder, check tvtt, bedrgeri-typ aktiviteter. men vi vet inte riktigt - det r lite bttre n hrsgen, eftersom vi har hrt det frn en massa olika mnniskor, men vi vet fortfarande inte den specifics.reading detta p mobilen klicka hr fr att viewlight: p sdra sidan (num033) en box med en bok av bilder av michael abramson, som fngade nattlivet i chicagos south side p 1970-talet, plus tv lp-skivor av elektriska blues - det tjnade den frsta av numero tre grammy-nomineringar. ken: michael var alltid skjuta fotografier, inte av banden, bara mnniskor - kid kontrollera id vid drren p en pall med en kniv i bakfickan, alla dessa sm situationer, dessa sm skivor av livet. vi sa: gud, det r vackert, ska vi gr
ehandlades av polisen. trkigt nog, i en lgkonjunktur, och med nedskrningar och tstramningar, folk leta efter en syndabock och jag tror att rasism och anti-immigrant knslan har ftts upp sitt fula huvud igen. ngra av berttelsen om invandringen r mycket enerverande. ven [reaktion p fallet] p vissa stt har frstrkt en post-rasistisk berttelse, men det r inte min erfarenhet eller erfarenhet av mina vnner och deras barn. jag r inte villig att acceptera saker som r rasistiska now'ashley walters , actorashley walters. foto: sarah lee fr guardianit var en stor chock fr mig nr jag hrde om stephen lawrence mord. jag var vldigt ung och hade aldrig hrt talas om ngon mrdas fr frgen p deras hud. senare, nr jag fortfarande var ganska ung, jag var i en film om stephen lawrence, regisserad av paul greengrass. doreen lawrence var den satt en hel del och det var inte s lngt efter mordet. det fick mig att knna att jag mste gra ngot fr mig sjlv eftersom ditt liv k
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okrat som det blir, och ingen invnde hans val. men mycket viktigare: nr det kommer till frgor som krig, militarism, frsvarsutgifter och mellansternpolitik, r inte mnet mycket viktigare n om ngon har ett r eller d efter sitt namn som obama sjlv bevisar - och som biden och clinton fre honom bevisat - det faktum att ngon har ett d efter namnet r knappast en garant fr att de kommer att motstta politik av aggression och militarism. sannerligen, som clemons sade fredag kvll p msnbc, de flesta demokrater i pentagon r s rdda fr att gjutas som mjuk p frsvar att de kramar politik militarism lngt mer ivrigt och okritiskt n chuck hagel ngonsin skulle. r partisan identitet s allt tidskrvande att det helt vertrumfar mne, s att en hkaktig demokrat r att fredra framfr ett krig-skeptiker republikan det finns en anledning hagel nominering har blivit s intensivt kontroversiell och en sdan ond ml fr teck-hejar neokonservativa som bill kristol
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en presidenten behver inte titta p och vga sina ord, orolig hans chanser till omval. den hr gngen kan han tala fritt, att veta att han aldrig kommer att mta vljarna igen. vilket r vad frklarar det tal som vi just bevittnat, var ett tal av en obama unbound.this en full-throated fallet fr sjlva idén om regeringen, ett tal som, bde i sin krna argument och ytterligare blomstrar, ligger obama ogenerat p liberal vnster. kortare och mindre klumpig kortare n hans 2009-adress, det var inte rondellen utan rakt p sak: bevara vra individuella friheter slutndan krver kollektiva tgrder. sjlva ordet kollektiv kan f lite p den amerikanska rtt ut i kupan. men obama var direkt. det skulle ta regeringen, inte bara steve jobs eller tv, fr att frbereda usa fr 21-talet. ingen enskild person kan trna allt matte och lrare vetenskap som vi behver fr att rusta vra barn fr framtiden, eller anlgga vgar . samt ntverk och forskningslaboratorier som kommer att ge
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s potencias occidentales han optado por legitimar públicamente armar a los rebeldes sirios, rusia, el principal aliado internacional de siria, dijo que también enviaría armas al gobierno en syria.russia 's el vicecanciller sergei ryabkov dijo el martes que nadie puede culpar a rusia para el envío de armas a siria, y agregó que estas armas están destinadas a las autoridades legales en el country.ryabkov dijo que el envío de s-300 misiles antiaéreos de largo alcance rusos a siria constituye un factor de estabilidad y evita que las fuerzas extranjeras de interferir en el country.ryabkov dijo que la administración de los misiles a siria ayudará a evitar cabezas calientes de la escalada del conflicto en la escala internacional. irán, el principal aliado regional de siria, también se entregó en sí en los esfuerzos políticos de última hora en la edición de siria y alojado en miércoles una conferencia de los amigos de siria, con la participación de representantes de 40 países para encontrar una solución política a la crisis en syria.addressing la ceremonia de apertura de la reunión, el canciller iraní, ali akbar salehi, dijo que esta conferencia constituye un paso importante para resolver el crisis en siria, y sealó que la iniciativa iraní anterior a este respecto no
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porque eso es lo que me bautizaron, después de maid marian. sabía que mis padres. le gusta tener un nombre especial para mí, creo. toda nuestra amistad y el amor está fuera de la experiencia pública, y voy a seguir siendo así. no estoy vendiendo mi amor letters.why el tatuaje trago en la mueca esto significa que la libertad. eso es lo que pensé en ese momento, de todos modos. no confiere libertad, pero fue una bonita ilusión. soy muy aficionado a it.a amigo mío fue a una fiesta en su casa de dublín (8) en los aos 90 y dijo que era bastante salvaje. eso es bastante tarde en su - er - fiesta years.it me tomó aos para superarlo. me hizo llegar limpio y sobrio y luego recaí por un tiempo y bla, bla. he estado limpio y sobrio por aos. la vida es más fácil y predecible. no espero ninguna mierda salvaje más. sabiendo que soy decadente, pero no tengo que hacer nada al respecto se ha sido muy important.do te arrepientes mucho o lo tiene todo la formación del carácter been creo que este último, espero que eso no es ilusión. [risas] yo he hecho todo lo que quiero hacer y he ido por todas partes me quiero ir. finalmente entiendo la alegría de la familia. tengo un hijo maravilloso, y todo lo que quiero hacer ahora es estar cerca de mi nieta. todavía tengo el blues, y no me gusta e
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erbárico. una fábrica de pesticidas anteriormente ocupaba el site.in julio de 2006, en el lugar en una fábrica química fue trasladado de guoxiang, cerca de la carretera de circunvalación al sur de suzhou, jiangsu, dejando atrás tierras contaminadas 20muof, seis trabajadores de la construcción cayó en coma después de diggging hasta un montón de contaminación festival de primavera earth.during en 2007, en la obra heshan en wuhan, un hedor penetrante se hizo más fuerte después de que se excavó una profunda capa de tierra. uno tras otro, los trabajadores comenzaron a sentirse mareado y tener dificultad para respirar. debido a que no sabían cuál era el problema, llevaban trabajando. por último, varios de los trabajadores intoxicados fueron enviados al hospital para recibir tratamiento de emergencia. este fue el antiguo emplazamiento de una plant.a profesional pesticidas en remediación de la contaminación que participaron en el muestreo de la sede de beijing química número factory 2 describe cuán tóxico gas se emite de forma continua desde un tubo. el gas puede ser encendida con un encendedor, que mostró que la concentración del contaminante fue lo suficientemente alta como para causar fatal poisoning.chen tongbin, el director del centro de biorremediación ambiental de la ac
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í. cada vez que los chicos saltaran al césped sin mí estás sentado allí - muy consciente de la razón por la cual usted no está jugando. crees en eso durante 32 semanas y se hace arraigada en el cerebro. pero tengo que seguir adelante ahora. no se puede ser negativo acerca de él para siempre el regreso de clark a la selección inglesa -. después de que él era un miembro sin derecho a jugar en los campos de entrenamiento durante el seis naciones del ao pasado - proporciona un nuevo camino para la combativa hacia delante para mirar al futuro, suponiendo que es declarado apto para jugar un papel en el seis naciones. incluso la sorpresa adicional que ha sido seleccionada como una cerradura, y no en su posición privilegiada como ala abierto, no ha disminuido su determinación de lograr un impacto positivo. disfruto jugando [bloqueo] y al northampton nuestra cultura es que la parte de atrás de cinco debe ser capaz de jugar en cualquier lugar en el scrum. hice bien en la segunda fila en mi un partido allí desde que regresó. le ganamos a ulster de distancia, en la copa heineken, y todo el equipo tuvo un rendimiento real. así que no es un problema sin embargo, neil back, una gran ala abierto, ha destacado que clark es el número 7 más natural y completa en inglaterra, mientras que
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a "challenger bank" to the big four 紺 something for which it was widely congratulated. Sound familiar? It is a phrase that coalition ministers like to use to encourage new entrants on to a high street still dominated by that same big four.The government's answer is to make it easier for new banks to set up by loosening capital requirements to get new players off the ground. In the light of the HBOS report, that must be one policy that needs a rethink.This crisis called for something a bit more super, MarioPerhaps it was unfortunate for European Central Bank president Mario Draghi that his monthly press conference last week came hot on the heels of Japan's shock-and-awe announcement of $1.4trillion in quantitative easing.After Haruhiko Kuroda, Japan's new central bank governor, promised to double the size of the country's monetary base in a bold bid to banish deflation, anything Draghi had to offer would be seen as a damp squib.But he could have offered something. Interest rates in the eurozone, at 0.75%, are higher than in the US, UK or Japan; and while Draghi has promised to do "whatever it takes" to hold the euro together, no country has yet triggered his policy of "outright monetary transactions", or unlimited ECB bond-buying. That would anywa
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the scoreboard. On the other side of the ball, New York's new look flowing four man attack showed promise, but were the beneficiaries of mistakes. They'll need to be better at creating opportunities on their own against an experienced and disciplined Earthquakes defense. If they can, this could be another wild multiple goal affair.MLS standingsJoe Muggs ,Wednesday 12 June 2013 11.00 BST Jump to comments (…)Iconic 斤拷 more than just a label, Mo' Wax was a repository for graffiti art, new design and 90s music culture"The lunatics had taken over the asylum," says James Lavelle of the music industry of the mid-90s. "There was a shitload of money going around, it was fuckin' New Labour, anything was possible, we were very young, everybody was coming together, everybody was hanging out, all these people coming through at the same time. It was this hugely fuelled thing 紺 not just about drugs, or clubs, or the dark side of it 紺 just excessive. Virgin Records had just had the Spice Girls and sold 30m records; they had 200m quid in the bank, so [for them] it was like: 'Let's spend money on Massive Attack and have ridiculous videos!'"Right in the heart of all this, somewhere between the cash-drunk mainstream and the dark fringes, was Mo' Wax, the
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l agree to, and they need to know I am not going to budge an inch. This has got to work for both parties."He said he had already had talks with EDF's rivals: "Sometimes people said it is EDF or bust. I would like to do a deal with EDF but we don't have to. I was in Korea and Japan recently talking to other investors and vendors. Their interest in the UK market was massive. I got the very strong impression that the sort of price I was happy to agree with EDF, they could match."He added: "I am determined that the consumer or the taxpayer will not bear the risk of construction over-runs. Nuclear will get no preference in comparison with other low-carbon technologies."The long-delayed deal 紺 likely to cover the price over the next 35 years 紺 is seen as a litmus test of the affordability of nuclear power not just in the UK but across Europe. The new reactors are vital to hitting the government's long-term carbon-emission goals and maintaining electricity supply at a time of rising public anger at high energy prices, as well as fears of energy shortages.Davey needs to deliver a deal that balances low electricity for consumers, a secure national low-carbon energy supply and his party's opposition to nuclear power. His party opposed a new generation of
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belleza camera.the antes del amanecer películas es que se sienten como si se han hecho girar del hilo de araa, levantado de la vida. pero por supuesto que es una ilusión. en realidad, este flujo y reflujo de fácil es el resultado de una colaboración entre la escritura esmerada linklater y las estrellas, pulida por un periodo de ensayos intensivos y luego rodamos en coreografía larga toma que compara delpy (más melodramático) de ser torturado. pero obviamente estamos borrando los límites, reconoce hawke. la gente tiende a pensar que esto es en realidad nosotros, que julie y yo viven juntos. andthat algo de nosotros he luchado muy duro para crear las películas no son autobiográficas, pero están construidos enteramente en torno a nuestras propias verdades emocionales las cosas que creemos -.. thatwe've sentido y experimentado es como este universo paralelo que todos podemos entrar en.. queda claro, sin embargo, que estas películas tienen un cuarto colaborador, un fantasma en la máquina en 1989, linklater pasó una noche en filadelfia con una joven llamada amy lehrhaupt y fue este encuentro que provocó primero la historia linklater se enteró recientemente.. lehrhaupt que había muerto en 1994 - murió en un accidente de motocicleta pocas semanas antes de la primera pelícu
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mo si fuera a estar empujando una línea federalista. en cambio, él escribió la opinión de que, aunque un poco confusa en su lógica, debe ser themost himno entusiasta a equalityever gay adoptada por el tribunal: doma en las estructuras de todos los funcionarios federales, y de hecho todas las personas con las parejas del mismo sexo interactúan, incluyendo sus propios hijos, que su matrimonio es menos digno que el de los demás matrimonios marzo la ley federal no es válida, para ningún propósito legítimo supera el propósito y efecto de desacreditar y perjudicar a los que el estado, mediante sus leyes monio mar, trató de proteger en la personalidad y la dignidad. al tratar de desplazar a la protección y el tratamiento de las personas que viven en matrimonios menos respetados que otros, la ley federal es una violación de la quinta amendment.you no podemos confiar en los argumentos orales de predecir el resultado, eso es claro en windsor y efectivamente de un caso de salud del ao pasado, lo que sorprendió a casi todos. y qué si kennedy, quien terminó escribiendo una decisión mucho más pro-gay de doma de lo necesario, de verdad estaba dispuesto a decir que no es un derecho constitucional al matrimonio entre personas del mismo sexo y si estaba listo para solicitar que en cal
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ieran en las themselves.pccs paso tendría excelentes comisarios de servicios de libertad condicional: para asegurarse de que el trabajo está integrado correctamente con privado local , los proveedores de voluntarias y del sector público. por lo menos debería ser puesto a prueba si el gobierno tiene confianza en esto que se crearon. tenemos confianza en que nuestros consejos pcc.top para los líderes en libertad de hacer frente a los cambios: continuar para reducir sus costos y entender y mejorar sus procesos de negocio con el personal y la participación de los usuarios de servicios. seguir innovando para mejorar los resultados. sin embargo, si los organismos del sector público no pueden participar en la cadena de suministro de las propuestas requerirán entonces la única opción es crear nuevos vehículos de la empresa, mientras se ejecuta el vigente business.paul mcdowell, director ejecutivo de la caridad nacro reducción de la delincuencia @ transformación paulmcdowell4stable es un desafío clave : esto significa asegurarse de que los nuevos modelos de servicios deben aplicarse lo más rápidamente posible, pero de una manera que el personal está dirigido y apoyado a través de la transición y que la incertidumbre y la ansiedad se elimina cuando y donde possible.annette hennessy, p
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dor podría poner en peligro la libertad de expresión en el reino unido. dunja mijatovic, representante de la osce para la libertad de los medios de comunicación, instó a gran bretaa no sacrificar su tradición de prensa de la autorregulación, que fue considerado por el mundo como las mejores prácticas. a-establecido el gobierno órgano regulador, con independencia de su grado de independencia que se pretende ser, pudieran suponer una amenaza para la libertad de prensa , dijo, y agregó que el escándalo escuchas telefónicas era una cuestión criminal que estaba siendo tratada mediante juicios en los tribunales penales. esto no debe ser utilizada como una excusa para frenar todos los medios impresos oficina se said.clegg 's volvió hacia cameron, diciendo: si parece caótico que letwin estaba reunido miembros de hacked off en la oficina de ed miliband a las 2 am para discutir prensa reglamento, es porque era un caos. es caótico porque el primer ministro salió de las conversaciones de forma unilateral el jueves en lugar de sentarse y discusiones sensatas. hemos terminado donde nos esperaba y esperaba. harriet harman, la sombra secretario de cultura y principal negociador del trabajo, saludaron las concesiones extraídas de cameron desde la semana pasada. ella dijo: qu
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octagon, ett alter ego av rapparen kool keith som - enligt hans biografi - r en utomjording, tid-resa gynekolog frn jupiter, som behandlar schimpans acne och har en 208-rig -gammal farbror med huden hos en alligator. yeah yeah yeahs inte exakt trampar vatten hr. det r blitz var s rena och kallt p ett stt, karen o sger. det var exakt och elektroniskt. jag personligen ville ngot lite mer udda, lite mer sexuell, lite mer visceral. trots den nya postens festliga vibe, framgick det av en mrk plats. brnt ut frn en mammut turné, startade bandet funderar p att gra mosquito i brjan av 2010, ett r som zinner beskriver som super-dark. medan gitarristen kmpade fr att ta itu med en episk break-up som verkade fr evigt, var karen o trassla in sig i sin egen frtvivlan. jag skulle inte nska att knslan p min vrsta fiende, sger hon i dag. ifelt fastnat i ett dike som jag inte kunde klttra ur. det var faktisk depression, i ungefr sex mnader. hade h
t slagsml ver coin street, en sdra london postindustriellt webbplats. utvecklare hade freslagit en blandad anvndning utveckling designad av richard rogers, en ung modern arkitekt med socialistiska sympatier. snarare n de tungt zonindelade monokulturer av tidigare versioner av modernismen, ville rogers och hans utvecklare allting hnder p en gng - lgenheter, kaféer, kontor, offentliga utrymmen, utformade i en snazzily metallisk arkitektonisk stil, med frskjutna skylines och betona dess kontraster och former. livingstone hjlpte fr att f detta system besegrade, till frmn fr coin street samhllsbyggare, som freslagits - och inbyggd - ett system av lga, lg densitet, var traditionalist lager-tegel houses.community arkitektur r en av de viktigaste entusiasm fr loony vnster rd. dess betydelse skiftat ofta, men det i allmnhet innebar ett stt att bygga allmnnyttiga bostder som bygger p nra samrd med allmnheten snarare n de-haut-en-bas statlig bestmmel
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. foto: kevin rushbyactually, var det inte s illa, smakar precis som alla andra risvin. mine host, som hade uppenbarligen gjort betydande angrepp p den srskilda reserven get vin, strlade av gldje. varfr gjorde han dricka det dr mycket bra fr hlsan! han gjorde en universell gest fr manlig potens. hans fru fnissade. egentligen tror jag inte att det var hans hustru eftersom nr jag tog fram kameran gav hon ett nervst fnitter och sprang away.you mste beundra den vietnamesiska frmga att vnda oaptitliga delar av djur till delikatesser. de lmnar en ren tallrik. dina morfrldrar skulle godknna. ingen srlingsskap. inget avfall. en kvart senare var vi p vra cyklar igen: jag sjlv, min 16-rige son niall, var maddy och cuong.we p en cykeltur som skulle omfatta knns och nationalparker, tar oss frn mai chau dalen ngra 100 miles sydvst om hanoi och nra till den laotiska grnsen, sydst mot kusten och staden ninh binh. om du frestller formen av vietnam som snarare
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de, i princip alla som r kvar nu r att titta p den sjunde seedade boston celtics och ttonde-seedade milwaukee bucks slss mot varandra fr privilegiet att undvika miami heat i den frsta rundan. det verkade skert mycket strre pris nr det inte betyda att behva mta ett pltsligt teruppvckta knicks team.los angeles lakers gr sin sista knuff fr playoffsnow att houston rockets och golden state warriors har slutit sina efterssongen kojer, los angeles lakers kmpar utah jazz fr den sista kvarvarande ppna playoff plats, den vstra konferensen ttonde fr. om lakers vinner plats, de r bara garanterad en frsta-runda serie, utan hem domstol frdel, mot western conference vinnarna. den senaste tidens hndelser visar att lakers verkar gilla sina chanser om det kommer till det. inte bara r kobe bryant brjar gra en vana av att spela 47 minuter per match, har ett tydligt tecken att han r fast besluten att gra slutspel, men metta world peace terfrenades laget vl i frtid p

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i offers a variation on that. People are very complex, variable and unpredictable. Many users of the MBTI believe that a straightforward test can simplify them to the point where they can be managed, controlled and utilised to make them as efficient and productive as possible. It's no wonder businesses are keen to embrace something like that; it would be the ideal tool if it were guaranteed to achieve this.Evidence suggests it isn't though. People are far more sophisticated than any basic yes/no test could ever hope to encompass. Employers who assume otherwise in the face of all available evidence run the constant risk of alienating and infuriating those they intend to manage more effectively. Dean Burnett's personality can be effectively assessed from his Twitter feed, @garwboy [Spoiler warning; it's awful]Pete Jones in Bunia, DR Congo, and David Smith in Johannesburg The Guardian,Tuesday 19 March 2013 16.59 GMTBosco Ntaganda, who handed himself in to the US embassy in Kigali, addresses a news conference in January 2009. Photograph: STR/ReutersWhen the reign of one of Africa's most feared warlords came to an end it was not at gunpoint but in a mild and meek surrender.The Congolese rebel leader Bosco Ntaganda was contemplating his future from behin
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but they have their own concerns about the economic future. Perhaps Almod斤拷var's semen-specked Spanish screwball humour will lift them, too, out of their gloom.I'm So Excited! is out on 3 MayHarriet Meyer The Observer,Sunday 23 June 2013 Jump to comments (…)Louise Duncan borrowed 斤拷2,000 from peer to peer lender Zopa after she failed to find an acceptable rate on the high street. Photograph: SWNSDoes a low-cost loan, as well as the opportunity to avoid lining banks' pockets, sound appealing? Peer-to-peer lending is taking off in the UK as consumers turn to this alternative form of finance. But as one provider offers the lowest all-time loan rate, what are the pitfalls?Last week the biggest player in the sector, Zopa, announced a rock-bottom rate of 4.9% on unsecured loans of between 斤拷7,500 and 斤拷15,000, after a trial period in May. The closest from a bank or building society is a fraction higher, with Derbyshire building society's at 5%.Borrowers of smaller sums of up to 斤拷3,000 may get a particularly attractive deal compared with mainstream providers, emphasises Andrew Hagger, personal finance specialist at Moneycomms. Zopa offers a rate of 8.2% over three years, while another provider, Ratesetter, is 8.5%. "This compares to a hefty av
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obably the latter, looking back.Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet in Titanic, which proved rather more buoyant than its namesake in 1998. Photograph: 20thC Fox/Everett/RexThis art will go on Titanic was crashing through box office records like so much floating glacial matter, and David Quantick kind of likes it: "At over three hours, this film is longer than most voyages, but manages to be a genuine action romance. Lush, lavish and thrilling, it nonetheless suffers from the fact that most of the time you want to punch smug Leonardo Di Caprio. It's generally a success. Expect a Paul Verhoeven remake of the Poseidon Adventure very soon."Tidings of good will "Finally, a dental counterpart to Julia Roberts." Joe Queenan hails the coming of Matt Damon.SPOTTED! Peter Kay William Cook introduces the future Phoenix Nights and garlic bread funnyman ahead of his show at Bromley's unpromising-sounding Splatt! Club: "His hardest gig so far was a year ago, in front of a few hundred truckers and their spouses at a Labour Club Christmas bash. 'I had a broken arm but they thought it was a prop.' Nevertheless, this prolific, spontaneous entertainer remained on stage for three-quarters of an hour."1999: Whassup?The Sopranos: little did we know in 1999 that this wo
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tite was driven by the need to survive, but now it has devolved into an industry that feeds the fads of the nouveau riche. In the evening at the park, in the little visitor restaurant, we heard from the German film-makers about another park where wildlife did seem to exist. Cuong confirmed that Van Long Park was within striking distance, close to Ninh Binh. We altered our route.Next day we rode into a landscape that is becoming more common in Asia: a strange melange of the traditional and natural with the newly industrialised, newly touristified. There would be achingly beautiful wetlands dotted with water buffalo and backed by jagged peaks, then a cement factory. There were sleepy, algae-encrusted Catholic churches and ancient temple gateways, then new concrete pagodas with huge coach parks. We passed fishermen in traditional hats setting bamboo fish traps and fishermen using truck batteries and electrodes. All around, limestone outcrops rose in jagged profusion, like pods of humpback whales.We stopped at a restaurant. "Do you like goat?" asked Cuong, "It is the local speciality." Bowls of vegetables, fish, tofu, eggs and meat were brought out. Maddy picked at a little plain rice. Plates of baby pineapple, melon, guava and dragonfruit were delive
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ara noticias más importantes del día y el comentario en tu buzón cada morning.sign para el emailget diaria emailour diarias editores de the guardian estadounidenses destinos para noticias más importantes del día y el comentario en tu buzón cada maana . ingrese su dirección de correo electrónico para subscribe.sign para el emailsign día hasta nowget selecciones diarias australia emailour editores de the guardian de noticias top del día y el comentario en tu buzón cada weekday.sign para el correo electrónico todos los díasandrew dickson the guardian, el domingo 17 de febrero 2013 20:30 gmt ir a comentarios (...) hemos crecido juntos ... (desde la izquierda) erica whyman del rsc; indhu rubasingham del triciclo; eleanor lloyd, independiente productora de teatro, y laurie sansom del stn. fotografía: sara lee para las edades de espera guardianyou para un alto cargo en el teatro británico - y 11 vienen a lo largo de una sola vez. cuando, allá por el otoo de 2010, michael grandage decidió renunciar como director artístico del donmar warehouse en londres, pocos podrían haber imaginado que tantos otros en la profesión se unirán a la lucha. rachel kavanaugh en el birmingham rep estaba fuera unos meses más tarde. el siguiente mes de julio, nicolas kent anunció que dejaba peque
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por primera vez. es claro que la discriminación podría tener lugar indirectamente, así como directamente. también colocó una obligación general de los organismos públicos para promover la igualdad de oportunidades y de buena raza relations.the movimiento desencadenado un auto-examen de las políticas de reclutamiento, retención y promoción en gran bretaa no sólo en el sector público, pero en los principales empleadores del sector privado, así como se convirtió en un importante punto de referencia para los departamentos de recursos humanos de reciente aparición y rápido desarrollo de informes de su diversidad policies.macpherson 's sin duda sacudió a la policía de su complacencia, pero parece que el progreso en la lucha contra estos problemas ha sido mucho más irregular que el resto de britain.nearly 60% de los ciudadanos cree que la respuesta policial a esos casos es más rápido, más justo y menos racista. fotografía: andrew stuart / apfor la policía, el caso lawrence ha cambiado fundamentalmente la manera en que investigan asesinatos y apoyar a las familias de las víctimas de asesinato con el nombramiento de funcionarios de enlace de la familia. a pesar de ello, doreen lawrence ha dicho demasiados oficiales todavía suponen que las víctimas de la violencia son negros
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agua desde el interior del campamento, para reducir el número de camiones que vienen de afuera. estamos haciendo todo lo que se podía esperar que nosotros hacemos, pero hay gente de 110.000 más en un campo, , dijo harper. es un gran desafío.john patterson the guardian, el jueves 04 de abril 2013 13.08 bst ir a comentarios (...) selena gómez como fe en spring breakers: . me encanta y me relaciono con ella lo más hermoso tiro en la nueva película de harmony korine es la única oportunidad de viajar sin interrupción en una película de otra manera frenética en su corte. es un robo restaurante desde el coche de huida después de que cae dos chica ladrones en la puerta de atrás, y luego se desliza alrededor del edificio de la captura de la caótica pero, para nosotros, en completo silencio hold-up de los comensales a través de dos capas de distanciamiento de vidrio, antes de recogerlas de nuevo en la puerta principal y la aceleración en la noche sofocante. en spring breakers realiza la misma función de transición como el tornado en el mago de oz o la madriguera de las maravillas. ante ello, los colores son apagados y monocromáticos y los cuatro conductores se aburran y se rompió; después, los colores van todas neón y helados, fluorescencia marcar hasta 11, y las chicas
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rought to you by Guardian Professional. To get more articles like this direct to your inbox, sign up free to become a member of the Global Development Professionals NetworkEd Struzik for for Yale Environment 360, part of the Guardian Environment Network ,Tuesday 4 June 2013 16.36 BST Jump to comments (…)The town of Ny-Aalesund in Norway's high Arctic as seen from the top of the nearby Zeppelin mountain, May 28, 2013. Photograph: STAFF/REUTERSWhen China — along with Japan, South Korea, Singapore, India, and Italy —was granted permanent observer statusin the Arctic Council last month, it left many experts wondering whether a paradigm shift in geopolitics is taking place in the region.Until recently, security issues, search and rescue protocols, indigenous rights, climate change, and other environmental priorities were the main concerns of the intergovernmental forum, which includes the eight voting states bordering the Arctic and several indigenous organizations that enjoy participant status. But the admission of China and other major Asian economic powers as observer states is yet another strong sign, experts say, that the economic development of an increasingly ice-free Arctic is becoming a top priority of nations in the reg
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hreatening predator, those school years undercover now paying off as I popped up on your side of the divide, talking books and boy bands, mocking machismo in all its forms. I in no way resembled the kind of arsehole who would have sex with you and then discard you "like wet Kleenex", asone girl described it when I tried to make amends and with whom I ended up sleeping again (by way of apology?).I was a tart, a trollop, a slut, a tramp, a whore. Only the female words will do. All of the male words 紺 ladies' man, stud, Don Juan, lothario, womaniser 紺 conjured smooth George Clooney types who seemed to enjoy their work and bore no resemblance to the permanently lovelorn shambles I felt inside. My psyche was a thin papier-mache of cliche. I was in love with you until you were in love with me; then I broke up with you, at which point I was in love with you again, because now the whole thing qualified as tragic. Now requiring punishment, Iwould throwmyself at the feet of the nearest unavailable woman, her rejection relighting the flame of victimhood and spurring me on to freshconquests to ease the pain. Like all lies, it worked only because I believed it: on some level, I was looking for love, just like everyone else. Those weren't one-night stands; th
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, and so did Diego Simeone and Pep Mel and the presidents and the kit men and the ball boys. The fans quaked and the M30 motorway that passes by and the trees and even the Puerta de Toledo."It took less than five minutes for Costa to score the opening goal and not very much longer to plant a full set of studs on Rub斤拷n P斤拷rez's shin. It was a miracle he didn't do any damage. Things were heating up.They had been heating up for a while. The last time these two teams faced each other was just over a week ago in the Copa del Rey. The Betis centre-back Antonio Amaya gifted Costa the goal, heading past his own goalkeeper and leaving the Brazilian with an open goal. When they got down into the tunnel Costa rubbed it in. "He was very grateful," Amaya said afterwards. "He was shouting and thanking me for the gift. If my team-mates had not held me back, I would have killed him. That shows what kind of person he is: he has no heart and no shame."Now Amaya and his team-mates were waiting to give him a taste of his own medicine. Live by the sword, die by the sword. "You knew that they would go for him ever since [the game in] Seville," the Atl斤拷tico centre-back Diego God斤拷n said. The challenge on P斤拷rez only made that even more certain. "Costa is a difficult p
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the listener to catch a glimpse of his submerged world. Being sparse with the distribution of melodic and rhythmic information, he makes sure to leave a lot to the imagination of his audience. In this sense, Wander seems to be the embodiment of the overarching theme of exploration, embedded in his debut album Nowhere. Released in November 2012 through his own Fog Mountain Records label, Nowhere consists of six stunning tracks, each displaying Lemontrip's craftsmanship for making slow-paced, melancholic electronic music. Now it's time for the rest of the world to catch on. PERU: SoTBLa IrA De Dios - Yo SoloLa IrA De Dios was formed in 2001, but it was in 2005 that they began to draw international attention after being signed to German label Nasoni Records, who reissued the band's first album, leading to their first European tour. Last year they released their fifth album, Peru No Existe, a great example of psychedelia and powerful rock. POLAND: ?ukasz Ku?mierz WeblogSorry Boys - The SunYou could say that where Bon Iver's last album ends, the new song from Sorry Boys starts, though The Sun in its entirety is something different than Beth/Rest. Their avant-pop single is popular from the spring schedule advertisement of one of the biggest TV stations
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stam av coronavirus i saudiarabien, str i hans kontor i cairo.photograph: david degner / getty imagesin mitten av juni frra ret, tog ali mohamed zaki, en virolog vid dr soliman fakeeh hospital i jedda, saudiarabien, ett samtal frn en lkare som var orolig fr en patient. den 60-rige mannen hade medgetts till sjukhuset med svr viral lunginflammation och lkaren ville zaki att identifiera viruset. zaki erhllen sputum frn patienten och instlld p att arbeta. han sprang de vanliga labbtester. en efter en kom de tillbaka negative.puzzled av resultaten, skickade zaki ett prov till ett ledande virologi lab vid erasmus medical centre i rotterdam. medan han vntade p det hollndska laget fr att underska virus, frskte zaki ett test av hans eget. denna gng fick han ett positivt resultat. det visade smittmnet tillhrde en familj av patogener kallas coronavirus. en vanlig frkylning orsakas av ett coronavirus. s r de betydligt mer ddliga infektion sars. zaki mailade snabbt den
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retro brittisk mat p the mark addy, medan parlour i chorlton rstades best sunday lunch i landet vid frra rets ofm awards.some av de mest intressanta utvecklingen r utanfr centrum, inklusive uppkomsten av tv stadsdel restauranger i osannolika platser som blir destinationer fr matlskare ver hela norden. steve pilling och simon stanley har plockat upp utmrkelser fr sina heaton moor restaurang damson och har just ppnat en andra restaurang i mediacity, mycket till gldje fr bbc personal med bekostnad accounts.north av staden, en blygsam konverterade stuga i prestwich r hem fr den likaledes hyllade aumbry, som gs av man och hustru kockar laurence tottingham och mary-ellen mctague (som representerade manchester p bbc2: s great british menu) med kate mountain.salford, fdelseplatsen fr vegetarianismen i storbritannien, r nu hem till biosfren project, en grd / laboratorium / forskningscentrum i en ombyggd kvarn som syftar till att underska hur man kan fortstta att st
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engelska). anmrkningsvrt, domaren tillt kahn fr att vittna om att hayat sa till honom att han deltog i ett lger, men sedan vgrade att lta hayat advokater att be kahn om att hayat smningom berttade fr honom att han aldrig haft fr avsikt att g till ett lger och var helt enkelt ljuger av vermod. det r en viktig faktor som orsakade domaren tashima att insistera p att domen mste vndas: talet tillts infra nackdel fr fretaget utanfr domstol uttalanden hayat gjorts khan, men frsvaret var frhindrad att framkalla vittnesbrd om hayat s friande ut- domstol uttalanden i samma konversation ..... tingsrttens uteslutning av ett avgrande friande uttalande under identiska frhllanden och samtidigt med den nackdel uttalandet var grovt osklig .... detta krver allvarligt ifrgastta rttvisa och integritet frfarandet vrre var talet rtt att infra expertutltanden berttar juryn att en viss typ av person skulle bra en bn bn skriven p arabiska som
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n political simulator. i slutet av 90-talet, gav dock ankomsten av web plug-ins som flash och shockwave snart upphov till en ny era av webblsarspel, billig och snabb att producera, med en frdig vrldsomspnnande distribution agent: internet. det drjde inte lnge innan designers anvnde dessa fr att snabbt kommentera och undersker verkliga hndelser. i mitten av 2000-talet vnsterregering italienska sajt molleindustria brjade producera titlar som the mcdonalds videogame och tamatipico om fretags girighet och den svra situationen fr arbetstagarna. p andra hll, som speldesigner gonzalo frasca upp sajten newsgaming, producerar titlar om 9/11 och 2004 bombningarna i madrid. men en ny hndelse har vckt frgan om newsgames i det bredare medvetande igen. tidigare i veckan, ett krig simulering titeln endgame: syrien avslogs fr att tas p iphone app store. utvecklats under tv veckor av brittiska studion auroch digital, uttrycker det spelarna i kontrollen av rebellstyrkorna som d

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age til tilbage. jeg er sikker p, at spillet en rolle, men vi havde ikke behandle det som en benbaring. jeg vil hvde, at en af vores brn kom frst. mens vi var miljforkmpere, men lav ngle, en af mine snner er sket for at f et job, som s ham ender i en tr tropisk skov i paraguay i fem r og derefter ud i skovbrug. kort bagefter begyndte vi [hans investeringsselskab gmo] for at flge, at interessen for skovbrug. vi startede vores egen skov operation for 15 r siden [at gmo] fordi vores interesse i skovbrug og vores erkendelse af, at jorden er s vigtig. skove blev mispriced og var en attraktiv investering. min interesse for skovbruget p det tidspunkt var fuldstndig kommerciel og s begyndte det at morph i en anstndig investering, plus, se, hvor vigtige disse skove er at opreth
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nce er grundlaget for global sikkerhed. vores samhandel og vores handel er motoren i vores globale konomi. vores vrdier opfordre os til at bekymre sig om livet for mennesker, vi vil aldrig mdes. nr europa og amerika frer med vore hb i stedet for vores frygt, vi gr ting, som ingen andre nationer kan gre, vil ingen andre nationer gr. s vi er ndt til at lfte vore jne i dag, og overveje den dag fred med retfrdighed, som vores generation nsker for denne verden. jeg vil foresl, at fred med retfrdighed begynder med det eksempel, vi sat herhjemme, for vi ved fra vores egen historie at intolerance racer uretfrdighed. uanset om det er baseret p race eller religion, kn eller seksuel orientering, er vi strkere, nr alle vores folk - uanset hvem de er, eller hvad de ser ud - ydes
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n eller e-mail p eller senest den 5. august 2013 og givet oplysninger om, hvordan krav p deres prmie. hvis en vinder ikke svarer p gnm senest 14 dage efter at vre blevet underrettet af gnm af deres sejr, vil vinderens prmie fortabes og gnm er berettiget til at vlge en anden vinder i overensstemmelse med den ovenfor beskrevne proces (og at vinderen vil have at reagere p anmeldelsen af deres sejr inden for 14 dage, eller ogs vil de ogs miste deres prmie). hvis en vinder afviser deres prmie eller posten er ugyldig eller i strid med disse vilkr, vil vinderens prmie fortabes og gnm er berettiget til at vlge et andet winner.details af vinderen, og deres vindende projekt vil blive offentliggjort p / musik (ved gnm eget skn) p eller efter den 5. august 2013.the prmien er ikke bytte
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re hours.richard thurston, leder af menneskelige ressourcer til bbc news, kalder rippon rdgive ham, at det var sandsynligt, at han ville have til at trde til side som redaktr af newsnight.rippon foresl fire ndringer til bloggen for at paul mylrea, bbc direktr for kommunikation, som siger, at br foretages af 5:00. rippon opfylder dette deadline.22 octoberthe rettelser til bloggen er udstationeret p 10:58. jones emails horrocks at sige, at de ikke gr langt nok i panorama srligt p bbc og savile er broadcast.23 octoberentwistle vises fr commons kultur, fratrder medier og sport select committee.10 novemberentwistle som generaldirektr.the observer, sndag 24 marts 2013 g til kommentarer (...) priestpeople ikke rigtig ved, om du er en rigtig menneske eller ej. jeg var ung, da iarrived p
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have so many".But Huhne, then a journalist, "absolutely resisted it, saying it was bad timing, bad financially and bad for his career to be tied down again," she said. "Despite my protestations, he got me to have an abortion, which I have regretted ever since."Pryce has pleaded not guilty to perverting the course of justice by taking Huhne's penalty points after a speeding offence 10 years ago. Her defence is one of marital coercion. The allegation only surfaced after the breakdown of the couples's marriage after he left her for PR adviser Carina Trimingham, 46.From the witness box the economist and former senior civil servant described her former husband as "very driven, very ambitious" who at the time of the speeding offence was an MEP and hoping to get the Liberal Democrat nomination for the Eastleigh constituency in Hampshire.Speaking calmly 紺 and apologising to the jury for swearing in previous evidence 紺 she recalled how Huhne had, in 2003, asked her to take his points for an offence on the M11. He argued that a driving ban had implications for his political career and possibly for the Eastleigh nomination.Her reaction, she said, was "a resounding no", and the argument continued for a number of days. He became "increasingly abusive 紺 but
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tarted to understand how very difficult it could be, not only to be creative yourself but also to nurture creativity in other people. There's a sustaining myth, if you like, among people that there are cupboardfuls of brilliant ideas that the BBC and Channel 4 have wilfully refused to make. That really isn't the case. As a producer, dealing with almost constant rejection, I'd assumed commissioners spent every day musing over irresistible proposals and choosing between them. The reality is that whilst there are some people coming up with brilliant ideas, in general the commissioner desperately searches for something he or she might be able to help someone develop both into something good and also something that works for the network, given the right script and cast.I was a commissioning editor for about four years, just long enough to take a sitcom 紺 Peep Show 紺 through the whole process from pilot to transmission. Then, around the time iTunes launched, all the talk was of how channels and commissioners would become irrelevant as creators turned to distributing content directly via the internet. I wasn't entirely sure how that would happen 紺 I'm still not 紺 but I decided to go back to what's seen as the creative side of the fence. My motivation
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individuals," he said.The government has not fully carried out the transformation of its functions and some areas are prone to corruption, he added.SUGGESTION FOR SUCCESSORIn his report, Wen made several suggestions to the next cabinet, stressing the importance of changing the growth model and pressing ahead the reform.He suggested that the country should expand domestic demand as a long-term strategy for economic development."To expand individual consumption, we should enhance peoples' ability to consume, keep their consumption expectations stable, boost their desire to consume, improve the consumption environment and make economic growth more consumption-driven," he said.The premier also proposed to reduce the share of government investment in the country's total investment and ease the control over market access for private capital."The growth model driven by government investment will not sustain no matter in the central or local level," said Mei, the Jining mayor.Wen encouraged the next government to deepen reform and opening up with "greater political courage and vision."He talked about the reform of state-owned enterprises, the fiscal and taxation systems, the relations between the central government and local governments, financial indust
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ain, he was said to have been in a bus going to the airport to return home following a one-month stint when the attack happened.The prime minister's statement is a recognition that the Arab spring has irrevocably changed the dynamics of the wider region, ushering in new democratic possibilities but also dangers from unpredictable, ruthless and well-organised extremist groups.Asked if the current al-Qaida threat to north Africa was comparable to the threat in Afghanistan a decade ago, Cameron replied: "It is different in scale but there are similarities."He added: "What we face is an extremist Islamist violent al-Qaida-linked terrorist group 紺 just as we have to deal with that in Pakistan and Afghanistan."A further 22 Britons involved in the crisis at the In Amenas gas facility have returned to the UK, the Foreign Office said. The Algerian authorities said they had captured alive six members of the militant group during a search of the complex.Amid confusion about what precisely happened on Saturday, the death toll climbed to at least 81 on Sunday as Algerian forces searching the refinery for explosives found dozens more bodies, many so badly disfigured it was unclear whether they were hostages or militants, a security official said.The Algerian a
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and for which she was an agent. She encouraged children and nieces and the people of Grantham to invest in them. She believed in thrift, and taught us to save and to avoid debt, and Margaret Thatcher had much in common with her.Despite my dislike of Thatcher's policies, I could not help but have a regard for her commonsense attitude to good housekeeping, her wartime spirit of keeping the larder full of baked beans and dried goods just in case. Many economists despised this spirit, and warned her you couldn't run the country as you ran a household budget, but I had a gut respect for it. It didn't square up with monetarism and privatisation and the reckless deregulation of financial services and the Big Bang. It was atavistic, cautious, conservative with a small c. It's claimed that Mrs Thatcher's convictions were clear and strong but I find them full of paradoxes.Grantham is Middle England, it's Middlemarch. It's not a remote Lincolnshire town, as Shirley Williams thinks it is. It's on the spine of England, it's central. Importantly, from Grantham it's only an hour's drive up what is now the A1 to South Yorkshire, where the bitter and violent battles of the coal mines, our 20th-century civil war, were fought. The territories are adjacent. But the
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e "one ofus", I'm pretty certain that it was precisely because she was a woman, andcould never be one of them, that she was considered expendable enough to be made boss at a perilous time, when working-class men had political-class men on the run, and Conservatism just didn't know what it was any more.For just as the left refuses to acknowledge the crucial importance of Thatcher's womanhood, it also refuses to acknowledge that in the 1970s it was the unions, not the Tories, who were eager to reduce the power of the state, and exercise power from their own fiefdoms instead. Britain at that time was more egalitarian than it had ever been before or since. Instead of building steadily on that happy position, the non-parliamentary politicians of the (seemingly) powerful unions carried on pushing too hard, too fast, creating the messy and unpredictable conditions that heralded their rout. The fact that this is still seen in some quarters as acontestable opinion, rather than asimple description of what actually happened, is in itself an indictment ofthe left's inability to respond to Thatcherism in the wider context that it helped to create. It prefers to remain ad hominem, to tramp the dirt down on the wicked witch. It's actually a bit pathetic.It's eas
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pull off the impossible dream. With Knowles awaiting in the semi-final 紺 after his 13-9 victory over Stevens 紺 the Crucible was assured of a debutant finalist.For Thorburn there was an added bonus after his 13-6 victory over Thorne. His wife Barbara had given birth to their second child during the match 紺 Robert Shane, since you ask 紺 and the proud father could be seen on the front page of the Mirror, holding a photo of his newborn son. The paper had organised for the picture to be snapped at the Toronto hospital and, in their words, whizzed it 3,500 miles to an obviously delighted Thorburn. Yes kids, no photo messaging, Facebook, Twitter or the like. That is how we rolled in the 1980s.The Johnson-Knowles clash was a repeat of the 1983 Grand Prix final, a dramatic match in which Knowles had led 8-2 before losing six frames in a row and eventually getting over the line in the decider. All seemed to point to a close encounter, and as Johnson edged ahead 4-3 in the first session, it looked as if a marathon lay ahead. But Johnson was now playing on a different plain, an even greater achievement considering that his management team revealed that his cyst had burst (I do hope you're not reading this while eating your lunch), and he was swathed in b
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ings and enterings. AMrsPotgeiter molested in her own home. MrsPotgeiter's assailant got 25 years, but he was black, and it becomes apparent, after 30 or so pages, that the only successfully prosecuted trials were ones such as this. I am so engrossed in Mrs Potgeiter and her troubles that when I turn a page and see my mother's name, I take it as more or less part of the continuum.Three words leap out of the summary page: "incest" and "not guilty".My mother never used that first word. I'venever even used it in my head. I look up tosee if anyone is watching me. I look down at the page again.The case had been brought, I see, not in my mother's name, but in her then 12-year-old sister Fay's. There is a list of witnesses, with my mother's name near the bottom. I see that her brother Tony is on the list, and her sister Doreen. Her stepmother is the first witness.A few pages in there is a diagram depicting across-section of the human body, beneath the name of the 12-year-old. It takes a moment for meto make sense of it. Oh, injuries. I look up from the page.Over the next two hours, I transcribe the notes, hand cramping, brain disengaged. At the end, Iam exhilarated. I have read the contents of the file and yet here I am, alive. I experience asurge of vind
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ong-term problems. That needs to change, and soon.By themselves, NGOs don't have the power or the resources to drive systemic change. Consumers are, alas, mostly indifferent. Only business has the creativity, the power and the scale to make really big things happen. It also has the incentive: climate change, global poverty and income inequality are business problems as well as social problems. They create risks that threaten the stability that capitalism needs to thrive. More important, they present enormous opportunities to those businesses that find ways to help solve them.As a journalist, author, speaker and blogger, I've participated in the conversation about the social and environmental impact of business for more than a decade. I'm excited now to bring my work to Guardian Sustainable Business US as editor-at-large. Guardian Sustainable Business and I share a common agenda: to cheer the leading businesses, to jeer at laggards, to tell compelling stories (because there's nothing quite so interesting as the challenges facing business to day), to deliver insight and, ultimately, to challenge corporate America to profitably address issues ranging from climate change and resource scarcity to poverty and biodiversity loss.There's good reason to bel
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ede som et springbrt til at fremdrive fodbold fremad i dette land, svel som virkelig udgangspunktet for at bringe top-level fodbold tilbage i usa. vi [mls] har en utrolig tt forhold til vores forbund. jeg tror, det er noget, der er faktisk enestende i fodbold rundt omkring i verden, s dette jubilum er ikke kun noget, som jeg personligt stolt af at vre en del af, men jeg tror ligaen er mest stolt af den enorme rolle, major league soccer har spillet i s mange af de store nationale-holdspillere, der spiller i dag. s hvis man ser p den seneste amerikanske nationale-teamet roster, major league soccer er enten hvis de spiller i dag eller den affyringsrampe for deres karriere. og en af de ting, som vi tager enorme stolthed i, er: stigningen i den amerikanske landshold - jeg tror ikke,
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er, og som iwasn't en dilettant. og i bakspejlet jeg nske itook lidt mere tid. nr du er yngre, det er bare fedt du gjorde det, men nr du ' re over 40 du ligesom - det skulle vre godt jeg beder hawke hvor godt han kender james franco. jeg har altid kunne lide at forestille ham som en mentor til den yngre skuespiller - to forfattere og polymaths, begge sger en slags indre sandhed p sig selv og verden omkring dem. jeg havde avery surrealistisk oplevelse engang, hawke besvarelser. jeg gik p sunset boulevard i henhold til denne gigantiske billboard james franco - det var ligesom dette calvin klein annonce eller noget - og s gik han ud fra nedenunder det og ithought:. man denne skide fyr er overalt. det var hawke siger den eneste gang de to har nogensinde mdt, tilfjer han uventet:
resley i troggs, der er dd i alderen 71, afbilledet i 2009. foto: ivan keeman / redfernsthe ret er 1970. det er ret samba frdigheder pelé, jairzinho og rivelino sweep brasilien p world cup-sejr i mexico city. i samme r, mske lidt mindre lys p hans fdder. hr. heath droner vej til no 10 p bekostning af hr. wilson ogs dette r, at amerikanerne brer vietnamkrigen ind i cambodja og med oplsningen af the beatles og ddsfald blandt jimi og janis falder curtain p rockens guldalder. og bare i form af en fodnote, er 1970 et r, der falder langt efter salgsdato for en bestemt band fra andover, hampshire. men for de troggs, deres fineste time er kun lige rundt om corner.as de samledes for en optagelse i studiet af dick james music i london, en gang glitrende fremtid ligger et stykke bag de
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nd folk gemmer sig i skabe, eller flettede kurve, eller forkldninger og forvekslingskomedie eller vildledende billets doux. langt fra det: p spil, er intet mindre end kunst i sig selv. wagner overlejrer den grundlggende komiske struktur i die meistersinger med en song contest. evas far, guldsmeden veit pogner, har erklret, at hun kun kan gifte sig med en mand, der vinder frsteprmien i en vokal konkurrence dmt af lauget i master singers. ridderen walther, ankommer untutored i middelalderens '... for os tyskere kunne der vven ikke retfrdig krlighed-match end et bryllup i italias geni med den, deutschland . nürnberg, har inspiration til at brnde, men ingen disciplin. beckmesser har al den disciplin, men ingen inspiration. det er op til hans sachs - som, selv p tidspunkter verden-tr
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se of dramatic pauses in his songs; moments where the keys or the beat would hesitate or halt altogether, a tease that cunningly drew the listener in. As Blake characterises the trick: "A bit of a wait between one part of the track and another; really not that special." He was bored in his promotional duties and came across, he thinks, as boring. This time around Blake aims for candour.So: "The pre-sales on the new album are hideous. Hideous. Everyone's waiting for it to leak." Almost as bad, he says, half of the album has been streamed or otherwise previewed online already, an effort by the label to stir interest that, absurdly, left the same label feeling cheated, as if there was no longer enough fresh material on the product Blake submitted. Concerned they'd be left like "door-to-door salesmen trying to sell doors", Universal sought to squeeze extra songs out of him. "And when you've spent a year and a half on a [10-track] album," Blake says, "you don't want to be told to write five new bonus tracks."He released a first album that nobody wanted and is promoting his second in a fashion his benefactors at the label can't be expected to relish. Blake, though, has always favoured the awkward course. He grew up in Enfield, a suburban splodge that cr
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e for the series. "You sometimes hear discussions about whether something is a design-driven game or a story-driven game," says Hughes. "For us this was neither, it was an experience-driven game. We wanted to bring to bear the emotional power of story and the engagement and emotional investment of gameplay 紺 we wanted you to feel like you were on this journey with Lara."A key element of the design process seems to have been visual story-telling 紺 a desire to express the themes and the narrative, not just in the cinematic sequences, but within the gameplay and the environment. The team based the island setting on the Dragons Triangle, an area of the Pacific ocean synonymous with lost and wrecked craft, and it is filled with messaging. Those dilapidated galleons on the shoreline, aren't just there for visual effect, they symbolise the idea that nothing escapes this place. "We wanted a raw, hostile environment," says Gallagher. "The second most important character in the game is the island, every part of it supports this idea of a perilous journey, the forging of a hero." The choice of weapons plays into this. The shiny, showy twin pistols are gone, replaced by scavenged shotguns, a climbing axe and, of course the bow. "It's this raw primal tool,"
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rs is no real alternative, but rather a hotchpotch of bike-hire schemes and superannuated hippies growing tomatoes on Brooklyn rooftops. In part this has to be attributable to his Manichean and partial view of urbanism and urban development. ForHollis the mantra is:Jane Jacobs and "soft modernist" Patrick Geddes good; Le Corbusier and Robert Moses (who are seen crudely as counterparts) bad, bad, bad!It's true enough that the legacy ofthe pioneering urban activist andtheorist Jacobs is due for a re?evaluation. Her key work The Lifeand Death of Great American Citieseloquently makes the case for communitarianism trumping dirigisme long before "stakeholder" was a twinkle in Tony Blair's eye. Jacobs viewed the "eyes on the street", and the sidewalk "ballet" of her Greenwich Village neighbourhood as key to an understanding of how cities can happily and safely function, and she took up the cudgels against the New York city planner Robert Moses, who was intent on driving an expressway through this happily cosmopolitan district. But to condemn Moses out ofhand as a proponent of autogeddon is facile in the extreme, as is Hollis's determination to demonise Le Corbusier as a modernist Moloch intent on feeding the children of the proletariat into high-rise sar
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situations," says Dawson. "She's constantly thinking on her feet and having to change her strategy. I really liked that. I didn't want to get to the point of being arrogant with her confidence. That nothing ever changed for her and that she was always so perfectly composed 紺 that sort of femme fatale would be boring."Dawson, born in 1979, is of Native American, Irish, Puerto Rican and Afro-Cuban descent and was raised in Manhattan's Lower East Side. Back then, the neighbourhood's gentrification was still a decade away and she lived in a squat refurbished by her mum, a writer and singer, and her adoptive dad, then a construction worker. Her biological father had left after her mum became pregnant with Dawson when she was 17. This, it transpires, is the issue that prompted the trance-state foot-jerking."That was the question I had meeting the hypnotherapist," she says of her missing parent. "It was the one I wanted to avoid asking, but it was still kind of there. I wonder if part of [this film] has been the landscape for finally being ready to ask the question?"Hypnotherapy planted the seed of an idea, but it was Dawson's dabbling in another class of mind game that let the suggestion take hold."I did a session with a psychic," she says. "She was r
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, eller ser uret i rdnende statsvirksomheder. dette betyder ikke tilfje op til at kollapse, eller sult. der har altid vret penge til at proppe ind i cracks.the faktum er, at chávez blev ret af millioner. slum billige mursten og blgepap tin at ring bjergskrninger flte, at han var p deres side, forstod deres kamp. han vandt fri (hvis ikke altid retfrdigt) valg, brugte overddigt p sundhedsklinikker, lsekurser og sociale programmer, skret fattigdom, decentralt magt til kommunale rd, stod op til george bush irak, opmuntret regional stolthed og selvsikkerhed i latinamerika og gjorde det hele med karisma og flair.to forst, hvordan chávez net dette punkt betyder rejser tilbage tre rtier til 1982. den stakkels dreng fra sletterne, der forgudede folkeeventyr og baseball tiltrdte milit
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for at foresl ellers (samt opdrage hans udvidede familie historie), selv om han lyder mere forbitrede end vred . hans ord er en lav rumlen ikke en fuld-skala eruption, og han bevger sig videre hurtigt: hvorfor spilde tid p carpers og lidt englanders stedet siger han, turen er ca rekognoscering: en tentativ t p asfalten, fr en frste tilt ved fuld 26,2-mile distance i 2014. london er en af de strste maratonlb i verden, siger han. det er specielt. det er ganske spndende, som jeg s en masse gode atleter krer det, da jeg var en dreng. og efter ol vil det vre godt at give noget tilbage til dem, der kommer ud og se. mo farah frer cam levins ( venstre) og galen rupp (i midten) i uddannelse photograph: doug pensinger / getty imageshe taler to dage fr boston, bomberne og ddsfal
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glade for at vre p den. han har vret ansvarlig for utallige hits og karriere, har produceret nogle af de strste komedier i de seneste r, herunder brudepiger og superbad, og elsker intet mere end at give nring til mennesker, og skabe muligheder for dem, siger han. jeg kan lide det, fordi nogen - garry shandling - gjorde det for mig, s jeg har lyst til det er naturligt at gre det for andre mennesker, og jeg vil gerne vre der i det jeblik start det er meget sjovere at finde ud af hvordan man kan bryde.. nogen som en komedie stjerne end at gre deres 35th film. mngden af indsats du fr, og hvor meget glde, de tager ud af oplevelsen er temmelig bemrkelsesvrdigt. nogle af de aktrer, afgivet af apatow og feig for freaks and geeks forlod universitetet for at deltage showet, og h
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dsmssige regningen, indfre udbud vil blive ophvet, men de primre sundhedstjenester vil ikke vre reinvented.educationwhat labour virkelig tnker michael gove har uddannelsesreformer er et mysterium. stephen twigg, skyggen uddannelse sekretr, har sagt, at han ikke vil lukke succesfulde gratis skoler og akademier, men han vil komme under pres fr valget at sige, hvis han ville bne nye. twigg holdning vil vre, at gove gratis skoleprojekt er irrelevant og farligt p et tidspunkt, hvor der er en alvorlig mangel p grundskolen steder. men labour mangler stadig overbevisning om skolens policies.housingthe boligsttte regningen har spiraled, men labour er forenet i sin tro p, at kommunerne br presses til at bygge billige boliger. dette ville vre en tilbagevenden til 1970'erne politikker, nr
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sA big field of unexposed two-year-old fillies should invite caution, bearing in mind that yesterday's two most surprising winners came in the two-year-old races. There have been a few fancied winners of this Group Two over five furlongs in the past decade, mixed with others at 25-1, 20-1 and 20-1.Beldale Memory already has a Listed winner to her name but both her outings have been on ground with some give, so she needs to be able to adapt to this sounder surface.Richard Hannon, who has four wins in this race since 1992, fields four and the pick appears to be Oriel, judging by the fact that his son-in-law, Richard Hughes (also known as the champion jockey) is on board. Oriel has yet to win in two starts but has shown lots of promise in good company both times.One that could make Hughes regret his choice is the aptly named Fast, who hosed up on her debut at Chepstow. She needs to prove that she can cope with going other than soft but she is all potential so far.Mick Channon's Kaiulani is easy to like after whizzing home ahead of a subsequent winner on her debut. The very zippy Quatuor flopped on soft last time but might find today's conditions more suitable.Godolphin run Fire Blaze, one of the last winners trained by the now disgraced Mahmood al Za
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d be much harder, but it wouldn't be fair on the children. Especially at this age, you've got a little one like Isla, who is needing a lot of help settling in still, and others who need to be helped to get to the toilet on time, it would be just impossible to give them the attention, and I'd feel rotten for them if that was the way it was. I don't think parents would stand for it and I don't think you'd get many new people coming into the job."Such is the frustration at Truss's comments that Julie Lightley, owner of the nursery, wrote a letter to the Guardian last week inviting Truss to visit "to enable her to test her proposals for one member of staff looking after eight toddlers". She wrote: "I can tell you for nothing that mums returning to work after maternity leave will not feel happy about leaving their child with one adult and seven other toddlers."Picking up her son from the Village nursery, teacher Hannah Goodall was adamant she would give up work and stay at home if there were fewer staff. "If the ratio increased to one to eight for two- to three-year-olds, I would withdraw my children from nursery."As a teacher with experience, I don't believe that my child would get the care, attention and observations that he requires and deserves," s
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00ml whole milk4 cardamom pods250g unsalted butter Salt and pepper2 baby fennel bulbs1 pinch saffron strands 2 cloves garlic, peeled 3 斤拷1 coin-thick slices raw ginger 1 lemonBring a large pan of water to a boil, add the wine, three teaspoons of fennel seeds, a large pinch of salt and the peppercorns, add the lobster and boil for 10 minutes.Lift the lobster from the court-bouillon. Twist off the claws and set aside to cool. Use heavy-duty scissors to cut through the shell on both sides of the lobster's belly, where the shell isn't so hard, and pull out the meat while it's still warm. When the claws are cool, give them a whack with a hammer to crack the shell, peel and remove the meat in one piece (pull out any hard, plastic-like bits).Put the celeriac, milk and cardamom in a pan, bring to a boil and cook until the celeriac is soft. Drain, retaining the milk, pur斤拷e the celeriac until smooth, and add 200g butter bit by bit until incorporated. If the pur斤拷e is too thick, add a little reserved milk. Season to taste.Blanch the baby fennel bulbs for seven to 10 minutes and set aside.Melt the remaining butter in asmall saucepan. Add the saffron, ateaspoon of fennel seeds, the garlicand ginger, sweat over a low heat for 10 minutes and set aside. (Ifyou c
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oyment scheme for human government workers (jobs Americans will do!) and, at worst, an Orwellian fantasy.Either way, it depends too much on science fiction to be the meaningful titration device for winning congressional assent the memo's authors seem to envision. (Krikorian points out that we have attempted to legislate such a system into existence six times.)The commission the memo calls for would supposedly be the arbiter of whether or not unspecified "security measures" (though they will include "the latest technology") are "completed". We already spend $18bn on border security, so it's unclear what even "the latest technology" might further accomplish. As McCain himself pointed out in a press release, illegal immigration has shrunk, at least in part, because of the downward turn of the US economy 紺 a more effective deterrent than any drone or barbed-wire fence.The memo also strains to meet conservatives' petulant notion of fairness: those already here must pay a "fine" and "back taxes" before being considered. This is a fine rhetorical position, though as unfair in its redundancy as the spending on border security is wasteful. Any undocumented worker living in a state with that most regressive tax, the sales tax, is already paying plenty for
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text, or makes assumptions about what readers do and don't know. For those who want the broader picture, here are the five of the most important points too often neglected in the coverage:One: Gaddafi's guns didn't start this conflict, but they helpedIt's tempting to view the conflict in Mali as an inevitable consequence of the fall of Libya's Muammar Gaddafi. There is some evidence to back this up. Gaddafi, for all his craziness 紺 or perhaps because of it 紺 was a stabilising force in the Sahel region. His cash supported regional politicians, his occasional military support propped up regional governments, and his grandiose diplomatic initiatives forced regional cooperation. He was the policeman, and without him no country is strong enough to enforce order.For Mali, Gaddafi was especially important because his army recruited thousands of young, fit fighting men from the northern Tuareg ethnic group, historically Mali's most vociferous opposition. The Tuaregs are the nomads of the Sahel desert, and have long rejected the authority of the government down south in Bamako. They've initiated several armed uprisings in the past decades. So when Gaddafi's Tuaregs were forced back home to northern Mali 紺 bringing with them caches of sophisticated weapo
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sic store follows the disappearance from the high street of other similar retailers such as Our Price, Virgin Megastores and Tower Records, along with other established high street names in recent times 紺 Woolworths, Comet, JJB Sports and most recently Jessops.These once-cherished brands 紺 many of which have disappeared from the high street 紺 have all faced fierce competition in recent times from online competitors. Fashion sites such as Asos and DVD specialists such as Play are among the firms asking questions of traditional models of retailing 紺 but it is the mighty Amazon that has cast the biggest shadow.Andrew Sentance, the music fan and economist, last night suggested there could be more high street failures as internet firms continue to take business from traditional shops. "Comet & Jessops: now HMV. Is there more trouble in store?" the former member of the Bank of England's rate-setting committee, tweeted."Since 2007, the [internet's] share retail sales (excluding motor fuel) has risen from less than 4% to over 10% 紺 with internet spending growing at around 25% per annum in value terms."On Monday evening one supplier to HMV said the firm's failure was "regrettable but inevitable". He said: "They missed the internet boat. Amazon are
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hips with younger men. It's partly that women are not losing their figures now. They no longer feel it inappropriate to be sexual at 40 in the way many did 50 or 60 years ago. In my own life, most of the attention I get is from younger men." But there is still a taboo in this country, she says, "which is why these relationships make dramatic subjects". She deplores the way in which eyebrows are raised about the artist and director Sam Taylor-Wood (whose husband, Aaron Johnson, is more than 20 years younger) when "hundreds of men are in a similar position and nobody draws attention to it; it's deeply sexist".She points out that her character's intellect is a stumbling block too: "People who are exceptionally intelligent are often lonely because there are few people as intelligent as them. I have two little children and everyone says: 'I hope they're doing well in school. I hope they're bright.' And I think: why would anyone want their children to be the brightest? Academia is a lonely world."As to age, she is cautious about the notion that it heightens vulnerability in love or introduces a potential for humiliation, although she concedes: "You're not the same as when you're 21. As you get older, you want longer relationships and more from them." Ag
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itOil and British Aerospace were also sold off. Later, British Steel, British Airways, BP, water and electricity would follow. Thatcher said that privatisation was a chance to give "power back to the people". In fact, as Robert Philpot, director of the Progress pressure group, wrote last week: "Now, in 2012, it's clear that the result of electricity privatisation was to take power away from the people. Small British shareholders have no influence over the overwhelmingly non-British owners of the firms that generate and distribute power in Britain."3 The Saatchi and Saatchi effectSaatchi and Saatchi's "Labour isn't working" political poster, apparently featuring a long dole queue (made up of actors), became perhaps the most famous in the nation's history. British electioneering was changed for ever.4 The decline of the northWhen Britain's first female prime minister was in her pomp, northern football fans travelling to away games in London would be taunted by home supporters waving wads of 斤拷10 and 斤拷20 notes. The brutal repartee of the terraces expressed a fundamental truth of the Thatcher period: the north suffered the worst of the deep recession and high unemployment of the early years; and it benefited least from the eventual boom of the late 1
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re occasions Bellow tried to talk to hisfather about his upbringing, Saul would shake him off and say rather pointedly: "Youshouldn't blame your parents for your faults." Bellow smiles. "And he said this to me, a therapist no less! His father loved him,but it was a tumultuous relationship and my grandfather wasmercurial as hell."Bellow makes a distinction between "young Saul", the Marxist and rebel, and "old Saul", the famous author and increasing reactionary. Young Saul was his son's ally and encourager; old Saul was "buried under pessimism, anger, bitterness, intolerance and preoccupations with evil and with his death". In the early days in Chicago, Saul and Anita rebelled against their parents' expectations and refused to keep kosher. Anita worked and, while Saul tried to write, supported the family financially, something his father conveniently overlooked, Bellow says, after they split up and she had to chase him for alimony. "I was 20 before he became famous, so I did not grow up the son of a famous father. I grew up the son of a starving artist."There followed the years of bohemia, when the family moved to Paris and Saul started to shrug off the influence of his 19th-century literary heroes and find his own voice in The Adventures of Augie M
business. Unlike Microsoft or HP, for example, there is no P&L by division. As chief executive Tim Cook put it:We manage the company at the top and just have one P&L and don't worry about the iCloud team making money and the Siri team making money ... we don't do that 紺 we don't believe in that ...Apple's appreciation for the importance and great economic potential of personal computers 紺 which were invented to act as dumb servants to help us with data storage, text manipulation, math operations 紺 may have been, at first, more instinctual than reasoned. But it doesn't matter; the company's monomania, it's collective passion is undeniable. More than any other company, Apple has made computers personal, machines we can lift with our hands and our credit cards.With these personal computer glasses on, we see a bit more clearly.For example: Is Apple a media distribution company? Take a look at Apple's latest 10-Q SEC filing, especially the Management Discussion and Analysis (MD&A) section starting page 21. iTunes, now reported separately, clocked $3.7bn for the last quarter of 2012. Elsewhere, Horace Dediu sees $13.5bn for the entire year. A big number indeed, and, certainly, iTunes is a key to Apple's success: Without iTunes there would
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I tried to ignore the online postings, hoping they would go away. When they didn't, and I finally screwed up the courage to write about them, I received a barrage of harassing and threatening emails. One man, a graduate of Georgetown Law Center, claims to have gone to NYU and met with one of my professors to discuss what a "dumb cunt" (his words) I am. Even after I was out of law school and practicing, that same man sent more than a dozen emails to every single partner and attorney at my law firm in an effort to get me fired. I graduated law school in 2008. Five years later, the process of writing about this still makes me tense up, triggering the same old anxiety, anger and fear. I still avoid going to large professional gatherings, and when I do go, my heart starts to beat a little faster if I catch someone looking at my name tag for what seems like a few seconds too long.I'm a feminist writer who even before law school was used to receiving my share of online abuse. I get called all sorts of names on a daily basis and usually just roll through it. Yet I was still devastated by those postings. And I was lucky. I wasn't naked. My job opportunities were surely limited, but I didn't get fired. But there are serious long-term consequences to intern
o 斤拷6,000. But what does that buy? We crunched the numbers for nurseries, childminders, nannies 紺 and grandparents.NurseriesWhat they do: Day nurseries look after and educate children from three months to five years and tend to open from 8am to 6pm weekdays. Most offer the free early education places that are available to all three- and four-year-olds and, from September 2013, some two-year-olds.Average cost: 斤拷106.38 per week for a 25 hour part-time place, while a full-time 50-hour place costs 斤拷11,000 a year, according to the 2013 survey from the newly merged charity Daycare Trust and the Family and Parenting Institute. In London, the average bill is closer to 斤拷14,000 for a 50-hour place. However, the Daycare survey found one nursery 紺 it wouldn't say where 紺 which cost 斤拷42,000 for a full-time place.Government contribution from 2015: For someone using a nursery part time, for 25 hours a week over 48 weeks, the likely bill would be 斤拷5,106. That means the vouchers will be worth 斤拷1,021 per child, or 20% of the total. For someone seeking a full-time nursery, where the cost is 斤拷11,000, the total is above the government maximum of 斤拷6,000. So they would receive 斤拷1,200 per child (20% of 斤拷6,000), with the contribution equal to 11% of the total
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e did."The organisation extends beyond Egypt, too 紺 with branches in Syria, Jordan, Kuwait and Libya. Brotherhood members founded Hamas in Gaza, while Tunisia's ruling party, Ennahda, was set up by admirers of the movement. "There's always been a sense that Ennahda was from the same school of thought as the Brotherhood. All of them were. All of them were effectively descendants or affiliates of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood," explains Shadi Hamid, an expert on political Islam, and director of research at the Brookings Doha Center. "The Egyptian Brotherhood was the mother of all Islamist movements."And it has been a long time coming. Eighty-five years last Saturday, in fact: the Brotherhood was born in Egypt in March 1928 紺 founded by a teacher called Hassan al-Banna. Fed up with colonialism, and the westernisation of Egyptian life, al-Banna saw a need for a group that would promote traditional Islamic values. Twenty years later, the Brotherhood had an estimated 500,000 members; today, it claims to number over a million 紺 whose rank-and-file are said to be lower-middle-class, but whose leaders are often doctors and businessmen. Each pays a portion of their income to help fund the movement.Key player in the Muslim Brotherhood, Khairat el-Shater
year-old of 2012 on a mark of 124, 6lb clear of anything else. It is the seventh time in eight years that an Irish-trained horse has been top or joint-top.That gap of 6lb prompted Ireland's senior handicapper, Garry O'Gorman, to describe last year's crop of juveniles as "not vintage, with one standout". But Matthew Tester, the British handicapper with responsibility for two-year-olds, demurred, describing the top handful as "actually a very exciting crop of largely unbeaten horses and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next"."I dont think Dawn Approach will be 6lb clear at the end of the year," Tested continued. "He looked like a three-year-old before the Dewhurst, he was just a bigger and more impressive horse than the others."That, for Tester, prompted memories of Xaar, a precocious and easy winner of the 1997 Dewhurst who struggled the next year, when others had matured. "My impression of Dawn Approach is that that could be true of him as well," the handicapper said. "Either he'll emulate New Approach, his father, and continue to be a dominating force, which would be exciting, or the others will catch him, and that would be exciting too."Tester, who has a reputation for spotting developing talent, described Olympic Glory, runner-up to D
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he crowd. It's audible hissing and booing斤拷 The same question was then asked of the guy who ultimately beat me. He's a trial lawyer, a prosecutor guy, and so he had what I thought 紺 I had to give it to him 紺 was a fabulous answer. He said, "Inasmuch as it hasn't been proven to the satisfaction of the people that I represent, the answer is no, there is no human causation in climate change." e360: A very lawyerly answer.Inglis: Do you think that's how we should handle all scientific questions 紺 put them up for people to decide? "What do you think? Gravity, yes or no?" Well, let's let the people decide! It was a particularly good answer at the moment, for him. It won him the applause of the crowd.e360: What do you believe the U.S. can do to really address climate change? Inglis: I think we should send a price signal. That means fixing the economics so all costs are in on all the fuels and there are no subsidies. A bill I had in Congress is one way to do it. There are other ways, but the bill that I had was a $15 a ton tax on carbon rising to $100 a ton over 30 years. And I was always open to whether that trajectory should be changed. The reason I had such flexibility is because of what I would say next: You then offset that [carbon tax] with a red
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charge, try and punish Zarooni within three days of releasing the news that some of his horses had tested positive for anabolic steroids. Banned from training for eight years, Zarooni returned to his native Dubai and was unavailable for questioning when seven more positives turned up among his horses."We felt that our obligation to act in the best interests of the sport was to get this wrapped up quickly," says Brickell, who doubts whether there was any more useful or reliable information to be wrung from Zarooni. He feels a longer process would have exposed the BHA to accusations of dragging the matter out for no good reason, a complaint made this week by a senior trainer in relation to the Sungate case.Brickell hopes it will only be a matter of weeks before the BHA concludes its investigation into what went on at Zarooni's yard but, surprisingly, will not yet commit to publishing any details as a cathartic offering to the racing and betting public. Has he no fear that official reticence on the subject could be seen as a whitewash?"I can assure you that's not happening. There's some pretty tough questions being asked. I'm speculating but, if we get to the point where the story we've previously been given [Zarooni acting entirely alone] has been
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inal jokey status. British couples had always been prominent in this branch of the sport but their approach, to the art-hungry eye, looked strictly "Come Dancing", with lots of hand-posing from both lady and gentleman, the catsuit-clad buttocks of the latter tending to be flagrantly salient. The Russians, once they put their collectivised minds to it, rapidly took over the rink, principally by fielding some sensational-looking women with long legs joined to short waists. The man's job was to show the woman off. Called something like Bustina Outalova, she was exuberance personified, obviously having been raised in a luxury one-room flat full of bootleg Beatles records.Jazz and rock, still forbidden fruit for the Russian ballet dancers, were allowed for the ice-dancers, who, like the gymnasts, were judged to inhabit an idea-free realm in which Western influence was tolerable. Besides which, no Russian ice-dance couple ever dreamed of uncorking a hep-cat sequence of steps without following it up by a homage to the Soviet folk-dance tradition involving a lot of heel down, toe up, and arms folded. Anyone who has sat through an all-Soviet folk-dancing display in the Kremlin's Palace of Congresses knows how a single evening can seem like an entire five-y
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time that events in north Africa have threatened to spill over into France. In the 90s, when Algeria became a slaughterhouse and tens of thousands were killed in the dirty war between the government and Islamist insurgents, Paris was the chief target of Algerian extremists. In 1995, Abdelbaki Sahraoui, a moderate imam, was gunned down in northern Paris by the terrorist Groupe Islamique Arm斤拷 (GIA). His death was followed by a swift succession of bombings on civilian targets in Paris that left eight dead and more than 100 wounded.More recently, France was convulsed by a series of murders over nine days last March including three French soldiers of north African descent killed in two separate shootings, and a rabbi, his two young sons and a third child in an attack on a Jewish school in Toulouse. The rage only intensified when it became known that the killer was Mohamed Merah, a young French citizen of Algerian origin. Before Merah was shot dead in an armed police siege of the block of flats where he lived, he declared that he wanted to "bring France to its knees".Many ordinary Algerians wanted to pass the affair off as an internal French matter and did not want to be contaminated by association. There was much loud anger in the Algerian press abou
checkpoints, blast walls and special vehicle lanes that make moving around Damascus such a time consuming and nerve-racking affair.Still, the official mood is upbeat. "Things will slow down," predicted a Sunni industrialist who is close to Assad. Loyalists dismiss the notion of a full-scale battle for the capital as opposition propaganda or media exaggeration. "They can dream about it," said Anas, a middle-class businessman. "They can plant car bombs like al-Qaida but the army is too strong for them."State media report daily on operations by the "heroic" armed forces against "armed terrorist gangs" like Liwa al-Tawhid in Jobar or the Free Syrian Army in nearby Qaboun 紺 both suburbs of Damascus proper, not the surrounding Damascus region, which is now largely beyond government control. "The steadfastness of the army will defeat the terrorist plots and conspiracies," the slogan says.In the city though, the reality is stalemate punctuated by sniper and mortar fire. There are no ground operations by an army unused to street fighting and, it is said, worried about casualties and mass defections: thus the constant use of artillery and air strikes 紺 like the one that killed 10 children in Qaboun last weekend.Irreverent Damascenes note that while Syrian
ack 紺 including professorships 紺 for people who excel in teaching and learning rather than research.Helena Gillespie, a senior lecturer at UEA and one of the first people to be employed on an ATS [administration, teaching and scholarship] contract, says: "This was driven by the university realising that a large proportion of our income comes from teaching and it should be properly recognised and rewarded."She adds: "This initiative is only a few years old, so we haven't completely solved the issue of parity of esteem for teaching. It is incumbent on me and the other ATS academics to ensure we are upfront about being on this sort of contract. We are working against a really strong academic culture nationally, and changing mindsets can be a very slow process."Yet Smith points out that "being taught by someone at the top of their research game can make a huge difference". He warns that any institution that ignores teaching in its pursuit of research excellence, stacking lecture theatres with junior staff, does so at their peril. "The majority of our income comes from teaching and we are fiercely competing to get the best students as much as the best researchers," he says. "Student don't just care about contact hours, they care about who is doing th
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y large 紺 he estimated that it covered six sq km 紺 and, although long forgotten, he correctly guessed that it must once have been a huge and wealthy terminus on the Silk Road.Archaeologists in Kabul did a preliminary survey of the site, mapping it and digging test trenches, but before they could gather the enormous resources needed for a full-scale excavation, first the 1978 Marxist coup then the 1979 Saur Communist revolution and the Soviet invasion intervened. In the chaos of conflict that followed, the Soviets visited Mes Aynak to dig test tunnels into the hillside and investigate the feasibility of extracting its copper. Later, during the Taliban era, one of the abandoned Soviet tunnels became an al-Qaida hideout, while the remote valley became a training camp: the 9/11 hijackers stopped off here en route toNew York. During the American onslaught of December 2001, US special forces attacked the tunnel: an unexploded rocket lodged in the roof and burn marks at the cave mouth still bear witness to the attack.By the time French archaeologists returned in 2004, they found that the secret of the buried city was out. As had happened in many other sites inthe country, a large and highly organised team of professional art looters, probably from Pak
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properly. He has investigated the actions of scores of bodies and individuals, both locally and nationally. The record, performance and reputation of many of them are likely to face detailed criticism, including the management and board of the hospital itself, the various regulators involved (Healthcare Commission, its successor the Care Quality Commisision and Monitor) and senior figures at the Department of Health.As Francis's first report said, that inquiry heard evidence "that none of them [external organisations charged with overseeing the trust], from the PCT to the Healthcare Commission, or the local oversight and scrutiny committee, detected anything wrong with the trust's performance until the HCC investigation." The landmark report will, over many hundreds of pages, detail what he then also called "the actions and inactions of the various organisations to search for an explanation of whay the appalling standards of care were not picked up."His task is to explain why so many people failed so badly, and to make sure it does not happen again.? Back to the top9. How will the Mid Staffs scandal affect the NHS? Francis's new report will prompt much soul-searching about why some NHS organisations end up providing inadequate, inhumane and dange
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sday 9 January 2013 08.45 GMTThe Ballon d'Or, yesterday. Photograph: Christof Koepsel/Getty Images "A friend of mine swears a player from Luxembourg was once in the running for the Ballon d'Or," writes Shaun Sleeth. "I can find any hard evidence for it. And, to be fair, he hasn't produced anything either. Is he right? There's a pint riding on it 斤拷" The KnowledgeMore Knowledge is available in all (well, some) good bookshops Buy More Knowledge from Guardian BooksWell, Shaun, it looks like you'll have to get yourself to the bar as he is indeed right, in a sense at least. It depends what you mean by "in the running" and in fact, if you're liberal with the definition, you can argue that three Luxembourgers fit the bill. You can make your own mind up about the significance or otherwise of a Luxembourg journalist on the award's voting panel.The first player in question is Robby Langers, a striker who scored eight goals for Luxembourg in his 73 international appearances (not bad going when you consider the team as a whole scored only 26 times in those games).Langers' appearance on the Ballon d'Or shortlist came in 1989, a year he began with US Orl斤拷ans in the French second division. The summer saw a transfer to Nice and by the time the Ballon d'Or was an
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y Manning merely educated a wider audience through the wonderful invention called the internet. God bless this young American hero!Carmelo BazzanoMelbourne, AustraliaBuying the continentI was interested to read Ngugi wa Thiong'o's perceptive piece on the African Union (Unity is still an African dream, 31 May). He rightly points out that the people of Africa need some form of protection from the "traditional marauders of the west" and also from those African heads of state who are happy to collude with them. The equality gap is not closing despite impressive GDP growth in many African countries.However, in relation to his question "Has anyone ever heard of African-owned corporations in the west?", the answer is yes: the recent acquisition of major Portuguese companies by oil-rich Angolans, many with ties to President Jos斤拷 Eduardo dos Santos.While those of us on the sidelines may initially wish to sit back and applaud this reversal as an example of the empire fighting back, we also have to acknowledge that it is unlikely to benefit the people of Africa in real terms. It is interesting that although Ngugi refers to the proliferation of western-owned corporations in the continent, he does not mention the role of China, which is definitely in pursuit
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tor "needs to see things through the prism of business". However a voluntary sector representative warned against collaboration for purely selfish motives: "If [companies] collaborate out of self interest, they will move out once their needsare not being met. Self-interest is not sustainable." And Sloane said funders such as BIG faced the challenge of shifting goalposts: "How do you determine additionality when funding to charities and services are being cut in an unprecedented way?"Given these challenges, the seminar considered whether the language of collaboration was still fit for purpose. Leat suggested that rather than using the term "self-interest", partners should be thinking in terms of "benefits". For example, a mobile phone company might link with a voluntary organisation to tap into expanding markets, to the benefit of both parties. Panellist Caron Bradshaw, chief executive of the Charity Finance Group, cited the example of Network Rail's partnership with Samaritans 紺 where railway staff receive training to recognise and avert suicide attempts 紺 as a win-win. "If you can find where to meet, self-interest doesn't have to be a negative," she said.The panel also discussed new research into cross-sector collaboration commissioned by BIG f
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ill seemed so bewilderingly present, his bed under the radiator, his bowl by the back door. I couldn't get my thoughts to bend around his absence, so what chance did the children have?The angel of death seemed to hang around the house for a long time after, casting a miasma of confusion. We read and reread Judith Kerr's Goodbye Mog 紺 a superlative picture book about a cat's death 紺 until the spine broke. My eldest child's grief took the form of questions, not all of them possible to answer: Why did he die? Will I die? When will I die? When will you die? The three-year-old's reaction was slower, as if she couldn't immediately grasp the irreversibility of what had happened. One night, several weeks later, she cried hysterically until she extracted a solemn promise that if she died, I would wrap her in a towel and make sure it didn't come undone.Perhaps hardest to deal with was the bafflement of the non-verbal members of the family 紺 the baby and the other cat, Moses. They both looked for him and called for him, for longer than seemed possible. They hung around the side gate of the house together, where we'd cut a disabled-access hole for Malachy, the baby shouting "Mam-Mam!" through it and waiting for him to appear. Moses went compulsively throug
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ewspeak of 1984, is doubleplusgood.As we celebrate the first Orwell Day this week, it's irresistible to play the game of "what if"? If Orwell was fighting in a war akin to the Spanish civil war in 2012, where would he be 紺 Syria? Would he write Homage to Aleppo, perhaps? Or would he have written Homage to Zuccotti Park or Tottenham? If he was writing Down and Out in Paris and London today would it be very different 紺 and, if so, how? If he took a journey to Wigan pier in 2013, what would he find that would resemble the original trip and what would be different? Would there still be a full chamber pot under his hosts' breakfast table? Let's hope not.Would he be working in a call centre rather than going down a mine? Would he feel as patriotic as he did in some of his essays? Would the man born Eric Arthur Blair have spent much of the past decade tilting at the man born Anthony Charles Lynton Blair? The answers to the last three questions are, you'd hope: yes, probably not, and oh, please God, yes."It's almost impossible to imagine," says Orwell's biographer, the novelist and critic DJ Taylor. "One of his closest friends, the novelist Anthony Powell, suggested in his journals that Orwell's politics would have drifted rightwards. He would have been
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Scott Gibbs's late try and Neil Jenkins's conversion and the title went to Scotland on points difference. Any sense of schadenfreude at England missing out on the grand slam will be reciprocated if the men in white are crowned champions.Wales will have a pressure that was not there in 1999. They have this week been pondering what might have been had they opened out in the final 10 minutes against Italy and Scotland, but they had not expected to be able to overhaul England on points difference with Italy hav
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dian's daily Australia emailOur editors' picks for the day's top news and commentary delivered to your inbox every weekday.Sign up for the daily emailEmma Graham-Harrison in Kabul ,Tuesday 5 March 2013 16.40 GMT Jump to comments (…)Customers waiting to take money from Kabul Bank after its near-collapse in 2010. Photograph: Shah Marai/AFP/Getty Two key players in the $900m (斤拷600m) Kabul Bank scandal in Afghanistan have been sentenced to just five years in prison each, a relatively light sentence
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l Madrid, is out of contract at Borussia Dortmund next summer. Photograph: Action Press/Rex FeaturesIn a dark corner of the Borussia Dortmund museum, just on from the trophies, photos and pennants, beyond the BVB table football, is a mini cinema. The seats here are yellow and plastic, lifted from the stadium and built into a small "stand". On the wall is a screen where a video plays on a loop. It's not all black and white, in fact most of it is black and yellow, but it needs updating now. "It always shows t
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rlamentarische offizier für den fsb. chip und pin fügt einfach dieses problem.various lsungen mit kleinen, hand-held-leser, die den chip und pin-technologie repliziert werden derzeit von apacs getestet, sind aber noch einige jahre davon entfernt, in den hnden der verbraucher. denn jetzt müssen die einzelhndler genug auf ihren kpfen bringen chip und pin in ihre lden und die meisten wissen, dass wenn wir nicht reagieren wird wahrscheinlich machen dieses zu einem schmerzhaften kopfschmerzen.philip franzsisch theguardian, sonntag 30. mai 1999 18.08 bstthe letzten cannes festival des jahrhunderts klingen die totenglocke des kinos, wie wir es gekannt haben und wollte, dass es endete - eine kombination aus kunst und industrie. die etwas schwierige beziehung, eine vernunftehe vielleicht, aber eine ehe nicht weniger, wurde über, null und nichtig erklrt, von david cronenberg und seine kollegen juroren. im jahr 1998 wurde der letzte film im wettbewerb, ewigkeit und ein tag von einem der am meisten verehrten figuren in welt kino, theo angelopoulos, um 8.30 uhr an einem samstagmorgen gezeigt, und am nchsten tag erhielt die palme d'or. es knnte nicht wieder passieren jeder gedanke, zumal die endgültigen film, rosetta, eine gemeinsame arbeit von der belgischen brüder luc und jean-pierre dardenne, wurde um 11 uhr gezeigt, nachdem viele kritiker verlassen hatte, um am nachmittag flugzeuge abfangen und nicht in einer der die beiden groen palais auditorien, aber in einer kleinen halle mit weniger als 500 sitzpltzen. es ist eine überdurchschnittliche, hand-held slice-of-life - der bse, teenager-heldin (eindrucksvoll durch die 18-jhrige emilie dequenne gespielt) lebt mit ihrer alkoholkranken mutter in einem trailer-park und wird stndig verlieren schlecht bezahlte jobs . aber es ist unrevealing und schlechter als die arbeit von, sagen wir, ken loach. die macher absichtlich informationen zurückhalten, zu glauben, dass geschichten erzhlen ist ein hindernis für ihre existenz.gezeigt ein paar tage zuvor, machte bruno dumonts l'humanité, eine ebenso düstere film auch in flandern eingestellt, aber auf der franzsisch seite der grenze, noch weniger einfluss als rosetta obwohl natürlich einige leute beide umarmt, wobei es keine solche etw
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ist - schnell zu handeln, dramatisch und umfassend, in den worten eines hochrangigen diplomaten in brussels.this ist das gegenteil von, wie merkel hat behandelt die krise von anfang an. in der aktuellen binden, die deutschen wieder hoffen, auf zeit zu spielen, und verzgern eine neue rettung bis september, nach menschen in den verhandlungen beteiligt deauville. zu spt. lipsky nannten ihre bluff und die deutschen ergab mit zusammengebissenen zhnen. es wurde vereinbart, dass der iwf in die nchste tranche zu beteiligen, sagte ein eu-botschafter. es ist nicht mehr problematisch wird es eine zweite rettung sein das ist die vereinbarung -... grundstzlichaber in einer wiederholung der taktiken, die jede episode in der rettungsaktion drama des vergangenen jahres geprgt haben, die deutschen, nachdem sie widerwillig rumte auf das groe thema, dann versucht, die bedingungen des neuen rettungspaket diktieren, kommissionierung kmpfe mit den franzsisch, die europische zentralbank, die europische kommission und van rompuy.ten tage nach deauville deal, wolfgang schuble, der deutsche finanzminister, durchgesickert einen brief an seine euro-kollegen gegentor dass griechenland büste bis juli gehen, ohne eine rettung, sondern darauf, dass der preis für die deutsche beteiligung an dem neuen rettungspaket war, dass griechenland die privaten glubiger auf verluste auf ihre kredite an athen hinnehmen mussten - die moral-hazard-argument . starke gegner, von der ezb, olli rehn, der kommissar für whrungsfragen, und van rompuy geführt, sagen, dass die beschlagnahme der hohen moralischen knnte alles schn und gut, aber tatschlich machen eine schlechte situation noch viel schlimmer. es knnte senkung der griechischen banken haben eine katastrophale folgewirkungen auf deutsch und franzsisch banken, und verlassen die eurozone erwgt die euro-untergang in seine eigene lehman-moment. der veteran prsident der euro-gruppe der lnder, jean-claude juncker von luxemburg, warnte davor, dass, wenn griechenland die glubiger an schulter verluste von 35 mrd. ¤ gezwungen wurden - die art von zahlen sprachen von in deutschland - die europer müssten stumpf bis ¤ 24 mrd. mehr, um die griechischen banken zu retten - raubt peter zu zahlen paul.the e
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konzern und eine nationale lgesellschaft - ein neues joint venture zu zementieren, um die arctic.bp erkunden hat seine finger verbrannt hatte in russland vor. in den spten 1990er jahren, verlor sie in einem streit mit aar. die beiden seiten aus bis zu bilden schlielich tnk-bp, das russische joint venture im herzen der sackgasse über die vorgeschlagenen rosneft deal. im vergangenen monat ein unabhngiges schiedsgericht besttigte eine einstweilige verfügung, durch aar gesichert, die die beiden unternehmen vollziehen die deal.aar hatte erfolgreich argumentiert, dass das angebot die rosneft tnk-bp shareholder agreements, die bp zu bieten das joint venture vorkaufsrecht über erfordert verstoen verhindert jede geschftsmglichkeit in russland. dudley behauptet, dass aar war richtig auf den deal konsultiert werden, wenn analysten abgefragt ihn tage, nachdem er die allianz rosneft hatte enthüllt. es stellte sich bald heraus, dass aar fühlte otherwise.but bp sah immer noch sicher, mit der vorgeschlagenen allianz rosneft scheinbar mit dem segen des kreml. rosneft vorsitzender igor setschin war auch stellvertretender ministerprsident und zustndig für russlands energiepolitik, ein wichtiger akteur auf onside haben. bei einem dramatischen freitagabend pressekonferenz bei square hauptsitz bp st james 'in london im januar, wenn der deal bekannt gegeben wurde, hrte diejenigen hren in telefonisch dudley leise danke sechin, nach seiner rede, für seine sehr schne worte. dudley berechnet dass aar würde es nicht wagen, den deal anzufechten. das letzte l oligarchen, um den kreml zu überqueren - michail chodorkowski, ironischerweise der chef der lgesellschaft demontiert, deren vermgen ging an rosneft - noch schmachten in einem sibirischen gefngnis cell.but russischen politik, insbesondere mit energie, sind in der besten aller zeiten unberechenbar . dudley, wie es scheint, falsch geraten und bp zahlt den preis. erschwerend kommt hinzu, am montag, beenden sechin seine rosneft beitrag in einer kreml kabinettsumbildung, so dass bp mehr isoliert als je zuvor. iain armstrong, analyst bei brsenmakler brewin dolphin, sagte: es ist so eine politische fehleinschtzung von dudley wenn es nicht für die tatsache, dass der chief executive stellun
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ng des beschwerdeführers beschwerden abzulehnen. er stellt jedoch fest, dass er überhaupt keinen grund, um die echte not, unglück und das gefühl der verletzung bezweifeln, dass die ereignisse, die sie beschrieben haben, haben sie verursacht. ende 2012 die verhandlungen fortzusetzen und eine siedlung wird vereinbart, an denen eine zahlung an die beschwerdeführer in der region von 25.000 von ffentlichen funds.23 januar 2013 michael gove erscheint vor dem engeren ausschuss bildung und bestreitet jede kenntnis von vorwürfen von fehlverhalten in bezug auf seine mitarbeiter, darunter spezielle berater.wchter leser the guardian, montag, 28. januar 2013 gehe zu kommentare (...) touristen zu fu in den dünen am slowinski nationalpark an der ostseeküste. foto: alamywinning tipp: slowinski nationalen par
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arke mglichkeit, dafür zu sorgen, weit mehr weit verbreitet hat. es verdankt es den nchsten generation.crap vter ich denke die meisten werden mir zustimmen, vter wir hatten gerade einen schlechten pressnot a vintage woche für britische vaterschaft. john darwin, kann als seine elterlichen pflichten, stemmte sich haben - und prompt sprang in einem kanu. the child support agency knnen nicht nachvollziehen, abwesenden vtern - geschweige denn vter anwesend, lebt in der bedsit nebenan gewesen mit zertifizierten dead.but darwin, wir hren, ist nur ein extremer fall. wir sind alle mist vter. ein neuer bericht verurteilt vter für krperlich abwesend und emotional distanziert, wenn verrgert, will nur eines von 10 kindern heraus mist vater. aber vter müssen diese mit incredulity.the toren von meiner tochter mit primren gedrnge vter beruhigung der trnenreichen gelesen, dass das modell matchwork dad up blieb gebude hat noch alle chancen auf den gewinn der süeste krippe 'preis, trotz der intensiven bemühungen von ihrerbesten freund 'auf sie stempeln. dies wird zwischen den anrufen von der arbeit und der frau, die ihn unterbricht yoga sagen, wie mist er nicht für seine tochter hausaufgaben fertig ist geschehen. nicht gebunden ich bin gefesselt und bound.allison pearson fragte: wie macht sie es tun ', aber wie macht er das ich gebe meinem vater gezeugt fhigkeiten waren ein bisschen gemischt. er war auergewhnlich gut getrnke kaufen, weniger gut in die zahlung der hypothek. als er nach oben versetzt, um gute nacht zu sagen ich roch das pouilly fume von der tür. er würde versuchen, mich zu küssen, aber seine liebe zu schenken auf dem kissen und murmelte: gott segne dich, mein kind, obwohl er atheist war. ich würde dann müssen ihm helfen festlegung der stairs.yes, mein vater war mist. wie waren seine freunde. aber, junge, sind ihre shne mit, um sich für sie ... es ist wirklich nichts neues terrorismrather als füllung ihrer kabinette mit spin-doktoren, die minister aufgefordert worden, die mit doktortitel in geschichte beschftigen. dies würde zu warnen unwissende politiker, die ernsthaft glauben, grobritannien zu sein ein junges landnicht zu torheiten, wie blundering in iraq.but die annahme, dass eine a
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uwenn ich einen fantastischen film so gemacht hatte, würde ich jetzt in verzweiflung sein. bruno ganz weinen muss jedesmal, wenn er es sieht. sonstige websitesronaldo bltter united (998, 341 views) hitler bricht, als er ronaldo ist für real madrid unterzeichnen entdeckt. barack obamas sturz (4.448 ansichten) wenn liebling der medienobama in berlin eintrifft, ist hitler nicht ein glücklicher mensch. gordon brown sturz (42.390 ansichten) die szene beginnt als hitler informiert sie die glasgow east by-wahl verloren die snp. hitler verboten vom spielen xbox live (16, 628 views) hitler erfhrt, dass microsoft das konto gesperrt. hitler ist auf (646 ansichten) ausspioniert hitler erfhrt es gibt videos spoofing ihm alles über das internet.von andrew billen theguardian, sonntag 5. januar 1997 15.03 gmtcommon sinn und eigenkapital arbeitslosenstatistik beweisen handeln ist ein madlycompetitive geschft. doch die art und weise sagen, dass es akteure, die gleiche professionbreeds nichts solidaritt, toleranz und gegenseitiger bewunderung unter itsmembers. nur gelegentlich hat jemand pause rang. in einem brief an die zeitschrift time out london im oktober letzten jahres, antworten tocomments in einem interview mit helena bonham carter, die schauspielerin gemacht kathyburke schrieb: als lebenslanger mitglied der nicht ziemlich arbeitenden klassen, iwould gerne mit helena bonham carter sagen ( vollstndig verpfndet mitglied der verypretty obere mittelschicht): bis du dumm c-. geschlossen ' aber die observer hasenough skrupel zum drucken der f-wort, geschweige denn die c-wort. 'oh geeyord, ich wusste, sie würden die bringen , sagt burke, als ich ihr inhrenten zwei-bis zwei-down in islington zu erfüllen, und sie eilt aus, um auf der soupshe setzen kocht mir zum mittagessen. schauen sie, es war schwesterliche beratung. das war alles itwas. wenn ich gewollt htte bsartig sein, konnte ich schon sehr bsartig sein. bonhamcarter antwort in der nchsten woche war, dass sie nie gedacht, dass das leben, wenn sie arbeiten waseasier-klasse und nicht schn waren: '. dem unglücklichen zitat wasan ironisch, wegwerf-, schwanz-ende bemerkung' ja, sagt burke, aber sie sagte, es sheadmitted. . . was musst mir war, dass sie alle rechte tut.
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efone dereinst spielen eine wichtige rolle in der lehre und des lernens. früher haben wir kugelschreiber und taschenrechner konfiszieren, sagt er, und schauen, wie viele studenten nutzen sie heute.matthew gitsham wchter professional freitag 22 juni 2012 15.14 bst gehe zu kommentare (...) rio +20: wird unternehmer und nicht die regierungen den weg zu einer nachhaltigeren zukunft foto: ojo images / rex featuresrio 2012 knnte am ende wird für die schiere abwesenheit der politischen führung durch die staats-und regierungschefs, die in den letzten paar tagen habe, ohne die absicht zu verhandeln oder die zustimmung etwas geflogen demonstriert erinnerte, aber das wre vielleicht sein vermchtnis eine unfaire und maskieren die stichhaltige beweise des wandels geht hinter dem scenes.step zurück bis 1992, und eines der dinge, die schwer vorherzusagen wre ist die rolle, unternehmer werden zu rio +20 zu spielen. im jahr 1992 waren an den rndern. die herkmmliche ansicht im geschft war, dass die art von dingen, die in rio diskutiert belanglos waren, und in dem mae, dass, wenn etwas bentigt wird, um über sie gemacht werden, das wre für die regierungen zu tun. aber dann, wenn die regierungen haben versucht, etwas zu ndern, würde die wirtschaft kmpfen hard.i frage mich, wie viele der visionre und trumer in rio 92 würde, dass 20 jahre spter phantasiert haben: paul polman, ceo von unilever, würde rio persnlich lobbyarbeit regierungschefs über den g20 und g77, um die einführung einer globalen reihe von integrierten ziele einer nachhaltigen entwicklung, koordinierte politik der regierung auf nachhaltigkeit und wachstum führen zu unterstützen. insurance giant aviva würde eine koalition von finanzinstituten lobbyarbeit für un-mitgliedsstaaten verpflichtend integrierten reporting für groe unternehmen zu themen der nachhaltigkeit neben konventionellen finanzdaten vorstellen geführt haben. asda, philips, sky, pepsico und andere würden klagen darüber, dass die britische regierung zu langsam in die einführung verbindlicher kohlenstoff berichterstattung (die britische regierung angekündigt, in rio, dass alle unternehmen an der london stock exchange notiert werden gezwungen sein, kohlendioxid-emissionen daten von april z
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sor sur les plaques d'immatriculation et des signes d'autoroute, et sa majesté sur un bill.but 20 $ ca le climat politique est aujourd'hui singulièrement canadien: dans ces circonscriptions, le pays est retourné à ce qui ressemble bien, à l'ancienne punch-up vainqueur clair politics.the est le premier ministre sortant, stephen harper, qui dirige une majorité absolue conservateur rappelle celle dont jouissent margaret thatcher dans la mère-patrie. harper, dans son discours de victoire, a insisté qu'il formerait un gouvernement pour tous les canadiens, parlant comme un conservateur d'une nation, mais il sait que le canada est maintenant divisé en deux camps idéologiques, plutt que la linguistique habituelle, géographiques ou démographiques questions, grace à de layton ndp.though né et a grandi au québec, m. layton a commencé sa vie comme un politicien de carrière dans danforth, doublant le vote du npd dans la ville au cours de sa première année comme chef du parti en 2003. en quatre ans, il était de 18%, mais layton était encore considéré comme un outsider par les principaux partis conservateur et libéral, comme il a échoué à convertir sa ba
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tissement par les entreprises de matières premières - ou, dans le cas du pétrole, la diminution progressive approvisionnement que les réserves facilement accessibles dans des endroits comme la mer du nord s'épuiser face à la demande accrue de la chine, l'inde et l'autre camp de giants.this émergents insiste sur le fait que les prix élevés ne sont pas seulement une augmentation temporaire mais sont là pour rester. ils soulignent que le prix du pétrole et de l'or sont encore bien en deà des niveaux atteints, en termes réels, dans les années 1970 et 1980. à l'autre extrême, il ya ceux qui avertissent que la flambée des prix des produits de base sont juste une autre bulle spéculative, comme les cochettes du gouvernement, les prix de l'immobilier américain, les actions de la technologie et tous les autres actifs qui ont à plusieurs reprises été trop hype et trop gonflé. et, ils mettent en garde, ce qui monte doit redescendre, en montrant des signes que l'approvisionnement de certaines matières premières - dont l'or - commencent à rise.whichever camp est juste - et de déterminer qui pourrait prendre des mois, voire des années - nous avons tous à
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r wall street avec le vent dans les voiles le champ d'application a déjà élargi les plans apparaissent à des manifestations similaires dans des villes comme boston et los angeles. angeles. ces protestations, cependant, continueront à puiser dans un bassin relativement étroit de l'auto-sélection des participants. et sans une définition claire des objectifs ou des circonscriptions, sans organisation d'une structure de direction ou d'une tentative de former des coalitions avec des mouvements établis, ils sont susceptibles de biaiser vers une politique volontariste de témoin porteur. l'approbation que les manifestants ont reu jeudi de l'union de new york transit workers est une étape importante dans la bonne direction, mais sans plus de soutien et des liens comme a, ils risquent de rester isolé à partir de le vaste mouvement de classe qui est nécessaire pour modifier la forme du terrain politique et économique de l'amérique - un mouvement qui peut unir les 99% contre le 1%, à utiliser avènement formulation.the leurs partisans de l'activisme hashtaga été accueillis avec les revendications à bout de souffle sur la naissance d'une nouvelle forme
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s protéger, ne devraient-ils être réglementésil said.uk sources du trésor a déclaré la réforme financière sera en haut de l'ordre du jour lorsque les ministres des finances et gouverneurs des banques centrales des pays du g7 se réunissent à washington le mois prochain. alistair darling est à la recherche d'une plus grande coopération transfrontalière pour éviter une répétition de la récente cable turbulence.vince, porte-parole du trésor du parti libéral-démocrate, est d'accord qu'il devrait y avoir un plus grand rle pour les pays du g7 et de l'organisation de coopération et de développement économiques, le corps qui représente 30 pays riches, mais dit qu'il ya un besoin de plus que juste une plus grande transparence et la responsabilisation. il doit y avoir une période de re-réglementation. nous avons des institutions fortement endettées comme les fonds spéculatifs et les sociétés de private equity qui sont essentiellement la vente pyramidale et la création d'une montagne d'instabilité basé sur la dette. cela est maintenant de vous détendre dans une manière dangereuse.certains critiques de wall street et la city aimeraient v
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é.les responsables britanniques ont déclaré qu'ils ne pouvaient pas se prononcer la possibilité que munadi avait été tué par les commandos attaquent. tous les rapports de morts parmi les civils sont toujours une enquête approfondie, le ministère de la défense a déclaré dans un statement.at environ 19h30 mardi, heure de new york, farrell a sonné son éditeur étranger susan chira. je suis sorti, je suis libre!at-il dit. ce soir, gordon brown a salué la hérosme à couper le souffledes soldats britanniques. comme nous le savons tous, et comme la nuit dernière une nouvelle fois démontré, nos forces armées ont les compétences et le courage d'agir, at-il dit, ajoutant que l'opération a été effectuée après une planification et d'examen.mais le sauvetage a laissé de nombreuses questions en suspens, au sujet de qui a pris la décision de monter une opération de sauvetage, et si c'était la bonne. ce soir, le new york times a dit que ni lui ni la famille de farrell était au courant de la raid.it souligné les dangers croissants auxquels sont confrontés les journalistes en afghanistan. il ya seulement trois mois un autre new ti
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affectent l'enseignement et l'apprentissage, et comment peut-il s'assurer que les employés sont les mieux placés pour s'adapter au changement et en tirer profit réforme main-d'uvre et les tic sont étroitement liés et présentent leurs propres défis, ainsi que les avantages potentiels, pour les écoles qui entrent dans les écoles du batiment du gouvernement pour le futur programme. obtenir une image claire au début du processus bsf de ce que les écoles veulent atteindre est crucial si de grosses sommes d'argent public doivent être bien dépensé et les fondations solides établies pour le 21ème siècle education.state-of-the-art des tic est également base de bsf, c'est une partie intégrante de l'environnement de l'école plutt que un boulon sur supplémentaire et donne de nouvelles possibilités aux enseignants et aux élèves de travailler par les moyens les mieux adaptés aux besoins individuels. reprenant l'environnement d'apprentissage virtuel à droite pour répondre aux besoins d'une école est cruciale. la plupart des écoles ont accepté la nécessité d'un nouveau service géré comme partie intégrante de la bsf, mais certains sont indécis et a
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bations causées par les travaux de construction autour de son htel les critiques, qui ont surnommé l'endroit padstein, n'aiment pas non plus ce qu'ils peroivent comme gentrification - ils pointent les prix dans son restaurant (un plat turbot à 34 ) et l'accusent de proxénétisme de riches, fins gourmets cosmopolites. il a également été impliqué dans le financement de la hausse spectaculaire des prix de l'immobilier dans la région parce qu'il a fait de la ville afin popular.unsurprisingly, stein défend ses entreprises. le restaurant de fruits de mer est cher, mais, fondamentalement, nous sommes vente du poisson cher là-bas. sole ou turbot cote 10 à 12 pour mettre sur la plaque, et nous devons faire un profit. une des raisons pour ouvrir le poisson et friterie, c'est que si vous le souhaitez, vous pouvez dépenser moins d'argent. et la hausse des prix de l'immobilierje occasionaly me nobbled par certains padstonian qui va critiquer, mais généralement mon attitude est que vous n'avez pas besoin de vendre votre maison. la plupart des maisons qui ont été achetés ont été achetés auprès des populations locales, de sorte qu'ils n'ont p

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ah lund (sofie gr b l) et ulrik strange (mikael birkkj r) discuter de l'enquête. photo: tine harden / bbc / danmarks radiospoiler alert: ce blog est pour les gens qui regardent forbrydelsen ii sur bbc4. ne pas lire si vous n'avez pas vu les épisodes un et deux. si vous avez vu plus loin dans la série, s'il vous plat être conscient que d'autres n'ont pas - et ne pas poster soir spoilers.good et bienvenue sur le blog de la série tuer pour la saison deux. si vous êtes nouveau dans ces blogs s'il vous plat faire partager vos impressions dans les commentaires ci-dessous - nous aimons toujours une théorie - et pour tout le monde nous joindre deuxième fois: salut! ravi de vous revoir. il ya beaucoup de choses à emballer dans ce blog ce soir, alors pardonnez-moi si je certaines choses me sauté dessus: il faut espérer qu'il ne sera rien de trop important. (. et si c'est le cas, je suis sr que vous allez ramasser dans les commentaires) avant de nous ouvrons dernier dossier de lund, il ya des thèmes plus larges pour discuter - sensation très différente de pas moins la nouvelle série. forbrydelsen ii semble beaucoup moins un polar simple et beaucoup plus un thr
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es des électeurs de lui comme d'un couvaison, maniaque du contrle secret. désolé, je n'achète pas celui-là. me semble plutt que le même genre de supercherie qui dégrade le dernier budget - un truc que tout le monde a vu à travers. si brown veut vraiment rétablir la confiance avec l'électorat, quand est-ce qu'il va emballer tout a ordures dans trois: jon cruddas peut ne pas avoir remporté le leader adjoint, mais sa campagne n'a plus à faire vivre. il était vraiment courageux - plutt que de simplement gesticulations comme dur - et progressive sur le logement, l'immigration et de revigorer les racines du parti. ce sont de grandes questions importantes, et si brown reconnat le talent et veut démontrer sa générosité d'esprit, il donnera cruddas un travail sérieux lors de ses nominations ministérielles plus tard cette semaine. mais est-il et s'il ne le fait pas, pourquoi devrait-on croire qu'il a cessé d'être un maniaque du contrle secret couvaison (voir ci-dessus) quatre:. est-ce que brown savait vraiment ce qu'il fait avec tous ces trucs de britannicité et s'il ne sait ce qu'il fait, pourquoi devrais-je prendre au sérieux ses protestatio
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abus de pouvoir généralisés à newham pendant la période olympique. je m'attendais à une proportion élevée de problèmes de ce genre, si on me dit que dans certaines de ces réunions, il est plus élevé. une femme s'est plainte que son mari avait été arrêté chaque putain de jour par le même officiersur le chemin du retour du travail. un homme a dit qu'il avait subi des pressions pour fournir ses nom et adresse à la suite d'une recherche, et avait du mal à convaincre l'officier craint qu'il n'était pas obligé de le faire. une femme du projet de surveillance newham (nmp) a affirmé que des centaines de personnesavaient rapporté les jeunes hommes étant illégalement une fouille à nu à l'arrière de camionnettes,et je voulais savoir ce que le commissaire allait faire sur it.hogan- howe a dit nmp femme que si elle lui a donné les dates, les noms et les lieux: nous ferons quelque chose.il a confirmé que l'homme arrêté et fouillé avait été tout à fait raison au sujet de la loi, et dit en réponse à la femme qui avait parlé à son mari que la catégorie de personnes souvent arrêté et fouillé malgré jamais avoir été jugé
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les immigrants. il en va de la possibilité d'admettre le père d'un futur barack obama en grande-bretagne. un gouvernement travailliste qui prétend croire en des chances pour tous doit srement se rendre compte que vous ne pouvez pas - et ne doit pas - déterminer les chances de vie des gens en fonction de leur background.and maintenant, nous avons gagné la citoyenneté - un autre test d'aptitude erronée. que les propositions ont été divulgués à l'homme de neandertal daily telegraph vous dit tout ce que vous devez savoir sur les intentions du gouvernement. puisque seulement un livre vert a été publié, les détails des propositions seront sans doute changer considérablement. mais la pensée du gouvernement est claire. la citoyenneté n'est pas un concept abstrait, ou tout simplement l'accès à un passeport, je crois qu'il est -. et doit être considérée comme - fondé sur des valeurs partagées qui définissent le caractère de notre pays, a déclaré gordon brown aujourd'hui . je suis pour un mode de vie britannique où nous, le peuple, sommes protégés contre la criminalité, mais en retour, nous obéissons à la loi, et où nous, les gens, atte
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iron 400.000. dans de nombreux sièges de travail classiques, il n'est pas rare de trouver des membres qui plane autour de la barre des 200. il est également plus - bien que positivement vif par rapport au parti conservateur - tout en étant moins actif et moins politique. branches du parti ont fusionné ou sont fréquemment inquorate, les liens syndicaux locaux sont souvent atrophiés. ce qui était autrefois décrit comme le mouvement ouvrier a ratatiné sous le feu nourri de la décennie thatcher et en raison de la nature changeante de plus en plus déréglementé, lieu de travail non syndiqué dominée par les emplois du secteur des services. tout cela est maintenant seulement un intérêt passager pour le village de westminster, qui voit la politique à travers un prisme de plus en plus morne ministérielle guerres intestines. le vol d'adhésion de travail de la dernière décennie, n'est pas étrangère à la montée des groupes de réflexion et des lobbyistes, ou souvent une combinaison des deux. ils ont plus d'influence que les circonscriptions rétrécissement avec leurs résolutions impossibles exigeants propriété publique des chemins de fer ou pour une
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nd écran que il y avait au rez-de mettre en scène le jeu, eden park d'auckland, et une ferveur rarement vu depuis l'age d'or du rugby gallois dans le 1970s.the wru, qui trop souvent le passé a préféré se prélasser dans la gloire de la réussite plutt que de tenter de le matriser, a lancé un projet intitulé heart of the nation - rejoindre le beat, qui est conu pour embouteiller l'esprit de la coupe du monde et quelque chose ferment encore plus forte que la volonté soutenir le jeu bien au-delà des deux prochaines cups.rugby mondiale développée au pays de galles entre 1870 et elle a rapidement établi des racines culturelles, concidant avec une grande explosion industrielle qui a contribué à une nouvelle prise de conscience de la nation galloise. c'est à travers le rugby, la réunion 1905 entre pays de galles et la nouvelle-zélande à cardiff, qui hen wlad fy nhadau est devenu l'hymne national gallois et c'est ce vieux lien politique et social que la wru cherche à puiser dans. les joueurs fait notre fierté à la coupe du monde et ce fut une expérience fantastique , explique roger lewis, le directeur général de la wru. nous devons regarder ver
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sont évalués. à l'appui de cela, bien-être émotionnel des enfants est l'une des quatre composantes dans le cadre attribué au développement d'un enfant en bonne santé, et les moyens de soutenir ce secteur vital de développement sont illustrated.the cadre a été saluée par de nombreuses pépinières. nicolette warnes, responsable de bringing up baby in clapham, affirme qu'il aide le personnel à surveiller le développement global de l'enfant. il est clair et facile à comprendre, et le livret d'accompagnement donne des idées sur la faon de relever les défis, la planification de l'appui et des suggestions d'activités.elle dit aussi le cadre rend pépinières bien réfléchir sur leur propre pratique. par exemple, pour les enfants à développer un sentiment d'appartenance, le personnel devrait offrir des possibilités de leur faire des calins. est-ce que cela se produit uniquement lorsque vous avez le temps, ou est-il en réponse à leurs besoins ce genre d'idée fait personnel s'arrêter et à réfléchir sur ce qu'ils font, pourquoi et quand ils le font. un autre avantage est susceptible d'être une augmentation du statut de bébé jouer dans
a pris 27 navires et sous-marins de sa base de norfolk et les envoya vers le nord. pendant ce temps, l'armée de l'air déplacé plus de 70 avions à partir de bases le long de la cte est de ohio.in la banlieue nord de la virginie près de washington dc, les autorités ont commencé à distribuer des sacs de sable en cas d'inondation et d'une onde de tempête de gouverneur de la potomac river.maryland, martin o'malley, a mis en garde les résidents dans les villes balnéaires ils pourraient être enlevés de force par la police s'ils ignoraient les ordres. c'est le comble de l'égosme de ne pas évacuer, a déclaré à cnn. les autorités de new york annulé les permis de construction pour le week-end, et ont élaboré des plans d'évacuation pour les basses zones ctières, y compris de coney island à brooklyn, battery park city dans le lower manhattan et des parties de staten island, bloomberg said.he exhorté valides personnes dans les zones de faible altitude pour évacuer et a déclaré qu'une décision sur évacuations larges serait faite le samedi matin. il a dit que les responsables devaient assumer le pire, se préparer à cela et espérer pour le mieux
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hache à moudre, mais nouvelles internationales, curieusement, n'a pas essayé de prétendre qu'il ne pouvait pas être trusted.even plus révélateur, une deuxième copie de la lettre goodman, envoyée à la commission par nouvelles international lui-même, a été censuré par la société ainsi que la référence de goodman à la discussion sur le piratage en conférence de rédaction était prétentions de removed.goodman, s'il est vrai, saper dénégations répétées de coulson, qui a dit les mêmes députés en 2009 qu'il n'était pas au courant de la pratique . plus sérieusement, coulson a réitéré son affirmation à un tribunal écossais au cours du procès de tommy sheridan en décembre 2010 après avoir été appelé comme témoin et contre-interrogé par sheridan lui-même. l'ancien avocat de smp, aamer anwar, a appelé à coulson à être emprisonné. s'il est démontré que les gens ont menti devant la haute cour de glasgow ils devraient aller en prison, at-il dit. la peine typique pour parjure est à des années plutt que des mois en prison (la peine maximale est de 10 ans), bien que coulson nie toute connaissance du piratage de téléphone, comme
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se pink ', par opposition aux blanc-manger back-chambre'. nostalgie chronique, une humeur cristallisé par le deuil extravagant de la reine mère, est de plus en plus en décalage avec la grande-bretagne, dont 57 millions d'habitants includefour millions de personnes issues de minorités ethniques nés ici. patrimoine culte, loin de suggérer une nation à l'aise avec son identité, implique un pays qui se comprend plus. dans une société de l'insécurité, les notions de one-size-fits-all sans classes masquent le fait que l'égalité est illusoire. la société est stratifiée plus qu'elle ne l'a jamais été. tony blair et john prescott pourraient à la fois vanter leurs pouvoirs de la classe moyenne, mais l'histoire du parti travailliste montre que le diplmé d'oxford bat toujours la cunard barman. anciennes règles et un nouveau boulon sur aristocratie des héros de la classe ouvrière, comme beckham, masque le fait que la mobilité sociale est en fait à sa plus bougé depuis les années soixante. soixante-dix ans après jb priestley inquiet pourquoi ne sont plus en bons termes avec les tisserands de coton et les mineurs et les plaqueurs et riveteuses, vestige
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l'europe et l'amérique peuvent se développer, ou que, à tout le moins, ils ne se dissolvent pas, et que les hypothèses précédentes de l'unité à travers l'atlantique peut venir à apparatre comme des conséquences anormales de l' guerre froide . pour patten, aux états-unis a pris congé de ses sens et abandonné ses croyances antérieures. les américains, soutient-il, ne sont pas des impérialistes de la nature.mais comme niall ferguson suggère dans son livre colossus, l'amérique était expansionniste depuis sa création. son engagement à des règles et des alliances internationales depuis 1918 et surtout après 1945, était plus une question d'opportunité que l'opposition haut principle.patten s 'à la guerre en irak et le tour unilatéraliste de la politique étrangère américaine est l'un qu'il partage avec deux de ses ex-conservateur collègues, michael heseltine et kenneth clarke. il ya eu beaucoup de commentaires sur le soutien du new labour pour bush, mais peu de choses sur le fait que ces icnes de ce qui était autrefois la tradition tory mainstream ont adopté une position tout à fait contrastées. le ton du livre de patten n'est pas tr
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tients de plus et de hater leur mort. il dit que le creusement du déficit budgétaire est le résultat de la récession, et les appels du fonds pour plus de coupes dans les dépenses publiques ne sont susceptibles d'aggraver la récession. remise de la solution de contrle prof sachs est pour l'argentine d'abandonner le peso et dollariser son économie, un plan d'action déjà menée par l'equateur. avec la force de la plus grande économie du monde derrière elle et la crédibilité importé d'alan greenspan à la réserve fédérale, la confiance serait rétablie dans le système financier surgelés de l'argentine. mais le prix serait céder le contrle de l'économie à m. greenspan, et pourrait conduire à des problèmes économiques renouvelés à l'avenir, si le taux d'inflation reste au-dessus de l'argentine amérique. la dernière option est de réduire les taux d'intérêt à leurs niveaux actuels punitives, même si cela signifie que le peso se met en chute libre. certains experts estiment qu'il pourrait être ramenée de son niveau actuel de trois pour un dollar à huit ou neuf ans. malheureusement, une monnaie en chute libre est peu probable à relancer l'
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guardian tglich australien emailour redakteure picks für den tag der top-news und kommentaren in ihrem posteingang jeden weekday.sign up für die tgliche e-mailrob fitzpatrick the guardian, friday, 20. march 2009swedish indie-band ... peter, bjorn and john. foto: linda nylind / guardianit 's eine wirklich wunderbare punkt in einer band karriere, wenn sie es an der zeit ihre zuhrer geworden partei ihre experimental-seite zu entscheiden. marvellous für sie, das ist. für sie ist die experimentelle sachen, was ihr herz hher schlagen, das bit, sie schauen verwundert auf einander über einen proberaum, ihre glnzenden augen, ihre stirn glnzen mit schwei macht, da sie einen schlger, die vollstndig ist anders machen der schlger jeder kennt sie für. leider ist für den rest von uns, ist es oft der punkt, wo wir erkennen, dass eigentlich wir ziemlich beschftigt mit all den anderen bands, die wir mgen und vielleicht sind wir irgendwie brauchen eine pause voneinander für eine weile. also, wer ist begeistert von der nachricht, dass peter bjorn and john das neue album, lebewesen, ihre mehr experimental-seite zeigt es verfügt über songs, die berühren brasilianischen batucada und afropop. es hat mindestens zwei songs, die zu gehen mad.for den ersten sieben ihrer 10 jahre zusammen, stockholm peter (morén: gesang, gitarre und mundharmonika) zu sein scheinen, bjrn (yttling: bass-gitarre, keyboard und gesang ) und john (eriksson: schlagzeug, percussion und gesang) schrieb songs, die eine winzige anzahl von menschen geliebt. folglich ist die band verbrachte eine lange zeit teilen schlafzimmer - und sogar betten - auf tour und verkauf nicht viele datenstze. ihre ersten beiden alben 2002 peter bjorn and john und 2005 die falling out waren vollkommen angenehm, vertrumt laut, indie-rock-geschmack angelegenheiten - die band kam zusammen durch eine gemeinsame liebe zur amerikanischen pop-stylisten die lilys - das waren fast keine zu hren eine auerhalb des bandes. dann im jahr 2006, schrieb sie einen song namens young folks und alles verndert. ein schn einfaches lied, bestehend aus einer drum-spur, eine bassline, ein junge / mdchen gesang, einem spritzer gitarre und einem hauch von bongo, mit milchmann-friendly pfeifen gekappt, es
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enen. dies beeintrchtigt die stuart idealismus jardine overview.also wie viele ambitionierte architekten, war wren cool. so viel fast tropft von den gebuden. seine hohe leistungen - st. pauls oder die bibliothek am trinity college, cambridge - sind nicht auf den ersten blick liebenswert: man muss etwas von ihrer intelligenz und struktur kennen, um sie zu genieen. wrme kann es in der handwerkskunst, aber die architektur ist eingeschrnkt. vielleicht ist das, warum england grter architekt hat von keinem aber englisch-lautsprecher wurde vergttert. gehen sie auf seinen schüler hawksmoor und sie in eine welt der reicheren gefühl verffentlicht. doch ohne wren htte es keine hawksmoor.jardine hat eine groe faust einer intellektuellen biographie, die sie klopft in den leser mit unfehlbarer laufwerk geschrieben wurden. groe platten aus dem 17. jahrhundert prosa sind im text wie brocken von rohem fleisch knallte. sie neigt dazu, stich von subjekt zu subjekt, manchmal wiederholen dinge, und der nationalismus ihre interpretation hlt sie von der zuteilung viel platz, um internationale verbindungen wren in der astronomie und der architektur. ihr buch nicht mit der leuchtenden klarheit prgnant wren john summerson biografie, jetzt fast ein halbes jahrhundert alt. aber sie hat uns etwas reicher und fetter statt. st. andrew bearbeitet stdte für das neue jahrtausend mit echenique marcial (spon press)geoffrey moorhouse the guardian, saturday, 17. may 2003buy macht und herrlichkeit auf amazon.co.ukpower and glory: jakobinischen england und das making of der king james bibleby adam nicolson281pp, harpercollins, 18.99though ich bin sicher, richard dawkins und ludovic kennedy fühlen ohnmacht bei der idee, ist es fast sicher richtig, dass das genehmigte version der bibel das am besten geliebt buch in der englischen sprache (gesammelte werke, wie in shakespeare, vom wettbewerb ausgeschlossen sind) ist. dies jedenfalls ist der ausgangspunkt für herrliche konto adam nicolson, wie der av wurde created.he ist so, dass nur eine genehmigung tief engagierter christ, knnte man denken, knnte es geschrieben haben, aber nicht so offensichtlich. ich bin kein atheist, schreibt er, aber ich bin kein kirchgnger; was ihn fast neben dem unglubigen
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27 jahren imam rauf war der geistige führer der masjid al-farah gemeinde in lower manhattan, gelegen 12 blocks vom ground zero. obwohl park51 ist 10 blocks nher, hat pilkington zu recht fest, dass aus der kritik, die sie erhalten hat, würde man denken, park51 als islamische zitadelle rechts oben auf ground zerogebaut werden, das ist eindeutig nicht der fall . doch es bleibt etwas über imam rauf die prsentation, die unaufrichtig fühlt, macht die menschen unangenehm, aber nicht, warum artikulieren, zwingt sie zurück auf das argument, dass die nhe zu ground zero unempfindlichist. timothy garton ash jüngsten stück im guardian artikuliert einige andere denunziationen von park 51, darunter newt gingrich vergleich, dass nazis haben nicht das recht auf ein schild aufstellen neben dem holocaust-museum in washington.gingrich emotional pldoyer ist nicht, in der tat, ganz korrekt. im jahr 1977 besttigte der united states supreme court die erste nderung rechts von neonazis auf friedliche demonstrationen in einer nachbarschaft im wesentlichen von holocaust-überlebenden (nationalsozialistische partei von amerika v village of skokie, 432 us 43) besetzt. also, auch, auch wenn es persnlich ist offensive zu einigen, haben muslime eine verfassungsmige recht auf ein islamisches zentrum in einem ort ihrer wahl zu bauen, vorausgesetzt, es ist nicht anders prohibited.it ist klar, dass eine neonazi-demonstration im hinterhof von holocaust-opfern ist emprend und soll zu beleidigen, aber da islamische provokation kann in diesem fall nicht nachgewiesen werden und einfach die nhe zu ground zero ist nicht das überzeugendste argument, was ist es über den bau park51 die menschen trifft, wie so unklug, nicht richtig, oder unempfindlich dies ist, wo die nüchterne analyse von pilkington, die auf dem fest der architektur konzentriert, und garton ash, der im groen und ganzen behauptet, dass es keine vernünftigen einwndeder islamischen kulturzentrum, zu kurz. sie nicht prsentieren ein alternative begründung ist, dass, unabhngig davon, wo das zentrum gebaut wird, opposition wohl aus einem gewissen latenten nuance in imam rauf die sprache, die eine dichtigkeit zeigt zum schaden abgeleitet werden, dass die new yorker immer noc
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re harder to place. Estate agent, banker, farmer, solicitor, teacher, doctor… it's hilarious to imagine any of these workers at the wheel of such a snorting slab of pigheaded burliness.Fans of the TV series Homeland might have noticed that every time Mike the handsome soldier having an affair with Brody's wife prowled up the st
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oint of view clearly angered Arizona senator John McCain, like Brennan a keen supporter of drones.Speaking in the Senate, McCain said Paul's filibuster had been a "distortion of the realities of the threats we face. It is not a mature discussion."McCain was joined by South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham, who put up a sign on the Sena
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most leaving, though comment head Katherine Butler is understood to be awaiting a new post after losing out in a job face-off with her online counterpart Amol Rajan, who has the distinct advantage of also being (his biog says) "an adviser to Evgeny Lebedev". All of which is puzzling to admirers of editor Chris Blackhurst, who in a
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y about 20% of the redeveloped site with a "creative hub", including BBC Studios and Post Production leasing three of the biggest TV studios, which will be revamped, while its commercial arm, BBC Worldwide, will return to the space previously occupied by BBC News.'No longer fit for purpose'The BBC's creative director, Alan Yentob, sai

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rave dette et à l'aide des prêteurs sur gage, c'est un signe qu'un gros bouleversement de vos finances est nécessaire. les affaires sont florissantes ... il n'y a pas de honte à être broke'do vous avez un phallus d'ivoire du 17e siècle se trouvant à la maison probablement pas. mais c'est leplus insolites article mis en gage à hatton garden prêteurs sur gages, explique le directeur général stephen pam, si la plupart des clients offrent bijoux ou de montres de luxe en échange d'argent. le prêteur sur gages est niché au cur du quartier commercial de bijoux historique de londres. c'est bien loin de l'expérience de dickens traditionnellement associée à la vieille de plusieurs siècles entreprise pour commencer, la faade moderne est peint violet avec une vitrine éclairée affichant une gamme de bagues, boucles d'oreilles perles et des colliers de diamants;. semblable à un bijoutier haut de la rue plutt que d'un lieu beaucoup d'entre nous pourriez vous sentir honteux d'entrer. a l'intérieur, l'endroit est petit et léger, avec seulement un réservoir d'eau pour les clients en attente plutt que des étagères poussiéreuses pleines de antiques.pam
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il ya ce genre de différenciation. je suis habitué à cela, je ne me plains pas. c'est probablement inévitable. mais crichton valorise ce détachement pour le rle qu'elle joue dans son rle d'écrivain. je me souviens avoir entendu quelqu'un se plaindre que john updike était venu à leur maison pour le dner et il était assis en arrière et ne pas y participer. j'ai pensé: qu'est-ce que vous attendez l'épouse de james thurber le regardait dans les dners et conspuer la table 'thurber, arrêter d'écrire. elle pouvait voir dans son expression quelque manière dont il s'était retiré. mais c'est aussi vrai dans d'autres faons que je n'ai pas toujours en forme. si crichton jamais trouvé un moyen de s'intégrer, il ne devrait pas être à court de sujets de conversation, ponctuée si ses phrases sont souvent par des silences d'un maximum de 30 secondes. il a écrit 11 romans et quatre uvres de non-fiction sous son propre nom, un autre 10 livres pseudonomously, dirigé six films, créés à la télévision admiré série er, a travaillé comme professeur d'anthropologie, un médecin, a dirigé une société de logiciels et inventé un jeu informatique. cri
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l'irak ne peut se tenir debout sur ses propres pieds. un danger serait que l'effort terroristes pour provoquer un conflit sectaire pourrait dégénérer et produire des circonstances dans lesquelles les états de la région pourraient être aspirés d'un cté ou de l'autre. le deuxième scénario étaitd'al-qaida reprenant une partie de l'irak, comme la province d'anbar, de fonder une mini-talibistan . qu'est al-qaida a fait en distance, pauvre afghanistan semblerait comme un jeu d'enfant par rapport à ce qu'ils pourraient faire compte tenu de l'emplacement et les ressources de l'irak. le troisième risque serait le cas si l'irak implose dans une guerre sectaire. les kurdes peuvent prendre les choses dans leurs propres mains, en disant: regardez, l'irak ne va pas travailler, nous ferions mieux de nous occupons de nous-mêmes . il ya des conflits territoriaux avec une voie constitutionnelle pour les résoudre. ils peuvent dire: aha, non, il ne peut pas être résolu de cette faon , et à partir de ce scénario kurde puissances régionales pourrait également être attirée posans épelant, m. khalilzad suggère les kurdes pourrait saisir la r
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ictime et le délinquant devenu amis. l'année dernière, lord justice auld a invité le chef de la police, entre autres, de fournir des informations et des commentaires pour aider l'examen des juridictions pénales. pollard a demandé instamment que le processus de détermination de la peine des juridictions pénales en angleterre et au pays de galles être élargies pour permettre détermination de la peine comme l'une des trois alternatives à la traditionnelle méthodes de détermination de la peine. récemment, pollard a invité le lord chief justice d'une conférence internationale à winchester sur la justice réparatrice. c'est là que woolf regardé huculak et d'autres jeux de rle un cercle de détermination de la peine, après avoir pris la même affaire par un procédé classique. bien qu'il le temps a manqué pour le cercle d'atteindre une phrase, le vote informel par des observateurs a indiqué une nette réorientation vers une sanction non privative de liberté. woolf a été clairement ému par ce qu'il a vu. c'était une petite, mais significative, au développement. etape par étape lente, les cercles de sentence pourrait avoir un avenir ici aussi.the
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re andy coulson lavorava ancora a downing street. david cameron e co sono diventati così intento a fare la cosa giusta per loro ex collega - con testi snippy inviati a tutti coloro che hanno criticato coulson - non hanno fatto la cosa giusta da parte del pubblico britannico. quando cameron si è mossa per mettere una certa distanza tra sé e coulson a pmqs il mercoledì, lo ha fatto nonostante le obiezioni di alcuni di quelli più vicini a lui. pensano coulson potrebbe finire per non essere a carico, al punto che essi vogliono essere stato loyal.steve hilton, direttore di cameron di strategia e di quello con il dito sul zeitgeist, è stato sconvolto dai recenti eventi. sì, è stato dato ragione sui problemi in agguato sia con coulson e rupert murdoch - è istintivamente diffidente - ma è progetto di modernizzazione della hilton, che è stato anche alla ricerca in peril.in incontri di recente george osborne, il cancelliere normalmente loquace, è stato detto di sono andato tranquillo, possibilmente muto per essere colui che ha assunto coulson nel primo place.hilton anche riconoscere le tattiche di ed miliband come quelli cameron affinato in opposizione - andare dove si sa il presidente del consiglio non può, perché lui è primo minister.and , nonostante l'affare bskyb essere effettivamente morto, le prospettive di volantini elettorali caratterizzano le immagini di dave e rebecca o dave e rupert sono ancora dell'umore opponents.the di emozionante cameron spostato e cameron non ha ottenuto il memo che l'assunzione di coulson potrebbe essere guai. amici e sostenitori dicono che è diventato il paywall primo ministro in un open-source age.the unica persona a downing street con una chiara visione di ciò che dovrebbe essere fatto è stato un uomo post-coulson e le parole di mercoledì dure da cameron suggerisce craig oliver - il successore di coulson - ha vinto fuori. fonti dicono che oliver ha sostenuto fin dall'inizio che cameron ha dovuto prendere le distanze da un suo amico. potremmo ottenere proprio conto di oliver di queste conversazioni abbastanza presto. si è detto di essere mantenendo un ex redattore diary.the di news della bbc a 10 può
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vidui, ognuno è un problema da risolvere. nessuno è un cifrario, e maloney cerca di dare ai suoi sudditi un personaggio, un singolare contegno e compostezza. a volte i risultati sono risibili, ma si trovano anche a ridere con lui. non c'è niente di nuovo in questo clownesco passeggiata sul filo del rasoio, ma è abbastanza avvincente da guardare. si vuole l'artista a fallire e cadere, ma allo stesso tempo si è ancora più contento quando non lo fa. il lavoro di maloney non può dire qualsiasi cosa terribilmente profondo, ma poi guardando qualcuno sguazzare in profondità può essere imbarazzante. non è dato a ogni scrittore o un artista per essere in grado di articolare l'enigma della vita. maloney ha guadagnato una certa notorietà per i suoi dipinti sexclub in new realism spettacolo nevrotico saatchi scorso anno, ma la grande questione non è tanto la loro materia in outré - scene di fuck-camere, desolato, sesso anonimo e scappatelle notturne tra i cespugli - come la loro inettitudine eroico. la presenza di maloney qui, nella stessa galleria che vende il lavoro da figure importanti come gerhard richter, joseph beuys, rachel whiteread e, attualmente in un'altra parte della galleria, gwen john, non è solo una sorta di decadenza terribile, a differenza d ' show di offay ultimo anno di scultore ron mueck. invece, si sente solo un po 'prematuro. può anche essere cinico - ma i concessionari sono commercianti. maloney parla del suo lavoro in termini di un linguaggio espressivo dipinto, e un audace per aspirare al selvatichezza e moderazionedi willem de kooning e francis bacon. egli dà anche un grido di jean edouard vuillard, richard dadd (il pittore fata vittoriana), georg baselitz, vasilij kandinsky, franz marc e di ian davenport dipinti versato, come se per citarne-cadere la sua strada nel pantheon. ma ha anche, significativamente, parla di pedro almodovar e alan bennett, e si ordina di conoscere whathe di arrivare. la differenza è che i quadri di maloney aspirano a più di essi raggiungono. eppure, almeno lui non è degno nel modo in cui molti pittori inglesi sono, o afflitti da quella terribile combinazione delle tre b - baselit
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oranei come andy warhol, jasper johns, donald judd e robert rauschenberg. il whitney museum ospita parte della collezione all'inizio del 2011 dando meritato riconoscimento e mostrando ciò che fisher landau ha promesso di donare alla whitney. 38-27 30th st, flcart.org, aperto gi-lun 12 alle 5pmthe noguchi museumthe noguchi museum è un altro edificio industriale che è stato trasformato in uno spazio d'arte - questa volta dedicato al lavoro di una vita di un artista. e 'l'ex studio dello scultore metà giapponese isamu noguchi. una grande attrazione del museo è il suo giardino e molti spazi aperti e mezzo, quindi è adatto per presentare la pietra e sculture in metallo ha fatto, i muri ricoperti d'edera e il giardino sono punteggiate con noguchi sculture, ed è come se fossimo trasportati zen in giappone. oltre alle opere in pietra e metallo, ci sono anche più leggeri, sculture di carta e lanterne da ammirare e anche acquistare. un po 'di una lunga passeggiata dalla stazione ferroviaria, ma è un grande spazio per fuggire dalla città rumorosa. 9-01 strada 33rd, noguchi.org, aperto mer-ven 10:00-17:00, sab-dom 11:00-18:00, adulti $ 10, seniors e studenti $ 5, under 12 freequeens museo di artqueens museum of art è probabilmente il luogo più remoto che appassionati d'arte di new york hanno a viaggiare. e 'anche un po' un annata viaggio fantascientifico, come l'edificio e l'area circostante sono stati originariamente sviluppati per l'esposizione mondiale del 1939. il resto più importante del 1939 (e 1964) fiera è una sfera gigante che incombe sul piatto, massiccia costruzione. all'interno, il pezzo forte della collezione permanente è un panorama di new york city costruito da robert moses per la fiera del 1964 - un modello architettonico sq ft 9335 compreso ogni singolo edificio costruito prima del 1992 in tutti i cinque quartieri. in uno spettacolo di rotazione, il museo mette spesso in artisti contemporanei che riflettono la composizione etnica del queens. meridian rd, flushing, queensmuseum.org, aperto da mercoledì a domenica 12:00-06:00, ha suggerito adulti donatiom $ 5, bambini e anziani $ 2.50ps1 arte contemporanea centermoma ha biso
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eggere il loro lavoro e controllare la loro carriera, il film magnate richard rowland famosa frase che 'i pazzi hanno preso il controllo del manicomio'. dieci anni più tardi, quando il sistema di studio era consolidata e otto grandi organizzazioni controllato quello che è stato fatto e da chi, è diventato chiaro che era in carica. buster keaton ha riconosciuto che i suoi giorni di libertà sono stati più di quando è stato costretto a lasciare la produzione indipendente e il lavoro per la mgm. alla sua prima foto c'è, ha visto i giornalieri con il suo nuovo produttore, laurence weingarten, che è sembrato essere il fratello-in-law del capo dello studio irving thalberg. 'non si disturbi a strappare quella sequenza giù,' ha detto weingarten. 'non mi piace questo genere di cose nelle mie immagini.' per i prossimi 30 o 40 anni, grandi studi dominato l'industria. ma negli anni sessanta, con il calo di presenze di film e la chiusura delle sale cinematografiche in tutta l'america, hollywood sembrava in declino terminale. tv sarebbe in gran parte prendere il controllo dell'industria e solo le case d'arte rimarrebbe, mostrando sofisticati, adulto film provenienti da tutto il world.but questo non è avvenuto. negli anni settanta, il cosiddetto 'marmocchi film', la generazione di laureati cinema-scuola ossessionati con i film fin dall'infanzia, sono arrivati a prendere il controllo dell'industria e rinnovare hollywood. nello stesso modo in cui di molière arrivista monsieur jourdain è stato sorpreso di scoprire che parlava in prosa, così i marmocchi - coppola, scorsese, spielberg, de palma, lucas et al - sono stati intossicati dal concetto che, come i dirigenti della new wave francese , erano auteurs.however, entro la fine del decennio, avevano perso il controllo a causa di ciò che i numerosi libri sulla attributo oggetto di arroganza, stravaganza e la cocaina. inoltre, spielberg e lucas, con jaws e star wars, hanno contribuito creare un appetito per il blockbuster 'film evento'. gli abiti tornarono al potere e sono ancora in control.but james mottram suggerisce, o inizia suggerendo, che una nuova ondata di autori è stato nel processo di ripeter
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erraschend, bedenkt man, dass kinnear hatte die yorkshire post sagte, er sei erfreut zur verwaltung zurückkehren zu so einem groen verein mit enormem potenzial ... sheffield wednesday ist etwas besonderes.special, die fiver setzt voraus, denn sie habe tatschlich bot ihm einen job. mittwoch versuchte spter, den schaden durch das beharren begrenzen: .. wir haben konstruktive gesprche mit joe kinnear hatte leider nicht alle aufgeworfenen fragen geklrt wurdenjetzt ist die fiver kein cracker ist, aber stze wie konstruktive gesprcheund probleme nicht gelstsind regel sure-fire indikatoren lodernden zeilen über geld. und wenn der verein sagt, sie seien optimistisch, dass er wieder zu uns, bevor das wochenende mit seiner entscheidung,unsere vermutungen, dass die entscheidung wird ein herzhaftes sein nein!nur erhhen. kein wunder, dass die chancen auf steve bruce sind fall.the rumour millatletico madrid fortgesetzt hat heute besttigt, sie haben in verhandlungen mit chelsea über 14m-rated jimmy floyd hasselbaink gewesen. nichts wurde noch entschieden, aber die gesprche sind noch im gange,der verein said.gabriel batistuta scheint sicher zu as roma nach neun jahren bei fiorentina beitreten. batistuta whlen settimio aloisio trafen beamte aus roma am dienstag abend für lngere gesprche über den spieler future.manchester united hat mit valencia die spanische torhüter santiago canizares in verbindung gebracht worden. der ehemalige real madrid torhüter hat ein angebot auf den tisch zu old trafford in der stadt bewegen summer.manchester nahen nachbarn bolton bieten 6m für islndische stürmer eidur gudjohnsen.news in briefvalencia sind wahrscheinlich ohne mittelfeldspieler kily gonzalez für die heutige big sein cup-finale gegen real madrid. der argentinier verletzte sich am linken knie whrend einer trainingseinheit am tuesday.hull stadt haben ihre boothferry park stadion in besitz genommen, nachdem man die miete zu bezahlen, sagte anwlte für bridgestate developments limited, die grundbesitzer des bodens, today.birmingham unterzeichnet haben coventry linken zurück david burrows auf einem freien transfer.france trainer roger lemerre vertrag mit der wm-inhaber hat bis zum ende des 2002.leicester s
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elleicht wie die nation die neue zeremonienmeister, den staffelstab übergeben, um ihn von david dimbleby installiert wurde. sicherlich glauben bbc führungskrfte, dass edwards ein mann in der lage, die ffentliche stimmung zu beurteilen ist, nicht ein, um einen ausrutscher, die lange leben würde in der memory.there ist eine theorie, die von seinen kritikern fortgeschritten machen - obwohl es gesagt werden, hat es nicht zu viele von ihnen -. dass edwards ein sicheres paar hnde anstatt ein moderator von seltenen talent, ein mann, der an die spitze seines berufes durch die annahme einer safety-first-ansatz, um den job gestiegen ist er ist konservativ mit einem kleinen ' c ', sagt ein leitender bbc-moderatorin. er hat, wo er durch kein risiko ist ... wenn man von [jeremy] paxman oder [john] humphrys oder [brian] redhead denke, es ist oder war, etwas charaktervollen über sie.bbc führungskrfte reagieren auf diese ladung durch wies darauf hin, es wre nicht gut mit der ffentlichkeit, um eine journalistische rottweiler verantwortlich für die berichterstattung über eine knigliche hochzeit zu platzieren. die rolle muss von einem moderator, sicherzustellen, dass die scheinwerfer bleibt auf die braut und brutigam gefüllt werden kann. es sollte auch darauf hingewiesen werden, dass edwards seinen namen gemacht als nachrichtensprecher nur nach dem schmieden einen ruf als erstklassige reporter.after ein pensum an kommerzielle radiostation swansea ton, trat er der bbc als trainee im jahr 1984 und anschlieend verbrachte mehr als ein jahrzehnt berichterstattung über westminster für regionale und nationale tv und radio.he wurde auf radio 4 the world at one whrend der wahl 1992 befestigt, zog aber zum fernsehen gegen ende seines stints, für politik als wichtigster politischer korrespondent in den frühen 1990er jahren ein rolle, die ihn vor allem beschrnkt auf rollenden nachrichten der bbc channel.at die zeit, der kanal, in den kinderschuhen steckt, wurde durch technische schwierigkeiten und edwards versicherte leistung in schwierigen umstnden verbissen gewann er ein publikum von bewunderern im organisation.his groe durchbruch kam, als er die mglichkeit, die six o'clock news hosten, diese stellung zur beteiligung einen anspruch a
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resentati in una organizzazione, ma garantendo il provider sta prendendo azione per affrontare le esigenze dei diversi gruppi di discenti e delle loro comunità , si says.but si riconosce che il nuovo manuale di ispezione non sarà disponibile per i presidi a poro più fino alla fine di questo mese - e questo significa che le scuole che ottengono un ispezione scatto a settembre avrà avuto solo una questione di settimane per vedere i fattori dettagliati sui quali loro voto complessivo potrebbe dipendere. questo articolo è stato modificato in data 21 luglio 2009. l'originale di cui la zona di gloucester barton treadworth. ciò è stato corretto .colm tóibín the guardian, sabato 1 maggio 2004in due città, il suo libro di meditazioni sulla esilio, la storia e la fantasia, il poeta polacco adam zagajewski sottolinea che per costruire un ponte si deve in primo luogo - piccolo particolare - scenderà su di un fiume. la sua fiume nodoso, pieno di profondità e ironia, è venuto sotto forma di un grande dono per ogni scrittore - lvov, una città perduta e sacra, onirico e sorprendente nella sua bellezza, da cui i suoi genitori sono stati banditi, e che lo farà mai sapere. il aftervoice di questa città, i suoi odori e sapori, sono più reali di gliwice, il brutto, città industriale a cui sono stati expelled.the le zagajewskis poeta ama ancora pronunciando il nome lvov:. per andare a lvov quale stazione / per lvov , se non in un sogno, all'alba, quando la rugiada / brilla su una valigia, quando stanno nascendo express / treni e treni proiettile. per lasciare / in fretta per lvov, notte o giorno, nel mese di settembre / o marzo. per zagajewski, la storia non è qualcosa che potrebbe essere leggermente scartata, nonostante i suoi sforzi. tutta la mia formazione come scrittore,ha scritto, si sforzò di liberarmi dai capricci e smorfie di storia.la storia, però, lo aveva inseguito. lvov, il paradiso perduto, dove sarebbe visitare un giorno e sentirsi un estraneo, entrò a far parte dell'unione sovietica nel 1945, proprio come gliwice, una volta una città di lingua tedesca, divenne polacco. tutto questo è successo a causa delle de
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huygens hanno rilevato etano, acetilene ed altre molecole di idrocarburi complessi - il sogno di un petroliere. questi idrocarburi sono poi spazzato a terra dalla pioggia della luna, anche se la gravità di titano è così debole che le gocce oleose risultanti sarebbero molto più grande di gocce di pioggia su mari e laghi earth.these non raccontare tutta la storia, però. come huygens si stabilirono sulla superficie della luna, è fotografato un paesaggio di ciottoli che si rivelano essere fatto non di pietra, ma di ghiaccio, la prova che l'acqua esiste almeno in un modulo a titan.the fatto è che se titano non fosse così freddo , sarebbe probabilmente essere piena di vita, così abbondanti sono le sue forniture di materie prime biologiche, gli scienziati suggeriscono. la luna è, in effetti, un residuo raffreddato dalla formazione del sistema solare. si tratta, quindi, di enorme importanza scientifica, secondo al diaz, scienza amministratore associato della nasa, che ha collaborato con l'europa su huygens. titano è una macchina del tempo che ci dà la possibilità di guardare le condizioni che esistevano sulla terra primordiale, ha detto dopo i risultati di huygens sono stati received.in ogni caso, questa luna può ancora avere il suo giorno come una casa di forme di vita complesse. in un paio di miliardi di anni, il nostro sole si espanderà fino a diventare un tipo di stella chiamata una gigante rossa e vi avvolgerà la terra in superhot plasma, dice zarnecki. i nostri oceani bollire fuori e la terra diventerà un luogo molto spiacevole per vivere., invece, le temperature saliranno piacevolmente da un paio di centinaia di gradi sul titano. sarà questo il nuovo eden.cruciale per questo scenario sono radar di cassini osservazioni che rivelano che titano ha una rotazione molto irregolare. tutti i pianeti e le lune hanno lievi irregolarità di rotazione, tra cui la terra, spiega zarnecki. questo allunga o accorcia la nostra giornata con un microsecondo o due., ma su titano l'effetto è molto più grande, il che suggerisce l'esistenza di un oceano sotterraneo che separa la crosta della luna dal suo nucleo. questo strato funge
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vivere in: uno che è sicuro, sostenibile e dispone di buoni servizi pubblici e di una democrazia sana. quando lo incontro nel suo ufficio al quarto piano della sede centrale georgiano della rsa, taylor sta dando gli ultimi ritocchi al pamphlet che costituirà la base di titolo speech.its di oggi, comportamento pro-sociale - il futuro: sta a noi , suggerisce una nuova polemica labour su come le buone maniere potrebbero trasformare la società. ma taylor chiede un cambiamento fondamentale nel modo di vedere il cambiamento e la democrazia sociale, da un noi-e-loro rapporto tra cittadini e governo a più di un approccio di partenariato in cui i cittadini di prendere decisioni, invece di delegare tale ruolo ai politici . il nostro modello di cambiamento sociale sottolinea che i governi passano le leggi e le tasse, e pochi individui coraggiosi volontari nella comunità, dice. ci manca lo spazio in mezzo, dove le norme sociali che sviluppano cambiare il nostro comportamento sociale. norme sociali hanno un impatto, ma non pensiamo abbastanza su come dare forma, e noi sottovalutate la potenza di contratto collettivo.egli cita a titolo di esempio come, nel giro di pochi anni, l'opinione pubblica si è trasformata a gas 4x4 ad alto consumo di uno status symbol in un imbarazzo. questo è il tipo di cittadino guidato il cambiamento abbiamo bisogno di più, dice, ma è fin troppo rara. abbiamo dimenticato che la democrazia sta assumendo la responsabilità per la nostra società., invece, riteniamo che ci sia un gruppo di persone laggiù che sono responsabili di tutto, ma non ci piace loro molto, e il nostro ruolo è quello di lamentarsi di loro e di sbarazzarsi di loro ogni pochi anni. egli paragona l'atteggiamento dei cittadini verso il loro governo a quello di un adolescente recalcitrante ai suoi genitori, per quanto riguarda lo stato come in una sola volta tutti i potenti e incompetente. egli ammette, scherzando, che le sue idee pro-sociali si basano su tornare a casa dopo una dura giornata di n. 10 e poi trovare una impasse simile cercando di convincere i suoi figli che quello che stava cercando di arrivare a fare probabilmente era nel loro i
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ova un immagine sublime: attraverso una finestra che si apre su un cortile esterno sente qualcuno pazientemente suonare scale in oboe. una cacofonia di rumori - un groviglio di voci, un ronzio compressore, fracasso pentole - sostengono. ma alla fine il poeta fissa ad ascoltare lo strumento doverosamente ripetere / le sue lezioni, quindi ripetere / di nuovo, serenamente / montaggio e discendente / la scala esso si / dispiega prima di se stesso. nessun morale necessaria; detto abbastanza. adam newey è redattore poesia del new statesman. guerr (40) 2013/08/01 15:15:55,123john mullan the guardian, sabato 30 agosto 2003buy tobias smollett su amazon.co.uk tobias smollett da jeremy lewis 316pp, capo, 20 decenni recenti non sono stati gentili con smollett. una volta considerato, insieme a defoe, richardson, fielding e sterne, come uno dei grandi pionieri del romanzo inglese, lui è sbiadito da piani di studio anche se il canone accademico si è ampliato. questa è la prima biografia completa in quanto norma di lewis knapp, ma scricchiolante, la vita del 1949. forse c'è la strana lettore generale con un gusto per la beffa chiassoso, che apprezza l'energia della narrativa di smollett - jeremy lewis descrive se stesso come uno di questi - ma lui (o più implausibilmente lei) è rara. ha molto a che fare con il suo stile. smollett è un caricaturista, i suoi personaggi tenuti in vita dalla sua veemenza satirica piuttosto che qualsiasi acutezza psicologica. la sua narrativa è selvaggio e cartone animato - anche troppo per qualsiasi scheda tv che si possa immaginare. scabroso e disgustato (non è fantascienza stato così pieno di cattivi odori e effluvi vile), scende dalla commedia arrabbiato di ben jonson e ha la sua progenie attuale in incubi urbani di martin amis. i romanzi di smollett sono viaggi attraverso idiozie umane e indecenze. anche lewis si rifiuta di essere un avvocato e respinge gran parte della produzione fictional di smollett nella sua stessa prefazione. ma ha un altro motivo per raccontare la vita di smollett. ancor più che samuel johnson era smollett, lewis dice, l'uomo per eccellenza del 18 ° secolo di lettere. il figlio
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nel 2008, e un anno dopo ha collaborato con gli stati uniti folk-band indie grizzly bear su slow life, una traccia dalla twilight: new colonna sonora luna. questo album ha raggiunto il n ° 1 della billboard chart.teen sogno, però, eclissato tutto quello che avevano fatto prima. ma perché in primo luogo, le canzoni erano solo ... meglio. i fan appassionati indie erano caldo sulla produzione di beach house per anni, ma nessuno di esso sembrava che potrebbe rendere le persone, diciamo, piangere. l'uomo, ho frignare come un bambino ogni volta che ascolto questa canzone, scrive un commentatore su youtube del cammino brano in the park. un altro descrive norvegia dell'album come un motivo per innamorarsi con la musica ancora una volta <3, e l'apertura zebra è dichiarato la canzone più freddo mai. victoria modestamente suggerisce che potrebbe essere stato perché le canzoni erano strofa, ritornello, strofa, ritornello.e poi c'era la tempistica. proprio come britney non sarebbe spuntato senza justin e christina, beach house si trova tra una coltura di altre band statunitensi - vampire weekend, fleet foxes, beirut - che stavano avendo anche un buon paio di anni. il loro tour con i grizzly bear a fine 2009 li mise di fronte a un pubblico molto più grandi di quanto avrebbero gestito solo e beyoncé e jay-z si presentò a loro prestazioni coachella 2010 (uno dei momenti che quest'anno tupac ologrammi). quando ventilatore / satira sito hipster deflusso iniziato a ossessionare i loro abiti (victoria legrand indossa la sua giacca sexi + nonna spalline sul palco [sic], si legge un post di esempio), era chiaro che beach house aveva raggiunto una sorta di appello stella . e 'appena fatto saltare in aria, dice victoria , in particolare in europa.' andato dal nulla e poi è stato come ...agita la mano sopra la sua testa. ma siamo ancora molto viva! l'ultimo album non era certo di picco per noi e c'erano un sacco di cose che abbiamo lasciato scorrere.e lei pensa che ci sono grandi aspettative in questo momento abbiamo messo molta pressione su noi stessi. non credo che la gente pensa, 'oh, che stanno andando giù!' e se
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ns of the national finances, the Left had stolen the best tunes of the Right. Married with the Left's attractive beliefs in society and public services, this looked to be an unbeatable combination. Call it what you like - the Third Way, the Neue Mitte, triangulation - it put social democrats in the driving seat. There was heady talk of a long hegemony of the Left. So many presidencies and premierships did they possess that a fleet of stretch limousines was required to convey them all about.Three years later, you could just about get the Western world's remaining centre-Left leaders into an economy-sized people carrier. Apart from a few anomalies where the opposition is weak or split (Canada, New Zealand and Britain), the Left is being ousted from power. A Texan Rep
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Are they empowering for women, or quite the oppositeThere seems little doubt that Lichtenstein made Teeth with a feminist intent: he has described it is an attempt to address the gynophobia of the vagina dentata myth, and has noted that we live in a world where "women are raped, forcibly circumcised, so maybe Dawn is an example of nature adapting to this male-dominated world".Despite this, the film left me feeling uneasy. Aside from Dawn's stepfather, she is surrounded by hideous men: a gynaecologist who carries out a brutal internal examination; a boy who drugs her and has sex with her for a bet. In fact, every guy she meets is a monster. I couldn't help thinking that if a woman had made this film she would have been vilified for her view of masculinity. And whil
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, the Bronx Defenders teamed up with attorneys from the law firm Cleary, Gottlieb, Steen and Hamilton to review police records and personal accounts from 517 people arrested for marijuana possession in the borough in the months before and after the Kelly order.According to the survey, the percentage of illegal stop-and-frisks increased from 31% before the order to 44% after the order. Similarly, the percentage of manufactured misdemeanors increased from 33% to 44%.One in three respondents said police had forced them to take the marijuana out of pockets or from under clothes and produce it into public view.The NYPD did not respond to a request for comment. In the past, it has vigorously defended its policies, arguing that stop and frisks save lives. But members of co
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bout a long-distance ride: What's your favourite bit My answer The four miles on the way to the village of Tibthorpe, about 20 miles from the east coast: huge skies, an empty road beneath my wheels and the sylvan countryside below melting away in the summer haze. I'm ashamed to say I threw my arms out wide and, coming over all Leonardo DiCaprio, shouted out, "I'm the king of the wold". Which just goes to show that country air may not be so good for you after all.Way to go Join the trailThe Way of the Roses (wayoftheroses.info) opens on 11 September. Get route maps from Sustrans (0845 1130065, sustrans.org.uk). Single tickets from London to Morecambe from 斤拷11 (virgintrains.co.uk; northernrail.org). Singles from Bridlington to London cost from 斤拷11.15 (northernrail
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un tavolo come questo piccolo pub è un punto di incontro per coloro che sanno. potrebbe capitare di dover condividere un tavolo, ma ne vale la pena ogni centimetro del suo affollato spazio sedia. il cibo è un buon taglio sopra tariffa media dei pub e il personale è cordiale. si crogiola nella sua storia, con vassoi di ninnoli che adornano ogni centimetro di muro libero stampatori. aheat outbehind sidney sussex college, sticky becchi cafe (stickybeakscafe.co.uk) è una nuova luce e arioso posto per una torta, colazione o pranzo sosta sulla strada per la città. tutto è fatto in cucina e il menu cambia ogni giorno. hanno anche fare eventi supper club in cui si impara a cucinare il vostro pasto prima di mangiarlo. qui, con tutto così pulito presentato, anche una fetta di loro cioccolato appiccicoso velluto torta sembra una delizia sana! sede aha nella finestra del chophouse (cambridgechophouse.co.uk) on parade del re, con un bicchiere di cabernet sauvignon in mano, è forse il persico più idilliaco in tutta cambridge. le enormi finestre danno al ristorante un arioso e accogliente, e il cibo eccellente rendono un ambiente ideale per una cena tardi o presto. le opinioni del cancello college del re e la cappella conferiscono un carattere inconfondibilmente cambridge per il vostro pasto o drink.alison thompson, direttore del festival di cambridge wordfest festival letterario (cambridgewordfest.co.uk)heather connon the observer, domenica 6 febbraio 2005there sarà una serie di primati per unilever quando annuncia i risultati finali questo giovedi. sarà la prima presentazione che sarà presieduto da patrick cescau, che divenne uno dei presidente giunto lo scorso settembre. e sarà la prima che si svolgerà al di fuori della suite presentazione sotterraneo presso unilever house, che è ora in fase di ristrutturazione. e, gli investitori sperano, sarà la prima volta che il gruppo ammette che ha bisogno di ripensare il tutto dal suo assetto proprietario alla sua strategia a lungo termine per far fronte con il ritmo dei cambiamenti nel settore dei beni di consumo. unilever ha certo bisogno di migliorare le sue prestazioni. il suo percorso di cinque ann
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mailour redattori del guardian per notizie e commenti in alto del giorno direttamente nella tua casella di posta ogni weekday.sign per l'e-mail tutti i giornidi samoa paul williams - figlio del bryan williams del nzru - cerca di eludere tacklers nella partita di rugby world cup contro fiji. fotografia: paul thomas / azione imagesmore to tew onthe trascrizione della durata di un'ora, un'intervista a tutto campo del guardian con steve tew, la schietta capo esecutivo della new zealand rugby union, corsero a quasi 4.000 parole. per evitare di lasciare una discreta fetta di esso sul pavimento della sala, qui è una risposta inedita alle quattro domande: 1) qual è la nzru facendo per aiutare le isole del pacifico e sarà il tour per la prima volta all blacks touring the isole è un dilemma. otteniamo criticato dai media per non contribuire alle isole, ma quando si guarda il numero di giocatori che partecipano a questa coppa del mondo, vi accorgerete che la nuova zelanda sono abbastanza grandi contribuenti. nuova zelanda e samoa si intrecciano come i paesi. del presidente del nzru [di bryan williams] figlio [paolo] è il terzino per samoa e bryan è un precedente allenatore di samoa, e un one.we di successo hanno un rapporto molto stretto e diretto con le isole. sia che la cosa migliore per noi e per loro, è quello di giocare c'è una questione discutiamo molto. vorremmo che la domanda per essere messo nel contesto di ciò che facciamo per aiutarli. noi non siamo realmente convinti che prendendo gli all blacks a apia [la capitale di samoa] o nuku'alofa [quella di tonga] è in realtà la cosa migliore, ci sono una miriade di altre cose sul tavolo. avrebbero amano di giocare sulle isole ma noi ottenere una mezza dozzina offre un anno da paesi che non ti aspetteresti di giocare: ho corrispondenza regolare da persone di amburgo che ci chiedono di giocare in germania, e non vi è la spagna, la usa e portugal.we sono responsabili per governare il rugby in questo paese e la domanda è che cosa è meglio per gli all blacks. ad oggi, non pensiamo che tutte queste cose sono allineati. non siamo stati in una delle isole per qualche tempo, ma le junior all black
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persi - forza. la settimana scorsa, e per la prima volta dopo l'11 settembre, la rete di osama bin laden ha utilizzato decine di attentatori suicidi contro obiettivi morbidi di civili in ristoranti e zone residenziali. anche i bombardamenti nella località turistica di bali, anche se hanno ucciso più di 200, usati solo una o forse due kamikaze. l'estensione della pianificazione e del reclutamento che è andato in attentati marocco e in arabia, dove un totale di 23 persone che si sono fatti esplodere in attacchi coordinati, così come esplosioni devastanti in cecenia, indicano che al-qaida è di nuovo e di una forza di essere sottovalutare. mentre l'amministrazione bush - e ministri britannici - strombazzato il crollo della base di al-qaeda in afghanistan e l'arresto di alcuni dei leader dell'organizzazione, le agenzie di intelligence sono stati molto più scettico. misure difensive adottate da alcuni paesi, in particolare in europa occidentale, ha fatto sì che al-qaida-ispirato e finanziato i gruppi e gli individui sono stati scoraggiati di attaccare bersagli di prestigio come basi militari americane e gli edifici ufficiali dei governi occidentali o filo-occidentale. ma che a sua volta ha incoraggiato un cambiamento nella tattica verso bersagli facili. bali, casablanca e riad, la capitale saudita, sono vividi esempi di tattica. jonathan stevenson, autore dell 'istituto internazionale di studi strategici' (iiss) sondaggio strategico annuale pubblicato la scorsa settimana, ha descritto gli attentati di riyadh come la prima indicazione che il cambiamento di regime in iraq - nel breve periodo - sta per provocare una reazione violenta e terrorista essere fonte di ispirazione per i terroristi. anche se l'audacia e potenza pura dell'invasione guidata dagli americani potrebbe avere un effetto soppressivosui terroristi, era altrettanto probabile che il conflitto aveva aumentato il potere di reclutamento di al-qaeda, ha detto. un avvertimento fresco dalla tedesca bnd, l'equivalente del mi5 britannico, ha sottolineato il punto. secondo i giornali tedeschi durante il fine settimana, l'agenzia dice supporto e il potenziale della rete di al-qaeda per il
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ord camminare su, sotto la pioggia, con un altro uomo d'affari nella sala del consiglio, la tessitura casa di dreams.from maxwell a merry menoxford regno unito alla lega calcio nel 1962. il loro capitano era ron atkinson, che ha giocato 426 partite tra il 1959 e il 1971the editore robert maxwell ha assunto oxford nel 1982 e nominato da allenatore jim smith, che ha preso il club di promozioni nel 1984 e 1985three stagioni nella vecchia first division con una squadra tra cui ray houghton e john aldridge. ha vinto la coppa di lega nel 1986 sotto maurice evansafter maxwell morì nel 1991, il club ha subito gravi problemi finanziari che non sono mai stati risolti fino firoz kassam ha assunto negli alberghi 1999monaco a base di qassam e le altre imprese sono detto di essere un valore di oltre 90m. il fatturato di oxford united l'anno scorso era di 2,4 milioni e il club finito 15 ° in campionato twolast settimana kassam venduto il club per 1 a nick merry. kassam possiede ancora lo stadio e sviluppo commerciale intorno ad esso.john devlin the guardian, lunedi 8 agosto 2005 16.45 bstwhen seconda divisione woolwich arsenal si trasferì nella loro arsenal stadium state-of-the-art nel 1913 è costato circa 10 milioni di sterline (in soldi di oggi). la loro prossima nuova casa, l'emirates stadium lungo la strada da highbury, arriverà a 357m, così un paio di vendita del kit in più sarebbe utile prima di dire addio alla loro famosa terra vecchia alla fine di questo marchio season.to l' occasione arsenal ha abbandonato i loro colori tradizionali a favore di una fascia commemorativa sulla base del vestito marrone scuro indossato in quella prima stagione di highbury. il suo nome ufficiale è ribes- non uva acerba, come alcuni tifosi del chelsea sono disegno suggesting.nike s 'non replicare il materiale pesante tessuto dal 1913 e la striscia minimamente in stile, con le sue eleganti decorazioni in oro, sembra trasudano raffinatezza. non tutti i tifosi dell'arsenal condividono il punto di vista, però. ancora scottata dal controverso ridisegno distintivo del club nel 2002, alcuni ritengono che il cambiamento è un'ulteriore prova di inutili
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ati sono pubblicati entro la fine dell'anno in un rapporto il compassionevole bretagna. solo il tempo ci dirà se, come bush, aia è impegnata in un cinico esercizio di voto-vincente. ma qualunque cosa le sue reali intenzioni, per lo meno siamo in grado di beneficiare di una corsa a due parti per mettere l'anima nella società. il probabile effetto di rebranding di dell'aja del conservatorismo sarà quello di sollecitare il governo a maggiori sforzi. finora labour ha vinto l'ammirazione dei gruppi di fede per la sua vasta politica di inclusione (che credo lusinga per ingannare in quanto l'unico punto di confronto è il triste record della tories). il presidente del consiglio ha dimostrato che egli stesso è la cava quando si tratta di ospitare gruppi di fede. le raccomandazioni del rapporto wakeham per una camera superiore riformata mantengono attuale influenza del cristianesimo e, per la prima volta, assegnano cinque seggi ai rappresentanti delle altre fedi. inoltre, dato che la sua elezione tony blair ha fatto tanto di un punto di visitare templi come essere visto frequentare la chiesa. all'inizio di quest'anno ha suscitato molto scalpore in islam britannico quando ha rivelato che aveva due volte leggere il corano - una richiesta che, se vero, lo ha messo davanti a molti musulmani. mi piacerebbe credere che questo è un nuovo inizio. dopo decenni di resistere il ruolo positivo della religione, i nostri politici sono giunti alla consapevolezza che lo stato non può sostituire lo spirito umano, che è il midollo di tutte le comunità sane. in questo si tratta di rispondere solo alle thepublic umore. abbiamo imparato - a mie spese - che le comunità non sono progettati intorno grigi blocchi di cemento da urbanisti, si evolvono organicamente dalle azioni di persone che condividono valori e obiettivi sani. le persone che hanno veramente a cuore i loro vicini non danneggiare i loro figli, diamo loro marciume anziani nelle case di cura, o di trascurare i poveri ei senza tetto. sono quelli che aiuteranno riabilitare i criminali e tossicodipendenti in mezzo a loro, non solo per il benessere del proprio ambiente dipende da esso, ma perché la loro fede e
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quanto più coinvolgente che sarebbe stato se fossero stati autorizzati a possedere i difetti umani, ambiguità, ipocrisie: in altre parole, il carattere. alla fine, dopo tutto deferenza inamidato e vivace comportamento scorretto (claire foy era molto buona come unity mitford in stile nazista groupie), ciò che è stato più colpisce di questa tre-parte speciale non è stato il 1930 con preoccupazione classe o razza, ma la nostra ansia rigidità di cultura e identity.doing nuovo il time warp, gli effetti telescopici di tempo significa che gli eventi del 1985, una volta così sfacciatamente e vergognosamente romanzo, ora sembrano quasi come curiosamente antica come l'abdicazione di edoardo viii. tutto ciò che i capelli grande, margaret thatcher e loy vade. che è come bob geldof, come persuasivamente interpretata da domhnall gleeson, di cui al transatlantico pop stravaganza che è estate e telethon per la carestia in etiopia nel quando harvey met bob. gleeson ha avuto diversi punti di ingresso per il suo carattere: il lungo, lisci mop di capelli, l'espressione da cane bastonato, l'unica maniera verbosely laconico. ma è stato l'accento che ha suggellato l'accordo. gleeson era geldof e live aid wasloy vade.yet è stato un pezzo di bravura in cerca di un dramma. la storia di come geldof e concerto promoter harvey goldsmith è venuto insieme per produrre il più ambizioso evento di musica dal vivo mai messo in scena avrebbe fatto un documentario affascinante. come un film romanzato, però, essa si è basata su una tensione tra geldof e goldsmith, che non si materializzò mai, perché gli sceneggiatori si sono ridotti goldsmith, un grande, che domina l'uomo, a poco più di una linea di alimentazione per la maggiore causa di ego giustamente burbero di geldof. non solo questo tipo di rifiuti i notevoli talenti del miscast ian hart come goldsmith, significava anche un altro rigurgito di overfamiliar leggenda del rock tropes.talking della quale, possiamo per favore ora avere una moratoria su tutti gli eventuali documentari su michael jackson, tra cui il suo plastica la chirurgia, la sessualità, la famiglia, i medici, i suoi rapporti con i bambini, a
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to ha anche perso in passato al comune nella battaglia per attirare matematica laureati anche se, aggiunge higgins ironicamente, che potrebbe cambiare abbiamo bisogno di queste persone che vengono fuori dalla città:. loro esperienza e la loro unità. che potrebbe avere bisogno di lavoro. lontano dalla immagine della scienza geek, rifiuta anche l'etichetta digrande dame della scienza . infatti, dice, che la rende una regola per spegnere durante i fine settimana.i ' ve ha reso assolutamente chiaro che ho una vita personale, io voglio stare con il mio compagno, e questo è un bene per il mio cervello. si allena potenza di fuoco che di cervello su radicati atteggiamenti sociali del regno unito per la matematica.abbiamo avuto modo di allontanarsi dalla cultura che dice che è ok non fare matematica. nessuno pensa che non va bene a leggere. per molte culture, in questo paese - cinese, indiana - la matematica è solo previsto. abbiamo tutti bisogno di aspettare tutti i nostri giovani siano in grado di risolvere i problemi. e il lavoro porta i suoi frutti.il mio momento migliore è stata una telefonata, una mattina, che mi dice sono stato eletto alla royal society. e 'stato fantastico. mi vedo ancora con il telefono in mano, gridando di gioia su per le scale curriculum vitaeage chair 68job, comitato consultivo per la didattica della matematica,. professore emerito presso l'imperial college di londonbefore che preside della facoltà di ingegneria presso l'imperial college londonlikes compagnia di amici aprile in inghilterra, spiagge atlantiche di francedislikes presidenza incompetente di incontri, telefoni cellulari, ora di punta travelpartner, senza figlisuzanne goldenberg a glenwood, nuovo messico theguardian, venerdì 1 giugno 2012 16.42 cest vai ai commenti (...) il fumo è raffigurato fluttuanti dal sito di incendi presso il complesso whitewater-baldy nel sud-ovest del new mexico. fotografia: dispensa / reutersthe primo shane wolfe ha visto la macchia d'olio ora infuria attraverso il deserto nuovo messico era da un elicottero - proprio come il vigile del fuoco è stato quello di calarsi giù una corda per combattere il flames
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ano scienza all'università. ma la sua risposta non è più concreto. lavoreremo a stretto contatto con il dcsf [dipartimento per i bambini, le scuole e le famiglie] e il department for business, enterprise e riforma della regolamentazione , ha togetherbut says.working quali azioni saranno prese per garantire incrocioio non credo che dovremmo essere vincolato da strutture formali, dice.quando ero il cambiamento climatico e il ministro dell'ambiente presso il dipartimento per ambiente e gli affari rurali, ho lavorato a stretto contatto con il dipartimento del commercio e dell'industria sulla revisione energia e la carta bianca. se la si guarda, è il più defra come è dti. lavorare insieme non è un problema. in realtà, la metà degli incontri che ho avuto con i funzionari sono stati finora con i funzionari di fuori dius. siamo un governo e la chiave cosa è assicurarsi che i rapporti di lavoro. negli ultimi 18 mesi, la ricerca nel regno unito ha subito un fondamentale shake-up, comprese le riforme del modo di ricerca in università è valutata e finanziamenti pubblici stanziati, e un cambiamento nel tipo di medico scienza che è supportato. lo slancio per il cambiamento è impostata continue.one dei primi lavori di pearson sarà quello di rispondere alle raccomandazioni di una revisione delle politiche della scienza del governo di essere svolte da sainsbury per il tesoro. la revisione sainsbury, che è dovuto riferire a settembre o ottobre, esaminerà la possibilità di regno unito scienza e innovazione per rispondere alle sfide della globalizzazione. il suo mandato include gli investimenti dell'industria in ricerca e sviluppo e in innovazione, finanziato con fondi pubblici di r \u0026 s, e la scienza internazionale e la collaborazione della tecnologia. ho avuto due conversazioni con david [sainsbury] e io sono convinto che la sua recensione ci porterà avanti, e io vorranno attuare le raccomandazioni più rapidamente possibile , spiega pearson. egli respinge un suggerimento che egli sta percorrendo l'acqua fino a quando la revisione è pubblicato. david sainsbury ha una conoscenza senza pari della scienza e programma di

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edificio construido en la casa de pop , latino y tecno - es un triunfo particular. la única cosa que impide abandonar la pista de baile es la hilaridad de la letra de la ficha : no qui
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t schlgt universitten knnte erneut zu betonen, ihre sozialen zweck mit einem commonwealth university charter für das neue jahrhundert. bereits bildungsminister und der commonwealth-sekretariat auf einer neuen, aspirational education declaration arbeiten, kommen aus einem treffen der minister in halifax, nova scotia im november. es ist zu hoffen, wird es auch zu einer auerordentlichen sitzung in südasien und eine prsentation auf das nchste jahr commonwealth business forum in australien, über die rolle der universitten in der entwicklung konzentriert sein. vor drei jahren in edinburgh, unterzeichneten die staats-und regierungschefs des commonwealth bis das ziel der halbierung der zahl der menschen in absoluter armut leben, bis 2015. mit dem wachstum der wissensbasierten wirtschaft dieses ziel nicht ohne universitten erreicht werden. richard bourne ist oberhaupt des commonwealth policy studies unit. kopien der universitten und entwicklung kann von der acu bei 36 gordon square, london wc1h 0pf erhalten werdenrichard wray the guardian, donnerstag 6. august 2009 20.30 bstrichard moat, chief executive von t-mobile. foto: graham turnervalue ist ein wort, dass richard moat gerne viel verwenden. es ist auch etwas, das seinen deutschen bosse dringend brauchen ihn auswringen der firma, die er mehr als sechs wochen dauerte, vor t-mobile uk, als er einen turnaround-plan für die zu kmpfen mobilfunk-unternehmen enthüllen bereitet nchsten month.britain 's viertplatzierten handy-netz hat an boden verloren zu seinen konkurrenten in den vergangenen zwei jahren ist die schlechteste performance, finanziell, des landes vier groen netzwerke. im juni stellte sich heraus, dass banker von jp morgan hatte vodafone nherte, um das niveau der zinsen in kauf beurteilen das geschft, whrend sein besitzer, deutsche telekom, als schneiden seiner losses.t-mobile verloren 87.000 britische kunden in den drei monaten bis ende juni - besser als vodafone, die 159.000 im gleichen quartal verloren, aber schlimmer als orange, die 3000 aufgenommen. es ist immer noch weit hinter dem marktführer o2, die 252.268 gewonnen. aber t-mobile uk hat die finanzielle performance zeigen eine gewisse verbesserung, mit einem gewinn vor finanzergebnis in hhe von 134m.adamant
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ch zuversichtlich, dass wir eine einigung zu erzielen, des premierministers offizielle sprecher, alastair campbell, sagte. aber es gibt noch einige schwierige bereiche zu behandeln.beim frühstück heute morgen wieder, kann blair und koch haben einige harte verhandlungen noch zu tun ist. verwandte speziellen reportsimf und weltbank-gipfel in prag 2000world trade organisation gipfel 1999may2k demonstrationsdebt reliefeconomic und whrungspolitik unioneuropean commissioneuropean parliamentinteractive führer woher die europischen nationen beziehen sich auf jeweils otheruseful linksupdates von demonstranten - indymediapress release: gipfel von nizza - eu registrieren für den guardian todayour redakteure picks für des tages top nachrichten und kommentare in ihren posteingang jedes morning.sign geliefert up für die tgliche emailget des guardian tglichen us emailour redakteure picks für den tag der top-nachrichten und kommentare in ihrem posteingang jeden morgen. geben sie einfach ihre e-mail-adresse subscribe.sign up für die tgliche emailsign bis nowget des guardian tglich australien emailour redakteure picks für den tag der top-news und kommentaren in ihrem posteingang jeden weekday.sign up für die tgliche e-mailjanet murray the guardian, dienstag 4. januar 2011 gehe zu kommentare (...) gillian low, leiter der lady eleanor holles schule in middlesex, und sagt: bei mdchen, ich bin der konkurrenz, die sie fühlen, ist in sich selbst zu denken.foto: martin godwin für die guardianthe girls 'school association (gsa) hat nie angst um seinen kopf über die brüstung bleiben. im jahr 2009, dem berufsverband für die kpfe der mdchen privatschulen kolumnen angezogen, wenn seine damalige prsident, jill berry, sagte mdchen sollten nicht erwarten, dass alles haben- eine karriere und eine familie, das ist. ihr vorgnger, cynthia hall, hatte kontroversen ausgelst, als sie sagte mdchen in gemischten schulen zurück knnte durch herrschsüchtig jungenstatt. unbeeindruckt von der furore bei jeder gelegenheit, die gsa über seine ersten buch, eine elternschaft titel auf erziehung zu verffentlichen ist mdchen. durch den buchhandel kommen im nchsten monat, enthlt your daughter ratschlge für eltern über alles, von w
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i clinton, gli errori a cui i repubblicani partigiane nella camera e senato hanno contribuito così tanto. sarebbe clinton hanno esitato così tanto sui balcani, se non avesse avuto paura di attacchi repubblicani ci sarebbe stata una risposta così pensante alla crisi economica asiatica senza influenza repubblicana sarebbe clinton hanno abbracciato difesa missilistica nazionale non aveva i repubblicani fatto una questione di esso e non gli stati uniti ora è uno dei firmatari del comprehensive test ban treaty erano i repubblicani al senato non ha votato il trattato verso il basso peggior fallimento dell'amministrazione clinton, in medio oriente, deve il poco per sabotaggio repubblicano. anche così, non aggiunge al corpo di fiducia nella leadership americana. questo è specialmente il caso, poiché i repubblicani, anche se in passato hanno werea poco più pronto di quanto i democratici di applicare pressione per gli israeliani, è improbabile che siano così audace questa volta. il terzo errore nella strategia repubblicana è anche un prodotto della partigianeria distruttiva degli ultimi otto anni. a dispetto di tutta la retorica su bush per raggiungere il centro politico ed i democratici di rispondere ai suoi sforzi sinceri, la realtà è che i repubblicani alla camera e al senato - non tutti, ma abbastanza di loro - hanno fatto del loro meglio per rovinare le politiche di clinton . perché allora democratici dovrebbero facilitare il percorso di bush, quando tutti sono d'accordo che la campagna elettorale per le elezioni del congresso del 2002 è già iniziato sarà difficile per esercitare la leadership internazionale quando le decisioni americane sono visti all'estero come il prodotto quasi accidentale di amaro politico combattendo a casa. il risultato strano dell'elezione certamente rende più difficile per i repubblicani di essere i responsabili delle decisioni internazionali che aspirano ad essere. ma l'essenza del loro problema è che, molto più di quanto i democratici, che incarnano le contraddizioni della società americana - il senso di diritto al mondo potenza alleata al senso che essi sono invitati a prendere troppe responsabili
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port 3: jimmy hill last word (23:00) il titolo non è tristemente come letterale, come si può hope.onsport 1: grande programma di coppa (a un certo punto ) vai con noi su questo one.radio 5 live: 5 calcio live (7:30) non perdete tempo sintonizzare dentro crea il tuo commento invece utilizzando le seguenti parole: vista, candeliere, a cavalletto, bozze, in legno, seduta, disgrazia, spazzatura, freddo, torta, il parcheggio, difficile, aveva, a, a piedi, su, dieci, cantieri, partita, noiosa, also.midweek 6-0-6 (22:00) opinioni trasudano da ogni poro. senza contare quelli tappati con lo sporco.marina cantacuzino the guardian, lunedi 9 febbraio 2004il 1980-1981 scioperi della fame sono stati uno degli episodi più traumatici della storia recente anglo / irlandese. fin dall'inizio l'allora primo ministro britannico, margaret thatcher, ha chiarito che il suo governo avrebbe mai concedere status politico agli scioperanti della fame. come risultato, 10 uomini stessi morti di fame. e ', tuttavia, poco conosciuto che nel 1980 non sono stati solo gli uomini che sono andati in sciopero della fame. tre donne al carcere di armagh fame anche se stessi. era il loro ultimo tentativo per attirare l'attenzione del mondo per le spaventose condizioni dei prigionieri politici repubblicani in quel momento. le stesse donne avevano aderito anche molto più grande protesta sporca di armagh, dove, dopo essere stato rifiutato il permesso di slop out, le donne si unirono a loro controparti maschili in sbavature loro escrementi sul muro. come un adolescente nato e cresciuto a belfast, film-maker maeve murphy ricorda di essere perplesso per il rifiuto del governo britannico a negoziare con i prigionieri repubblicani, ma non aveva idea che le donne sono stati coinvolti anche nella protesta fino a quando, un decennio più tardi, ella sono imbattuto in un raro opuscolo scritto sull'argomento. sono rimasto scioccato non solo che ci fossero le donne su queste proteste, spiega murphy, ma anche alle condizioni orribili e disumane in cui venivano tenuti. era un capitolo di storia per le donne irlandesi che erano stati nascosti.sciopero delle donne è stata malapena menzio
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jewish film festival uk. l'ultima volta che è successo è stato grazie ad un transessuale chiamato dana. per un breve momento, il mondo è venuto a conoscenza di israele per un motivo diverso da bombe, proiettili o spargimenti di sangue. quando dana international ha vinto il concorso canoro eurovision 1998, un israele diverso improvvisamente è entrato in vista, non si è mai visto al telegiornale. per gentile concessione della avvenente dana, israele è stato esposto come un luogo non solo di militari e politici, ma di dj e drag queen, too.walk on anno waterproduction: 2004country: resto del worldcert (uk): 15runtime: 104 minsdirectors: eytan foxcast : caroline peters, knut berger, lior ashkenazi, lior louie ashkenazimore su questo filmnow una magia simile è al lavoro, uno che potrebbe rivelarsi un po 'più duratura e sostanziale. industria cinematografica israeliana sta crescendo, come un'ondata di film in prima classe ricevere premi e consensi - e anche il pubblico - attraverso il world.that avrebbe portato allegria a ogni piccolo paese, ma per israele, le possibilità sembrano maggiore. il parallelo più vicino è l'iran: una società intensamente politico, spesso demonizzato dall'estero, che ha subito la possibilità di mostrare un volto diverso attraverso il cinema. la fioritura del cinema iraniano negli ultimi dieci anni ha fatto un luogo considerato uno stato paria a distanza - sinonimo di dittatura e l'estremismo - più accessibile, anche più umano. qualcosa di simile è accaduto con il cinema polacco della guerra fredda. ora, forse, è 's turn.what di israele la posta in gioco è più di una possibilità per lucidare l'immagine appannata globale. come le esperienze iraniani e polacco testimoniano, un cinema nazionale fiorente può anche fornire uno spazio tanto necessario per l'introspezione collettiva. israele non è a corto di forum per roca, dibattito senza restrizioni, ma la riflessione e la contemplazione sobrio, soprattutto sui temi più sensibili, può essere più rari. i film possono essere offrendo un answer.take il film che apre il festival del cinema ebraico la settimana prossima. vai e vivrai è un epico due-e-un-metà-or
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ttraverso windows vista promozioni, un muro di televisori a schermo piatto stanno mostrando annunci seinfeld, e xbox 360 sono tranquillamente gorgoglio a se stessi in un angolo. poi arriva il momento in cui donna perfetta: la consapevolezza che tutto nel negozio è un prodotto microsoft, e che l'unica porta cavi esterniad un'anticamera tappezzata di foto di un carpark.this occupato è centro di esperienza di vendita al dettaglio di microsoft (rec), un 1.900 mq struttura nascosta in profondità nel cuore della società di redmond, washington campus. se volete un'idea di ciò che i negozi di marca microsoft ha annunciato la scorsa settimana può sentire come, non cercate oltre. clic o malta dal suo sistema di sicurezza rfid (radio-frequency identification) per il suo windows-powered nfc (near field communication), registratori di cassa, il rec è stato progettato come un hands-on ambiente di test per le soluzioni tecnologiche di microsoft, una vetrina per corteggiare i partner di vendita al dettaglio e riflettere store-within-a-store concetti. quando ho visitato il rec, pochi giorni prima che microsoft ha rivelato il suo piano per i negozi di marca scorsa settimana, il personale c'erano ancora negare che microsoft ha in programma di trasferirsi in dettaglio se stessa. non siamo in concorrenza con i rivenditori, spiega stefano passero, maggiore dettaglio il team manager di marketing di microsoft negli stati uniti. .. ma se volessimo prendere i soldi qui, potremmo e 'tutti i prodotti dal vivo, il 90% dei quali un rivenditore potrebbe attuare immediatamente quando mostriamo il rec a dettaglianti, diciamo loro:' non è il negozio del futuro, è il negozio si potrebbe essere in esecuzione oggi '. ma perché qualcuno dovrebbe voler con la recessione trasformare i centri commerciali in città fantasma e di internet rivenditore amazon rivendicando il suo miglior natale di sempre, sembra essere il momento peggiore possibile per iniziare mattoni e malta di vendita al dettaglio. non è un segreto consumatori hanno ridimensionato la spesa, afferma brendan o'meara, il settore retail amministratore delegato di microsoft. ma le aziende che ver
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that Africa can export its way to prosperity under the existing trade regime is fatuous. If Africa exports raw cocoa to the European Union, it faces a tariff of just 0.5%. If it turns the cocoa into chocolate, the tariff is 30.6%. Result: Africa exports raw commodities, the price of which fell by 53% between 1997 and 2001. Living standards went down, debts went up. Development is being strangled at birth. All of this has been in the public domain for years and John Maynard Keynes said in 1946: "Proper economicprices should be fixed not at the lowest possible level but at the level sufficient to provide producers with proper nutritional and other standards ... the price of a commodity should not be depressed below this level and consumers are not entitled to expect
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also utterly bewildering in many practical ways - from funeral details to what to do with her dead husband's clothes. 'In the first few months, when I realised that there wasn't a handbook for women like me, I didn't know what to do, how or what I should be feeling, and for how long I'd be feeling it. The man I had lost was everything to me, and without him I was reduced to nothing.'Four years on from the tragedy, Kate has launched a unique internet advice service - called Merrywidow - to help confused and heartbroken young widows through their darkest moments.Then aged 33, Kate had been married to her husband Charlie for nine years. Having fallen ill with a heart infection weeks after they were married, Charlie underwent two bouts of open-heart surgery and fought a
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o do was establish among the electorate that you have a leader here that you preferred. And you could vote for him locally to get him to that job."Layton has an immediate agenda to start making trouble: a deal between the provincial government of Ontario and its public sector workers for a 3% pay rise 紺 to the astonishment of the rest of the country, across which other groups will now demand parity, and probably back their claim with industrial action. As recession bites, Layton can flex his constituency's muscles.Danforth is, visibly, a riding made up of what have become typical NPD voters: industrial workers, public sector employees, immigrant communities from Greece, China and the Indian subcontinent, and "young renters" (as you are known in Canada if you cannot
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elens last month dealt a first blow to the credibility of the fixture, and a forgettable contest in a flat atmosphere made things worse. Now the England coach Steve McNamara has recognised the folly of scheduling a second game 10 days before the Challenge Cup semi-finals by resting a number of key players, and his Exiles counterpart Daniel Anderson will do well to raise a 17.That's not to say it won't be a watchable or worthwhile contest 紺 it's a good chance for a whole host of fringe England players to stake their claims. But Origin it most definitely ain't.3) Load of BullWhat to say about Bradford The story's evolving so quickly that anything written here will quickly be overtaken. I can only repeat the words of Mick Potter, who like the majority of the coaching
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ter, and his spokeswoman, former magistrate Rachida Dati, the main ethnic minority face of his presidential battle. Of North African origin, she is one of the rising stars of the French right.But just as the feminist Ms Royal continues to struggle with the male-dominated hierarchy of the defeated Socialist party, women on the right don't believe the gender war has yet been won. "It's not that machismo and sexism no longer exist. It's just got more discreet," said Ms Bachelot. "These days the men who make chauvinistic comments know what they risk."Women on topIn April Finland appointed the world's most female-dominated cabinet. Although the centre-right coalition government is headed by a man, Matti Vanhanen, 12 of the 20 ministers are women - 60%. Since 2000 the co
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ier League has flourished and Richards has risen unstoppably to heady influence. He is deputy chair of the Football Association, chair of the FA's Club England, which runs the national team, and represents the Premier League abroad as chair of the European Professional Leagues. Throughout this rise, to borrow a literary classic, Sheffield Wednesday have been the picture of Dorian Gray in Sir Dave Richards's attic.Chaired since the summer by their former manager Howard Wilkinson, Wednesday have been given until Friday by the Co-op to present firm offers of new investment, because the bank wants no repeat of last week's 11th-hour courtroom chaos. "We are doing everything possible to avoid administration," Wilkinson said this week.The terms look generous for a takeover
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was five, her baby brother John drowned in the family pool. The story Issie liked to tell was that her mother had left the children to go and apply her lipstick 紺 which is straight out of A Handful of Dust 紺 but Detmar disputes the veracity of this: Issie, too, could be self-dramatising.She and Detmar met at a wedding. "I love your hat," he said. By then she was already a minor legend in fashion circles, famous for flashing her breasts and being a friend of Andy Warhol. Detmar proposed 16 days later. Their engagement photograph, in which Issie is dressed like a medieval page, complete with ceremonial axe, and Detmar is sounding some kind of horn, makes me cry with laughter every time I look at it. What did she see in him Well, for one thing, there was Hilles, his
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little tired of answeringthe same questions, but if he is, it doesn't show. He has brought Seattle weather with him - it's a grey, gloomy day - buthis mood is anything but. After spending the past 18 months or so as a punchbag for Wall Street, which had filed the company along with all theother internet firms under no-hopers, Mr Bezos has given investors something to cheer about again. Last month,Amazon, a pioneer of the internet gold rush, reached a significant landmark. After six years in business and losses approaching $3bn, the online retailer finally recorded a modest profit for thefourth quarter of 2001. The business made $5m during the final three months of the year, reversing a loss of $545m inthe same period of 2000. The result appeared to offer some vindic
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s who have backed him feeling relaxedStage position 36Overall position 9 Stage 2Crosses himself as he goes over the finish line after avoiding high-speed pile-upStage position 31Overall position 10 Stage 3Organisers say 53 riders, including Vinokourov, submitted blood tests and were negativeStage position54Overall position11 Stage 4Feels his team are being harassed over drugs amid reports a team-mate's positive test is confirmedStage position72Overall position12 Stage 5Crashes, ripping his shorts and skin on his right buttock, gashing right elbow and deeply cutting both kneesStage position83Overall position81 Stage 6Barely able to climb the stairs to where the riders register after having 37 stitches in his kneesStage position160Overall position81 Stage 7Still feeli
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